Thank You Hashem – Week 72

-My cousin had a baby boy-mabrook

-Wedding this past Sunday night-simahot for everyone

-BH my son is in Yeshivah in Israel, who needed chizuk when he went there in September, just called me and he is doing BH super! He’s learning approx 6 hrs a day, praying 3 times a day, and loving the spiritual growth and the entire experience. Thank you Hashem!! Yishtabach shimo laad!!!!

-Thank you Hashem for the zechut to sit and learn Torah

-My youngest son on his own this week told me he wants me to learn mishnayot with him. We did it and enjoyed this pleasure with him,got home from shul and he asked if we can continue at home and learn more mishnayot right now. Thank you Hashem.

-My friend had a healthy grand daughter this week- Thank you Hashem

– I am in the year of saying Kadish for my mother a’h, and am very careful not to miss it and take precautions when traveling to make sure I do not miss kadish even though we still have my brother saying it as well. Was time to stop for the 11th month and I sent a text to my brother informing him to stop saying the kadish. A few days later a rabbi was speaking with me and we discovered that I miscalculated the date by a month and we were not supposed to stop the kadish. I felt terrible that there was a lapse in these days and my mother did not have someone saying kadish for her. I called my brother and told him the error and to disregard the text I sent him telling him to stop saying Kadish, he answered that his phone was broken and he never got the text and that he never stopped saying Kadish! Thank you Hashem for this protection that his phone “happened” to be broken at that exact moment and Thank you that my mother had this special zechut not to have any missed days of Kadish.

-Bris today- mabruk to all the celebrating families

– I was driving down the street and had zechut to see Hashem sending a fellow jew a Simcha, saw a Bride in her gown getting into the car on her way to her wedding- I stopped, unrolled my window and gave mabruk to the parents standing there and taking in the moment- B’ezrat Hashem we should all enjoy the same gift from Hashem and be able to see our children off to their weddings!

-Had a situation to deal with and the Yeser hara was convincing me to do something wrong and totally not my nature, in order to better the situation I was in. I was battling the yeser hara and was on the verge of giving in and making the mistake and suddenly I got an inner strength and was able to beat the yeser hara and I stopped and prayed to Hashem and told Hashem I trust in him and that what ever he decides in my situation I accept. A few hours later Hashem took care of the situation 1000 times better then what would have been if I did my idea!! Thank you Hashem for helping me beat the yeser hara and Thank you for what I believe is the reward for overcoming it, by making the situation work out extra perfect!

-Wonderful Bris today, Thursday thank you Hashem for simchas

-Wow BH Hashem takes care of us Jews who try and protect ourselves… I just boarded the plane and sat down in my seat hoping no one (especially a lady) would come sit next to me … a Few minutes later a girl comes and sits next to me on the plane. I was like oh no Hashem please help … 3 minutes later they finished boarding and there was an empty seat few rows up … She got up took her stuff and went to sit in  the other seat !!!!  Now I also have the whole row to myself… Thank you Hashem!!!

-was having a difficult time supporting my family and was praying to Hashem about it and as I heard myself, I said, am I nuts? Thank you Hashem for giving me a family!

-Fabulous simcha last night, Wonderful wedding joining 2 wonderful families together-simachot should continue for all b’ezrat Hashem

-Had a notation to make sure I move my car before alternate side being all the good legal spots were already taken when I went to park my car. I lost track of time and it was past alternate side and I ran to my car to move it, usually they are there standing and waiting to give you a ticket the second alternate side starts and sometimes throw that chutzpah sticker on your window. Thank you Hashem that this wasn’t the case and somehow I did not get a ticket and another bonus, Hashem sent me good legal parking space while alternate side had started. Thank you Hashem.

– Thank you Hashem for the all expenses paid free vacation I receive every week for my entire life called SHABBAT KODESH.

-Thank you Hashem for a most beautiful wedding simcha of marrying off my son this past week, it is a true chesed and a gift that you gave us a wonderful daughter in-law and a simcha that was celebrated by our whole kehilla and our extended families something very very special and I thank you Hashem from the bottom of my heart for that. Abal everybody in the kehilla Amen

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