Thank You Hashem – Week 76

-My friends son became a Chatan- and another friends daughter got married last night! mabroooook

-My co-worker had his first child-a healthy baby boy- mabruk

-I was given a Brocha from Hashem to run a synagogue. There are things I do, and I thank Hashem EVERY day, and still asked Him, why me? I am not the most learned, I have NO blood family, NO parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, wife, children, grandchildren. I do NOT have a beard, or drive a car, NOT rich. I want to share a story with you. ONE year after I lost my Mother and Father, (they died within 2 weeks of each other), my Chavrusah told me that it is time to go and visit them and talk to them, so we went on my Mother’s Yarzheit.My Father’s Yarzheit is the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah and my Mother’s Yarzheit is the 3rd day of Chol Hamoed Succos. When we got to the grave, I spoke to them, cried to them, and lit a candle for the both of them. Just when we are about to leave, my Chavrusah saw a group of people about 50 feet away from us, so we went to see if they needed our help. When we got to them, my Chavrusah asked, do you need assistance??

The man told us yes, my friend has a Yarzheit today, and can you help us with a Minyan. My Chavrusah said, how many are you?? The man said, 8. My Chavrusah said, perfect.  I am 9 and my Chavrusah Avrohom Lukacs is 10 and he too has a Yarzheit today for his Mother.

So, this man and I said the slowest Kaddish ever, and then we walked away.

Then my Chavrusa said to me, we did not get their names and when we turned around we saw NOTHING, NO cars, NO people.  So, my Chavrusah said, when we get to the office we will inquire. Once we got to the office my Chavrusah asked the man at the front desk, we were in the C section and there was a group of men, do you have their names??  The man at the front desk asked us, how many cars are in the parking lot??  We looked and saw ONE car.

Then the man showed us the sign in book, and asked us, how many signatures do you see, and we saw NO signatures. Then the man asked us if we are feeling OK?? We said fine, and left the cemetery and headed back home. While driving back we did NOT say a word about this.

We drove immediately back to our Rabbi and explained to him word by word what had happened.

Then our Rabbi asked us the following questions:  What was the color of their cars??  How many were wearing a beard?? How many were wearing glasses? To THIS very day, I still have NO answers. The Rabbi told us, that YOU Avrohom, needed a Minyan because it was your Mother’s Yarzheit and you were in the cemetery.

Then the Rabbi told my Chavrusah, that if you think this has NOT happened to Avrohom before, you are wrong, these incidents have happened to Avrohom over a dozen times and I have seen one myself.

The Rabbi told me THEN, you have a gift from Hashem, what you do, NO one else can do, and He protects you, watches out for you, and how does he repay you?, by letting you run a Shul and sends to you Melochim that are the Rabbi and the Reb. and the members of the congregation to watch over you, protect you, and give you life and in turn you give THEM life.

I thought that you should know who I am. I might be alone in the world Raymond, but with the friends I have, which now includes you, I have friends that if I were to put them together, I will need 10 Meadowlands arenas to fill HALF of them. If you asked Rabbi Avrohom Fruchthandler, President of Chaim Berlin or Rabbi Avrohom Friedlander, Chief Chaplain, Maimonides Medical Center, or Rabbi Dovid Zweibel, Executive Vice President, Agudath Israel of American among others, they to will tell you that I have the gift of Hashem.Thank you Hashem

– Hashem sent us a little reminder of how he can make a Jet Airliner disappear into thin air, and he can also let it be found. Let us recognize the greatness of Hashem and let us all be happy, healthy and safe and protected!

– I recently bought a new car and it turned out to b a lemon thank u Hashem that the dealer took the car back and reimbursed me without giving me any problems!!! Thank u Hashem also afterwards for getting me a great deal on a leased car!

– We need to thank Hashem for creating us with such an amazing “swallowing system”, among all the other constant miracles he does for us. My baby was on the floor playing. I went over to feed him something, noticed that he had something in his mouth. I did a finger-sweep, and found all the way in the back of his mouth, a plastic wrapper that he was about to (try to) swallow. Thank you Hashem for guiding me to find it, and get it out safely. The following is a Quote from the website of The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai Hospital in NY, (one of the most prominent otolaryngology and ophthalmology hospitals)“Swallowing is a complex process that people who swallow without difficulty often take for granted.”

-In shul this shabbat we had a chattan and kallah , a bar misvah and a new baby boy celebrated-thank you Hashem

– Thank You Hashem for glasses! I never really appreciated glasses until they broke in middle of the day and I had to walk home without them. Even though I don’t have such a high prescription, I felt the pain of the blind. Baruch Hashem for everything!:)

– Thank you Hashem for sweetly finding my $50 Bike light. I was riding home from Shul, and I only passed by my daughter’s house because I needed to go to the Sofer. I saw that her car door was wide open so I rang the doorbell to tell her. At that moment I looked to the left and saw another biker and a very bright light on the floor at a cross walk. I couldn’t figure out why there was such a bright light on the floor, till I realized that it fell off my bike. I quickly took it, before the other biker claimed it, and then my daughter opened the front door. I told her I was so happy because I feel that Hashem is talking to me and working with me.

– Thank You Hashem for Your unconditional love You have for us and the many many times You are forgiving us with that love…and ALL the chances and opportunities you give us!

– I called up my credit card ‎company to pay a bill and instead of owing money they told me I have a $30 credit! BH

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