Thank You Hashem – Week 70

-Thank you Hashem for giving me nachat from my son , we had just finished learning together at the Father and Son learning Program and were driving home, My 6 year old boy in the back seat asks what time is it? And I answer him, he says Daddy can we also go to the other Father and Son learning program in school now? With great joy we went to 2 Father and Son programs together back to back. Thank you Hashem

-I went to shop rite early in the morning. finished my order and went to the car.  Packed up the car, grabbed my bag and went home. I had a meeting at ten, I was running on time. I checked my phone to see what time it was and my phone was no where to be found. I unloaded my packages thinking it must have dropped into one of the bags.  I ran back to shop rite say I trust you Hashem.  Please all my contacts and my classes that I listen to while I drive. I couldn’t call anyone it was just me and Hashem..  My phone was still in my car that was unmoved since I left.  Thank you Hashem


– Hearing such horrific heart-wrenching news this morning, I say thank you Hashem for a Torah, for a chinuch that provides us with answers, with faith and emunah to cling to when we could otherwise succumb to the overwhelming grief.

-Wedding Sunday,Bris yesterday , Bar misvah last night , Wedding tonight-Shabbat on the way! Thank you Hashem for happy occasions.

– Had a coupon to park my car in a parking lot in nyc for $12 and I get there and the guy says the lot is full. I circle around looking for other lots and they are either full or charging $35 or more. I pass the same lot again to see if anyone left and he says sorry full. I pray to Hashem to find me a cheap place to park. It was getting late for my appointment after circling so much so finally I just pulled into a random lot and don’t even look at the price thinking what can I do I have no other choice as I am in a rush. I get back to the lot and give my ticket to the worker and the guy says, that will be $12 sir- Thank you Hashem

-Once again we are faced with the challenge of dealing with unhuman arabs and once again we are showing the world what it is to be a jew united with achdut- Thank you Hashem for making me part of the jewish nation, a gift I treasure.

So thankful to Hashem for all he does for us on a regular basis. Food to eat, air to breath, life to live, a bed to sleep on, heat in the house & on & on. Every day is a blessing & am very thankful for each & every one of them. He’s already given us 57 days in 5775. Thank you Hashem!!

-Was in the middle of closing a large order with a customer and they suddenly put me on hold. They called me a few weeks later and said for political reasons they had to give it to another company and they were sorry.That they really prefer to go with me but have an obligation to try and work with this other company. I felt terrible that I lost it but I accepted it from Hashem and moved on. 2 months later I get a call from someone in my line of work asking if I can help out with an order that they are in over their head on, after speaking to them a few minutes I am thinking to myself that this sounds like that order I was working on a while back??? and I blur out the name of the client I think it is for, and they say yes, how did you know? I tell them what happened and I tell them I have all the info needed and I will take care of it and split the order with you. We were both amazed to see how Hashem co-ordinates everything. Thank you Hashem that it worked out for me and also for this other person as well that they didn’t have to lose the order either and they were able to profit as well.

-My wife had a small medical issue, they wanted to do a small surgery. BH the medicine worked and we didn’t need the surgery, Thank you Hashem I love you

– My small son was playing in the basement and we heard something fall , we didn’t think it was anything to check. When I went downstairs to get something my wife wanted from the freezer I checked on him and saw he had a marble in his mouth, Thank you Hashem

Mi kiamcha Yisrael, The following was written by Tal Zaguri. (from ywn) Tears and Chesed at Har Nof Grocery Store….

“And so I found myself in the middle of Har Nof, in a small neighborhood grocery store. The store owner is talking to one of the workers. Both are discussing the names, just released, of those murdered whilst at this morning’s prayers in synagogue.

” At that moment a beautiful little 7 year old boy comes in accompanied by his rabbi. The rabbi, in a choked-up voice announces the full name of the smiling bashful child. The grocer immediately realizes that this is the son of one of those killed in the attack.

The rabbi signals that the child has not been told anything. “The grocer rushes up to the little one, ice cream in hand and says: “Here you are sweetie, you can have whatever you want – Do you like these?” “The kid smiles and says he does. Then the grocer whispers to him, “Any time you want something from my store, just come here and I’ll give it to you for free” “The boy whispers back “Thank you” and looks happy.

His Rabbi thanks the grocer with a look in the eye and the two leave. “The grocer could not hold back his tears, and held his head in his hands…”

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