Thank You Hashem – Week 63

-Thank u Hashem for giving my brother his 1st child this morning a healthy baby girl
-Thank you Hashem my friends son has gotten engaged-Mabruk!
-had company coming for Shabbos and arranged for them to stay by a neighbor. then last minute the company canceled- but someone else called if they could come for Shabbos and we happened to have accommodations all ready and waiting.
-it’s a girl- Mazal Tov!
 – Thank you Hashem for the inspiration you sent me right before Rosh Hashanah, was on the phone with an elder man for business who is not so religious and he told me how he is starting a new business and I give him a beracha mentioning Hashem to him, trying to open his eyes and realize it is all in Hashems hands. His answer shocked me, he started going on and on about Hashem this and Hashem that and then he pauses realizing my shock and giggles and says, would you believe I am in shul every morning at 650am! And not only that the Rabbi took me and told me to sit down with him that he is going to learn gemara with me, he said would you believe i am 65 years old and I  am learning gemara for the first time every morning and loving every second of it. Since he made this change he told me he is a different person that he thinks different, that he acts different, and that he reacts different knowing Hashem is running everything. I was scared to ask but I did, I asked who is the rabbi you learn with? And he says you probably don’t know him he is young his name is Rabbi Moshe Malka , He was very surprised to hear how well I know him and he now began telling me on and on how wonderful Rabbi Malka is (which I already know) The things he was saying about Rabbi Malka are such a kidush Hashem and definitely inspired this older man to become more religious. There was so much more to this talk and was very inspiring this time of year, we should all know this is what Hashem wants, for us to take the steps in the right direction!
-I was considering changing my job and had an offer that I almost took but was extremely unsure about. I decided after speaking to many of Hashem’s messengers not to switch. This week Hashem sent me a seemingly clear sign that staying was the best decision, Thank you Hashem.
– Thank you Hashem for giving me my wife and kids
– I am very thankful for being born jewish! Thankful that Hashem loves me! Thankful that I can learn the Torah and do mitsvot!!
-I saw a man that I personally know and he asked me for money, a few dollars.  Now in the past I have given to him many times not expecting to get the money back. He has a rough type of life and he goes through a lot of different jobs and now he is out of work. I heard that many people discourage giving to him, but I am not sure why or how true this is. When he asked me for the few dollars I said no. This was on Friday morning. Thursday night I always put enough on my metro card for Friday traveling( I don’t like to put a large amount on the card since once I put money in and it did not register and I had to wait over 4 weeks to get my lost money).  Friday afternoon right after I told this man no, when I went to go home and used the metro card it said “ insufficient amount”. So now I had to wait in line at the machine and it was crowded and delayed my trip and it was a hassle. So instead of getting a mitzvah and giving the man the few dollars that he needed, I ended up getting lots of aggravation and giving the same  money to the MTA. I hope I learned my lesson, Thank You Hashem for showing me in an easy way.
-Running late for Silichot this morning , Erev Rosh Hashanah, and I was very upset. The first 15 minutes of Silichot is really the most important and I was 10 minutes late. Ran into Shul, and realized that they just started, 10 minutes late. Hashem stalled them for me. Wow!!
-Thank you Hashem for a year of these great thank you Hashem emails!
– Was lost driving in my car on winding roads and had no idea where I was, gps kept not making sense and i could not find the place i needed to be, i closed my eyes and prayed to Hashem to guide me, i was putting too much trust on the gps and realized that and turned to Hashem all of the sudden I make 1 turn and suddenly i am staring head on at the site i needed to be on! To me this was like finding water in the dessert, i must have turned on that road 3 times but now Hashem opened my eyes and was able to find it- Thank you Hashem
– Thank you Hashem for being our one and only king of everything, it is comforting when we realize that you are the King in total control!  AVINU MALKEINU EIN LANU MELECH ELAH ATAH! – Thank you Hashem

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