Thank You Hashem – Week 71

-I am so grateful to Hashem to recently bringing me to Bnei Binyamin. Such a great kahal with such great tefilot, great learning, a great warmth and love for each other and most importantly a tremendous leader in Rabbi Seruya. Chazak Ubaruch Rabbi! You are wonderful BH. You are such a positive inspiration to all of us and with such sweetness. We love you.

-My wife had a medical issue.  We had to spent the whole night in hospital,  BH, she got stabilized in the morning and they discharged her. Came home late from work and while opening the door of my car I hit a by-cyclist, luckily that he wasn’t hit hard and the police didn’t even give me a ticket.  Thank you Hashem for always being there for us, I love you and can’t even thank you enough for your unthinkable kindness. Thank you for the gift of Shabbos, I just can’t wait for it.

-Saw a great deal on dans deals and was able to buy stuff that originally cost 440 dollars for 82‎ dollars!Thank you Hashem for this deal

– Walking home Friday night with my 6 year old son he spoke the entire walk home all about the parasha, made the cold frigid air feel warm from the fire of torah. Then when we got home my son and my daughter sat with me and spent at least an hour non stop talking torah,parasha and about olam haba with such a sweet pure excitement- Thank you Hashem for this joy from my children and please let it continue.

– Our Dishwasher had a problem and got flooded; my landlord said he will fix it at no charge next week when he returns from Florida. I said ok not emergency, I can live without a dishwasher for a week. Then our sink had a problem and flooded also. We said how can we live without a sink? We said we better call a plumber even if we have to pay. That day I heard about some very serious problems that some of my friends were having and said I am grateful that this is the problem I am dealing with and nothing worse. I remembered learning in a class to thank Hashem for a problem so I said out loud Thank you Hashem for this problem and my husband said Amen. We called a plumber and he came over and saw the problem and was something simple,he fixed it and he gets up and says, NO CHARGE- Thank you Hashem and I am very grateful to this plumber as well.

-Someone called me on the phone while I was driving and asked to help do a chesed and collect some funds for an immediate need, that second I pulled up to a red light and the other side of the street adjacent to me was my close friend and his wife who usually jump on these type of chesed missions, the timing was perfect and I told them the situation. They did great and raised almost the entire amount on their own and did even better by telling the person the money is not a loan and they do not need to pay it back. I later found out the reason I saw them on the other side of the street was because they had a fender bender and were waiting for the police. We see how Hashem orchestrated them to be at that exact spot at that exact time. B’h in zechut of this misvah they did Hashem should replace any money lost on this fender bender on top of the Olam Haba they earned. Thank you Hashem for your great people who are always looking to help each other.

– Since reading one of the divrei torah sent out a couple of weeks ago that mentioned how we can do chesed with our cars, I tried to take advantage of this idea and want to thank Hashem for suddenly sending me many opportunities to use my car for chesed. This last Friday I was driving to work and saw a prominent Rabbi from our community walking in the cold and I pulled over and gave him a ride, he said I am going to the school to teach my class and would normally not take the ride and walk but something came up at home before I left and am now 5 minutes behind and would be late if you didn’t pull over for me. We got there and he thanked me and said jokingly, now I am 5 minutes early, what am I going to do for 5 minutes now 🙂

-after seeing the pictures of what the goyim/abid did in Ferguson and other parts of the country, burning down everything in site especially after being begged from the president and others to behave like human beings , how can we not stop right now and Thank Hashem that we are not goyim???

-my cousing got engaged –mazal tov to all

-My brother lost his wallet and he was searching all over for it but nowhere to be found. I asked him on the phone where did u have it last?. He had it the night before in walmart and that was the last place he saw it. I told him  say the pasuk and give tzedakah he asked me what’s the pasuk..I started saying amar  rabbi Binyamin…then he remembered it and said it by heart…the second he finished saying the pasuk a boy comes over to him and says I.found your wallet, it was in my suitcase!! Such Hashgacha!! Thank you Hashem!!

-mabrook , my friend had a grandson-lots of luck

-Thank you Hashem for sending me a reminder that you love every Jew unconditionally.

-Thank you Hashem that we are Jewish … The goyim celebrate a day called thanksgiving that I heard many non Jews call it their favorite holiday because there’s no expectations, all they have 2 do is spend time with there family and have a nice meal … We as holy Jews have that every single week (shabbat!!) Except we fill our “holiday” with praise and thanks to HASHEM ….. The goyim take 1 day out of the year and call it thanksgiving we Baruch Hashem are going strong on over 70 weeks with this amazing email which we read so many unbelievable stories which we thank Hashem for his infinite kindness and miracles he constantly does for us. Hashem is so good and is only good, the true thanksgiving is to Hashem … Every single day … Thank you Hashem I love you!!!

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