Thank You Hashem – Week 65

-Thank you Hashem for the inspiring words of Rabbi Wachsman before Yom Kipur and as the Rav said, Thank you Hashem for a Torah to Live by in a world gone insane

-Yom Kippur, although a present from Hashem, is very intense and exhausting, being able to celebrate the joyous and uplifting chag of sukkot afterward is such a  zechut. Thank you Hashem.

-Was in shul on the holiday and was reading tehilim during the bidding for aliyot. One of the aliyot were being bid on and something came over me that I just really really wanted to go up to the Torah and to be able to get this aliyah and to be able to have an aliyah to the Torah on the holiday. I can not describe this feeling in words but something inside of me really wanted this aliyah suddenly. I knew at this given moment I was not able to afford the aliyah but was contemplating, should I bid on it anyway? As I really feel a connection to go up to the Torah and just close my eyes and buy it? Reality kicked in and I did not bid on it although I really wanted to go up, I thought to myself, Hashem knows my intentions were good. As the Rabbi is saying the mi-sheberach for the person that bought it, I thought I heard my name mentioned in there somewhere but said wow I must be hearing things being I really wanted the aliyah. As we are reading the Torah the gabai comes to me and tells me kavod next aliyah, I was like, what? He said yes that aliyah was purchased for you by David (name change)- I was in shock, the aliyah that I was craving was purchased for me by my generous kind friend! Thank you to this wonderful person and Thank you Hashem for delivering this gift to me, something I really really wanted, I don’t know how you work Hashem, you sent my friend this kind generous idea at the exact moment I was feeling a connection to this aliyah- Thank you Hashem and this great person for allowing me to go up to the Torah on this very special day !

– As the Yarzheit is approaching I would like to Thank Hashem for one of the most special and purest Rabbis our community has ever seen, Rabbi Avraham Harari Raful , zasal- a man of pure emet to say the least.

– Thank you Hashem for the “Washing machine” of Yom kippur that cleans and purifies our neshama & Thank you Hashem for the “Dryer” of Succot to satisfy and elevate our Neshama and bring ourselves closer to you.

-Thank you hashem for a beautiful yom Kippur and thank you hashem for a beautiful lulav and etrog !!!

-I was not feeling well at all before yom kippur and was worried that I would have to break my fast. BH I had an easy and meaningful fast. THANK YOU HASHEM

-Thank you Hashem – for your wonderful torah  So excited for sukkot, lulav etrog, Days to get close to Hashem and don’t have to be involved in the day to day business – away from the world and we get to step into the shechina – the sukkah – Hashem loves us!! :)Thank You Hashem

-thank you Hashem was building fiber glass sukkah got to the window panel half way through and realized the sukkah is upside down! – BH  During the building was holding on to 2 panels as a chair knocked over and couldn’t grab it – fell right on my big toe nail – BH toe nail all black and blue Chasdeh Hashem thank you

-my baby was sitting in her car seat, and right when I picked her up to hold her a sharp knife fell into the car seat! thank you Hashem the baby was safe and taken out at the exact time!

-Thank you Hashem for my beautiful Sucah

-Thank you Hashem for and please bless all the wonderful people who help me out in a pinch

-it’s a boy- Thank you Hashem

– Someone approached me and told me that they have an extra Sucah and if I know anyone who can use it. I said I will keep it in mind. The same day a friend comes over to me and says I wish I was able to afford a sucah but things are very tight right now and will have to bounce around eating at peoples houses with my family. I smile and say , that’s what you think! Hashem has a sucah all prepared for you with your name on it, I make a phone call to the other person and Baruch Hashem within hours it was all set up. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the middle of this misvah and for letting me see siyata dishmaya right before my eyes. Ps my friend was thrilled with his new sucah!

– Got an extra beautiful Etrog and Lulav-Thank you Hashem

– Thank you Hashem for my healthy sons that were able to put up our sucah! Can’t wait to speak of your greatness inside of it!

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