Miracle in France

The story behind the terrorist attack on the kosher supermarket.

The terrorist and his wife were on their way to make a most terrible terrorist attack at the local Chabad school which is one of the biggest in France. During their drive there, they had an accident and so it drew attention to the police in the area. They panicked and shot the policewoman that approached their car to investigate the seemingly minor traffic accident. This accident saved the life of tens or even h…undreds of Jewish children at that school. The car was later found abandoned with weapons as they could not carry so many weapons on foot. Police also found a note with the address off the Chabad school in the car, so the target was very clear.

They then realized that their plans had gone wrong and decided to separate.

The terrorist then decided to attack another Jewish target and went for the only other Jewish place he knew, the kosher supermarket

The terrorist was then dropped off by his wife at the kosher supermarket and then drove to the airport to slip out of France. She caught a flight to Turkey and then went onto Syria, where she is believed to be and has joined up with the ISIS terrorist organization that she and her husband are members of and had undergone extensive training with the group.

We know the tragic circumstances that it ended in.

Can we now not see how Hashem is still always looking after us and our children. Look what kind of miracle there was that could have gone down as one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history on our pure innocent children. I know we lost 4of our best people, and this must not be overlooked, but look what could have been without that little simply stupid car accident that saved the children’s lives.

To have a target of innocent children, must tell us great things as to what these Islamic terrorists hold by in terms of humanity. This whole story is so bizzare that it’s beyond the imagination of any normal human being.

The amount of arms and ammunition found astounded the police that found it. It was supposed to be a very high toll on our Jewish community.

Ein od milvado, efes zulato.

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