Thank You Hashem – Week 69

-Ein of milvado…had jury duty 6 months ago and was selected to be on grand jury!! When I told the judge I was caregiver of my children he did not let me off, only got off because it was a few days before Shavuot…got called again ,went there ,same judge… I thought he’s going to make me stay this time …my excuse didn’t work last time…I told Hashem the judge is only flesh and blood, you have many ways to get him to let me off I kept saying ein of milvado.the judge asked if anyone had childcare issues so I went up to him and as soon as I started to explain that I had 13 yr old son home he stopped me mid sentence and said you can go….thank you Hashem!!!

-The brit in California of my grandson was so beautiful BH. Semachot BH to all.

– Engagement party and a bar misvah this week mazel tov

– I just got home ​when my mother calls and asks me  to  come to the doctor’s office right away to  bring my brother’s insurance card. My mother had already been there for 2 hours and they were making tons of problems for her. They said that if I don’t bring it within 15 minutes, my mother would have to make a new appointment. I ran out and as I neared the train station I saw my train coming. I said I for sure missed it because I also had to refill my card. As soon as I got to the platform I see the train moving. I thought to myself oh great I could’ve caught that! Then to my disbelief I see the train stop. Wow, this train came straight from Hashem when is there ever 2 trains one after another?!  Thank You Hashem a million times for this great chessed!! I stepped onto the train shell shocked at the nissim that Hashem can do.

-this week in shul had a Bar misvah, 2 babies and a chatan-keep the simachot coming Hashem and thank you!

-Bris on Monday , Thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem for sending us examples to learn from, Every year at this past weeks Parasha I always get a chizuk to do more chesed, Thank you for the wake up call.

– thank you HASHEM for the food you put on my table and for the health in which to eat it properly on my own.

-was in a hospital for several days with a family member and b’chasdei Hashem and his fine people got to make use of the Bikur Cholim room many times. If you would sit in there for a few minutes at a time you can write a book of just hearing how total strangers have so much care for one another. The chesed that they do for each other and information offered to one another whether it be with medical help at the hospital , food for shabbat ,places to sleep near the hospital for shabbat, a minyan to go and pray in, a ride home to Monsey , a charger to charge a cel phone , a kind smile and hello, offering of help to a persons children at home or even simple help navigating around the bikur cholim room. Was amazing seeing the warmth and genuine care each Jew had for the other without ever meeting  before. Something I learned a lot from. Thank you Hashem for the greatest of all nations in the world.

-My daughter had an appointment in the city and was adamant about not going on the train to get there. She did not want to see all the unclean sights that are by the station. Just as we were gonna leave the house my son called and said that he also had an appointment in the city and was driving there now… do we want a lift? It was such Hashgacha and my daughter was so happy! And then on then we were just about to go back and take the train home when my husband called and said his friend had his car and was driving home now from the city and was passing exactly where we were! We got a ride there and back and it was such a pleasure. Thank you Hashem!

-Had a healthy good looking baby boy and family and friends we very helpful and supportive, THANK YOU HASHEM

-Thank You Hashem!!  My phone hadn’t been shutting off since maybe sometime in the summer and also the battery was not lasting too long as I had it for about two years.  I was thinking about buying a new one bc I thought I was close to being eligible for a upgrade with Verizon.  I finally decided to go to the Verizon store and see if there is anything they can do to fix the phone. The Verizon guy asked me if I have insurance on the phone.  I remembered that after getting the phone I was debating whether I should and I ended up by AppleCare which is like an insurance from Apple.  The man suggested going to an Apple Store, but the nearest one may have been about 40 minute drive away.  So after leaving the Verizon store I called Apple and told them about the phone. He said something like you have 2 days left on your AppleCare, you can go to the Apple Store and exchange it or we can send you a new phone and you send your broken one back.  Yishtabach Shemo!! About two days later my new phone arrived and I didn’t need to pay for a new phone or drive 40 minutes away to get it! Thank You Hashem for Your constant Kindness!!

-today I went shopping for shoes. I went from store to store and couldn’t find a thing.  Finally I said Hashem I am going to Macys please come with me and help me find comfortable shoes that fit!  I found three pairs on sale   bh  thank you Hashem

-my daughter’s ipod was broken,we finally resigned ourselves to buying a new one. my wife happened to have it with her and she passed the Apple store, they said its not broken and there must be something stuck blocking it from charging at home, my wife took a toothpick and removed a tiny crumb and behold, it charged, BH and she has a ‘new’ ipod and I saved that money thank You so much Hashem

-Thank you Ha-shem for breaking my shoulder! Why? Because it forced me to slow down and take an accounting of where am I holding in serving the Almighty . Besides the big kapara that comes with the difficulty of such a break I now appreciate much much more the use of this limb and the rest of my body that I took so much for granted. In short also thank you I broke my left arm and not my strong one , my arm and not my legs, and not my hip, elbows, ribs, neck or head. Everyone learn from me and not the hard way! Thank you Ha-shem!!!!

-Thank you Hashem for wonderful reports we received last night at PTA regarding our son. We are very proud of him. Thank you Hashem for making the schedule run smoothly. We were in and out in 20 minutes!!

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