Thank You Hashem – Week 67

-Thank you Hashem for my surprise Seudat Rosh Chodesh Guest , was very inspirational and uplifting.

-My father, may Hashem bless him with long life, health, happiness, and everything good, went to Uman for Rosh Hashana from NY. His sister lives in Toronto, and had someone stop off at her house a few days before Rosh Hashana to drop something off. He happened to mention that he was on the way to the airport to go to Uman.She got all excited and asked him to please take a freshly baked honey cake to her brother, as he will be there too. He said that as there are over 30,000 people there, he’s sure he’ll never find him.She told him that if doesn’t find her brother he can eat the cake himself.Sure enough, after enjoying half the cake on the plane, he was waiting for his luggage when someone asked him where he was from. He said he’s from Toronto.My father was waiting for his luggage when he heard someone say he’s from Toronto. My father turned around and introduced himself to this Torontonian, saying ‘I have a sister in Toronto, maybe you know her’ and watched the guy’s jaw drop, as he pulled a half eaten Honey cake out of his carry-on bag, full of apologies telling him this most amazing story of Hashgacha Pratis .Never give up, Hashem has a plan for everything.

– Mabruk , baby boy to my friends daughter

-Thank You Hashem, 1) I went to the Dr. with my almost 8 Month old baby, he asked how many times he’s been on anti-biotics. When I realized that he never was, boy was I thankful to Hashem.                                       2) I was on my way out of the house, kept getting delayed with “silly, little things” when I noticed that my almost 8 Month old baby on the floor, had something in his mouth. I checked his mouth, swept my finger through his mouth twice, and found nothing. I put him down, then decided to check 1 more time. I found a staple in his mouth!! Thank you Hashem for watching over us!

– It’s a girl, mabrook.

– Sunday night, the Yarzheit of Maran Chacham Ovadia Yosef zasal’ , I sat down to have a seuda in honor of the Yarzheit and I went to wash then came back to the table and stopped and closed my eyes to have in mind Marans name before making hamosei and then I open my eyes and the first thing I see is a picture of Chacham Ovadia Yoseph on my wall staring at me (the picture that was given out in our shuls this Simchat Torah) it was wiggy, as if Chacham Ovadia zasal was joining my seuda with me as if he was happy and approving of the seudah sort of. Spoke nice stories of Chacham Ovadia and learned from his sefarim on the Yarzheit. I hope it helped somewhat as a hakarat hatov for all we have benefited from Chacham Ovadia Yoseph zasal’ and all he has done for us.

-Thank You Hashem for the reminders that everything is from you and that we need to constantly hold on to our emunah!  Thank You Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem for sending us the right messengers for our daughters surgery. Baruch Hashem we were zocheh to see good results in a short time. The new innovative procedure made it possible for our child to have a successful medical procedure to correct an ailment that she was born with over 10 yrs ago. The procedure was technologically advanced and was not around when she was born. Had this procedure not been state of the art she would have had to undergo a major invasive surgery. Thank you Hashem.

-moved my parked car just as fellow pulled up to give me a ticket, BH

-Went to the dr. with my wife and he said everything looks great with her pregnancy; thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for making me healthy!! Every part of the body is so amazing and done with so much brilliance and proficiency, that I am filled with awe and gratitude to YOU Hakadosh Baruch Hu!!

– Had Dealings with goyim that I thought liked me and were dealing fairly and honestly with me, Hashem opened my eyes this week and reminded me that there is no one like our Jewish people, Thank you Hashem for choosing me to be part of our great nation, something I was reminded of this week too as well in our Parasha.

– Guy asked for some sedaka, I gave him couple of dollars, few minutes later found some money on the street, Thank you Hakadosh Baruch Hu!

-Thank you Hashem that I got the highest mark  in the class for 2 tests that were given this week.

-Thank you Hashem for the beautiful foliage on display as I travel to/from work on the Garden State Parkway. The colors are astounding & really enjoyable to look at.

-Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful meals we had over the Holidays. & that I got back to my regular weight within 1 week! And Thank you Hashem for giving me a wonderful wife who took care of all the cooking & Holiday needs so well she made it look easy (which I know it wasn’t). B”H, even though she cut her finger with the blender on Erev Shmini Etzeres, the cuts only needed stitches & are on their way to healing. We see now that the stitches were taken off how it could have been much worse & we were saved from permanent damage. & thank you Hashem for Hatzalah, who was on the scene in a flash & hooked her up with a doctor a few hours before Shabbos to put the stitches on. The whole episode lasted less then 2 hours & she was back in the kitchen preparing for the Yom Tov!!

-Mi Ke’amcha Yisrael. I had 2 people call me before Rosh Hashana to tell me they accidentally damaged my cars (one for my car & one for my van) & that they want me to fix it & will gladly pay. You won’t find this with any other nation. Thank you Hashem for making me part of this holy nation!!

-1st, I thank Hashem that until today, I never fell off a ladder. 2nd, I thank Hashem that today when he had me slip off a ladder- while he was holding on to me, of course- I barely got hurt! Hashem gave me the ability to catch myself & not fall flat on the concrete warehouse floor.

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