Thank You Hashem – Week 74

-Attended a wonderful wedding last night-Thank you Hashem for simachot

-Witnessed one of my children react to a situation and do a very kind chesed on the spot and also saw the reward for this chesed.

– Thank you Hashem for letting me live in a time and place that allows me the freedom to learn Torah, keep shabbat, sit in a sucah,do misvot publicly and display a menorah in my window. I want to add that if I would have lived in other times that we had to do these things in secret lo aleinu, it would have been an honor to do so.

-Coming home from a chanukah mommy and me program in my daughter’s preschool, I have so much to thank Hashem for! Thank You for this beautiful yom tov that brings us all together and inspires us to strengthen our faith; thank You for my special family and beautiful children who are each a priceless gift from You; thank You for the chinuch my little girl receives, full of joy and excitement for mitzvos and love of Hashem, one that instills in her not only the facts of halachah but the passion of and love for Torah and mitzvos that will have an everlasting effect on her.

“Don’t let the world change your smile; let your smile change the world.”

-thought I had 1 dollar in my pocket, put my hand in and I had 2- Thank you Hashem , and while I am at it, thank you Hashem for my hands

-Thank You Hashem for the chance to learn Your Torah! Your Emet! and thank You Hashem for your guidance even though I may not have an idea of where You are guiding me to…but You know so thank You!

-Approximately 12 years ago I opened up 2 large accounts for the company I work at. I slowly built up their business to become my 2 biggest accounts. 4 years ago my company wanted to re-structure all the accounts and these 2 were taken from me. In the exchange I was given other nice accounts to compensate but I still was upset since I worked so hard to increase their business and had built a nice relationship with the 2 accounts. 4 years later both accounts are almost bankrupt!!. I did not see it at the time but Hashem protected me.

-Had a close call while driving on a slippery road, Had a malach protecting me- Thank you Hashem

– I was walking passed a new location that was opening in some time in the future and stopped and prayed to Hashem that I would be able to sell this customer, it was a strange tefillah because that wasn’t really my main type of customer I targeted but made the tefillah any how. About 2 years later someone did a chesed and connected that customer to purchase from me-of course I forgot about my tefillah 2 years earlier and when I went to the location yesterday and I walked on the same sidewalk as 2 years ago it all came back to me- Thank you Hashem for answering tefilot! A true chesed.

-Thank You Hashem for everything, Chanukah is such a wonderful time to look at what Hashem does for us, it’s a time of seeing the Light of torah in a dark world, as Chazal say, a little bit of light pushes off much darkness,Hashem loves us – Thank You Hashem that we can light the menorah and Bh no one is on  top of us saying we can’t! BH

-Thank you Hashem – for a customer cancellation of 50k + in orders, everything Hashem does is for the best J

– Had an appointment to see a customer in the city and printed up a parking lot coupon for $25. Got there and somehow couldn’t make the turn onto the ave and one thing led to another and ended up having to go all the way across town until I was able to make another right turn, I was frustrated and couldn’t believe this mess, finally made the right turn and the street forces you to make a left turn at the end putting me further away from my destination. Finally I make it to the area and just throw it in any lot at this point so I can rush to my appointment and make it back for mincha and menorah lighting. I go to the appointment and rush back to the lot and give my ticket, the guy mumbles and I think I hear 6 dollars, I was about to say what? But said to myself don’t be ridiculous he must have said 16 , I hand him a 20 and he gives me back 14, I said how much is it?, he said I told you already 6 dollars- who ever heard of a parking lot in new york city prime area charging $6? Thank you Hashem for guiding me on this journey and showing me your hand.

– Bris today , mabrook – thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem, was driving my son to the yeshiva this morning, had a special Chanukah carnival, gave him few dollars, and 2 envelopes for staff and rebbe, as I left the parking lot, I felt warm & decided to stop on the side and take my jacket off – 45 min drive to work. Went to the back seat and noticed the money and envelopes he by mistake left behind, BH turned around and dropped off to the school – BH

-Last night which was the 2nd night of Chanukah,and the spiritual lights of the menorah were shining in our home, the physical lights in our home all went out due to a black out from a con edison manhole explosion on our block. We were able to really appreciate the fact that we have lights in our home and heat and refrigeration for our food and warmth. Baruch Hashem the next morning the lights went on. So what we always took for granted, the basic light in our house is now not taken for granted anymore. I just want to thank Hashem that we did not suffer any damages because of the blackout and a kidush Hashem was able to be created when I was able on my way home from shul to give 3 cups of hot coffee to the con edison workers who braved the evening and braved the weather to restore service. I also followed up with a phone call to con edison and also stressed the fact that as I was coming home from shul for the morning prayers I thanked the con edison fellows and gave a very nice thank you to the con edison team- Thank You Hashem for always being there.

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