Thank You Hashem – Week 73

-Thank you Hashem for my fingers in which I am using to type this right now, how difficult it would be without the creation of fingers,Thank you Hashem for thinking of everything for all of your creations.

-Bar misvah last night-mazal tov

– Thank you Hashem for the greatest shabbat table week in and week out.

– On Friday night my son wasn’t feeling well and my wife was up all night with him. I got up in the morning to go to the earlier minyan in shul and my wife came downstairs and asked if I can please watch the baby for a little while so she can rest. I said of course and said to myself this is a great chesed to do for my wife and let her rest and I will go to the later minyan. I went to the later minyan and they gave me the sheviee aliya and was very happy to get an aliya to the torah. On Monday going to work was speaking with some people and they mentioned about this particular aliya sheviee being extra special and having very special segulot attached to it and how in many shuls they were bidding a lot of money for this aliya. Thank you Hashem for rewarding my chesed with this special aliya.

– Wonderful engagement party this week-mabrook

-B”H for this weather. H-shem wants to give us plenty of BLESSINGS!!!That’s why is raining so much.We Love You, H-shem

– Thank you Hashem for letting me be witness to wonderful achdut and Kidush Hashem this past week, it was very inspiring for me personally and helped me to want to go out and do the same kidush Hashem.

-Was waiting for a friend outside an office building that had a minyan for mincha and couldn’t help but notice how when the minyan ended the majority of the yidden coming out all paused in order to hold the door open for the next person behind them. As I am seeing this ,the very next door over had bunch of goyim walking in and out of the doorway and was very clear that holding the door for the person behind them was very far from their minds, something I was able to observe side by side, the quality of a yid is unmatched by the outside world. Thank you for putting me with the Yidden, you are great Hashem.

– Thank you Hashem for my wonderful wife and family,something I do not take for granted.

-Needed to take my family on an overnight trip, Thank you Hashem for sending such a bargain of a deal at a great Hotel.

– I was having a talk with Hashem and asking him to please help me with parnasah, was a very emotional heartfelt tefillah and felt connected to borei olam at that moment. The exact second I finished my tefillah, literally that second, not a minute later-that very second before I even took another breath, my phone rings and as I hear it ringing I have in mind I hope it is a certain customer I am waiting to hear from and sure enough it is his name that appears on my phone. I pick up the call and Hashem has him give me an order right there on the spot. Thank you Hashem-you are the greatest!!!!!

– I was having a problem with my printer all of a sudden, it would not print and kept giving me error messages and needed to print something asap for a customer and kept pressing print but did not work. As I was rapidly troubleshooting I said wait a minute and said out loud, Hashem please let the printer work and suddenly it printed the paper I needed! Thank you Hashem

-Great Bar misvah celebrating a great milestone –mabrouk.

–  Thank You Hashem – usually on the way to work, stopped by a light that is somewhat long.. BH today drove up to light and turned green even before got there – BH

– Thank You Hashem for our warm jackets – because if Hashem didn’t want you to have one, we wouldn’t..

– Thank You Hashem – had a virus that really knocked me out and it has been going on for a while – While at the DR. – He tested for many things – BARUCH Hashem all came out good! One of the things the DR noticed was my blood pressure which was high, he said I am more concerned about your heart! – Baruch Hashem, now on blood pressure medicine, Virus was still lingering, DR sent me to specialist Pulmonalogist – BH he told me that I had asthma (which I never knew!) and Baruch Hashem all was ok, I first off thank Hashem that everything is all right – a person can get very nervous as he goes through tests! And Baruch Hashem along the way they picked up on the blood pressure and asthma!

– Thank you Hashem – Hashem is so compassionate, every day in and out we meet life with some difficulty, even though we may not necessarily see behind the scenes of everything, But its all Hashem right there holding our hand and walking with us! Hashem loves us. Period  just like a father to a son / daughter, aren’t we so lucky!! J)

-Excerpt taken from the journals of my father A”H Charlie Sultan – 1988  “all my life is Nissim, but I can only write what I see, be”h with this zechut, Hashem will show me more of his hashgacha peratit”

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