Thank You Hashem – Week 75

-Mabruk on the great wedding attended last night – Thank you Hashem

-Thank You H-shem a billion times. Sunday morning I woke up with a pain on my toes so I said it must be gout, so I took the same medicine that I had from previous times thinking the pain was going to go away. Monday and Tuesday still the pain didnt go away. Wednesday morning I went to the doctor gave me a different medictine. B”H the pain went away after 2 to 3 hours. It’s not Medicine It’s H-shem the Doctor of all Pains. THANK YOU H_SHEM

-Bar Misvah this week-mazal tov

– Thank you Hashem for a safe trip with my family this week

– Just got paid for an old invoice about a year old that I practically gave up on, opened my mailbox and saw the customers name on the envelope and was like wow!, Thank you Hashem for the wake up call and chanukah present…

-Thank You Hashem for the everything You give us, especially the Torah and Misvot you give to us so we should have zechut like Rebbe Hananya ben Akashya says in the Mishna! Thank You Hashem!

– We left for a family overnight trip and had the car packed and all and headed out for an hour and a half drive to our destination. On the highway my wife realized that we forgot the baby’s bottle at home. Our baby uses a certain special type of bottle that is not so easy to find and we didn’t know what we were going to do. We started searching on our phone for a store that sells it that may be near us. As we are checking my son asks if we have a tissue and I look around and don’t see one, I check the console between the seats and find a tissue and even greater then that, find a bottle for our baby in there as well. Hashem prepared everything perfectly including the exact moment my son would need a tissue. Thank you Hashem

– my printer wasn’t printing, went to check it and saw it was out of toner and I needed to print something right away. Started doing some tricks to make it work but still would not print. I went to my storage closet and prayed to Hashem to let there be a toner cartridge there and sure enough there it was waiting for me. Keep in mind I am not the type to keep an extra toner around so this was a big surprise. Thank you Hashem.

– was in the car and I heard a celebrity goy who you all probably heard of on the radio being interviewed. He says this is his best time of year for him that there is nothing better than this time of year, he was going on and on of how he looks forward every year to the time of his holiday that it is his happiest time. How he sets up his tree from October, he was very enthusiastic about it. I was waiting to hear his answer when they asked why he loves it and why it is so special, I was ready to change the station because I was expecting to hear him answer about his religion and give his musar how he loves being in his religion and say something spiritual that I did not want to be poisoned with. Well I did not have to change the station, He had no mention at all of his so called holiday or religion – all he could say was how he loves the lights , loves all the wines that he has and how he is going to eat this food and that food, and this cake and that cake, loves going to the movies, loves the drinking, not 1 spiritual mention at all! was all about me me me!, not 1 thing spiritual, so empty- Thank you Hashem for our spiritual meaningful REAL holidays that afford us the special opportunity to grow closer to you thru the spiritual and the physical. We take the physical which we recognize as a chesed and thus turn it into a spiritual as well. Not like this famous yoyo who all he can think about is himself and somehow call it a holiday. Thank you Hashem I have a real appreciation for who I was chosen to be. A Jew-Thank you

-Thank You Hashem- I Left my credit card at home, And was tight on gas getting to work, Hashem helped me – I had $5 in my pocket and was able to get some gas. The day before someone borrowed my car as he needed a car.Hashem was there for me in return – Thank You Hashem

-Thank You Hashem – traveled from deal to Brooklyn for a wedding –it was getting a little late and I didn’t eat I was really hungry,

BH as I got to the wedding the Chupah was just finishing and I walked right into the buffet

Thank You Hashem

– On our way out for a long car ride for family get away we made some local stops that were unplanned and didn’t get on the highway right away to start the trip. Along one of those stops my wife remembered that we left something we needed to bring with us in the house. We went back to the house to get it and she came back to the car and told us it’s a good thing we went back to the house. The toilet was making that strange noise and something going on with the water, she was able to adjust it and fix it. We might have had a flood or some sort of problem waiting for us if we did not go back. Thank you Hashem for keeping us local as well, we may not have gone back if we were on the highway already.

– I Called a customer to mention something regarding his upcoming order and he mentions to me about something that was not part of his order.I remind him that it was on the original proposal but he took it off and canceled that part of the order ,that he did not want it.He says “oh no my mistake please put it back on to the order asap what was I thinking?”- Thank you Hashem

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