Thank You Hashem – Week 64

-A woman I work with follows no Judaism at all. Her father was very sick this past year numerous times. Miraculously he kept bouncing back.  So I got her to say Tehillim in English for his good will.   Now she never fasts on Kippur I mean like never, no SHUL etc..  She just got back from visiting her father ( he lives out of state) and he is again  doing ok. So I asked her to do something and she said “you want me to fast this Sat. right?”  I said just try at least till 1:00. And if you make till 1:00 try for 2:00.. Right away she said ok ,  even without a fight.  Hashem is so Happy, I can feel it!

– We know sedaka hoseel mi,mavet, that sedaka has a special power to save you. I learned from Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss that it is so  important to give sedaka these days before yom kipur and that the coins that go in to the sedaka box make a chattering noise and that chattering noise scares away the satan. (Syrian women have a minhag to wear bangles for a similar reason that the chattering of the bangles also can scare away the satan). So every year at this time I bring home rolls of nickels and give them out to mi kids to make sure they keep giving sedaka every day. I have a 1 year old and I told my daughter to go and put a nickel in his hand and help him to put the sedaka in the sedaka box and watch over him that he does not put it in his mouth or anything. She goes and he puts the sedaka. Few moments later I hear a big crash in the kitchen, we run over to see what happened, my 1 year old opened the cabinet and pulled off the shelf, a bunch of glass bowls all stacked together and they crashed down and broke into tons of glass pieces, broken glass everywhere and Baruch Hashem he was saved and fine, not 1 piece of glass harmed him, the sedka protected him-THANK YOU HASHEM!

-Thank you Hashem for sending my two close loved ones into treatment. Their minds may have been straying from you in times of darkness, but their hearts were faithful all along.

– Thank you Hashem for sending me the opportunity to make a kidush Hashem during aseret yimei teshuvah

– Thank you Hashem for our senses, was taking something out of the burning hot toaster oven and felt my hand on the actual oven getting burned and was able to react and pull it away. Had I not had a sense of feel I would have never known my hand was about to burn. Thank you Hashem for this chesed

-Thank you Hashem for another rosh hashanah with my precious little girls, staying home where I belong and gaining my inspiration from them, rather than from  staying in shul all day, where a part of me yearns to be.

-Thank You Hashem for Thank You Hashem whose inspiring emails in my inbox each week uplift me to no end, reminding me of the true goodness of Your people.

-At 11:15pm. My son who was recently Bar Mitvah’d realized he forgot to pray Arvit. Since I was in bed for the night, I told him to pray in the house.   By the look on his face I saw that wasn’t really an option.   So I got dressed and took him to Landaus. Thank you Hashem for giving me a son that understands the true meaning of praying to you with a Minyan.

– From mitzvah Man- A man calls us,”can you use a gift card to staples fro $75?” sure I replied” send it and when I get a request for school supplies i’ll give to a needy family”.That day a man calls with 5 kids for help with food and clothing for the holidays/ of course we took care of his needs for his family as best we can. then he commented ” I am very embarrassed to tell you but my wife went shopping to staples for school supplies” there was only $30 left on my cc”she needed $75 worth and didn’t know my limit” she picked out the $75 worth and when got to the register the card was declined” she was very embarrassed and started to cry” WHAT DO I PUT BACK???WHICH CHILD DO I TELL I “CANNOT GET YOU PENCILS Etc??? That night due to the financial pressures, we fought over this issue” do you happen to have money for staples? he asked me” sure” I have a staples cc for $75″ have your wife go back and get what she wants”.Hashem takes care of everything!

-Thank you Hashem for the ever clever way you guided me to the most special warm and kadosh shul to pray in for these special Holy Holidays!

– Wife went into labor in the middle of the night and we rushed to the hospital, was worried about how to handle parking in the middle of the night. Is the lot open? The streets probably full with overnight parkers, should I just leave the car in a no parking area? Everything went thru my mind, i prayed to Hashem to make it a  non issue so we can immediately get to the hospital and do what needs to be done and sure enough we got the closest possible parking spot that there is to the hospital, the very first parking space right before the entrance. Hashem made our arrival worry free and most important of all Hashem gave us a wonderful healthy baby boy!! Thank you Hashem

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