Thank You Hashem – Week 77

– Thank you Hashem for making me a special Jew
If you think of it how many people there are in the world? Billions!! And Hashem chose me and you to be special Jews who are so close and see the greatness of Hashem!! We should all feel very lucky and always serve Hashem besimcha:)

– I can’t thank Hashem enough for my precious baby girl it’s really the most amazing thing watching her grow thank u Hashem for blessing us with this beautiful healthy baby

-my friend has gotten engaged-mazal tov

-WOW 78 WEEKS OF THANK YOU HASHEMS . Thank you Hashem for all the great that you do for us.

-my cousin got married last night-thank you Hashem

-Had a proposal for an order in to a client and he got back to me and made some changes making it a smaller order. I felt a little bad that it was not going to be as big of an order as I thought. After completing the order I looked at the invoice and Baruch Hashem it seems that the profit on the lower order came out higher than if he would have kept it the way I sent it. Thank you so much Hashem!

-Many years ago, I was a patient in the Maimonides Medical Center’s Emergency room, and I had a roommate, a nice Italian lady and we got to know each other, and we were speaking the entire night.The next morning, my friends from the Shul came to visit me and along came the lady’s daughter.
The daughter was so impressed with what I did for her Mother that she told me and my friends that she at that time was a nurse at Hyman Solomon Rehabilitative Facility, and if we had any relatives there, she would look out after them.
Approximately 15 years later, one of those friends, was in the rehab facility and bumps into THAT lady, and IMMEDIATELY the lady recognized THIS person and said, I know you, your name is Mr. — and he said, yes, how do you know me?? The lady said, don’t you remember me?, your friend was with my Mother in the ER almost 20 years ago, and my friend said, yes now I remember and the nurse said, what are you doing here??
My friend told her that his Mother was here, and the lady said, do you remember that promise I made to you and your friends when I was in the ER with you that day, and my friend says, yes I do.
So, the VERY next day, THAT lady went up to my friend’s Mother’s room, and started to take care of her, by taking care of the grooming details, showering her, feeding her, walking her, talking to her, etc….
So, when the son came by later on that day, the Mother asked her son, who is this lady, she came early this morning and she took care of me, like I was the Queen of England, I do NOT know her, and she told me that she will do this EVERY day until I get discharged, what did I do to get this kind of treatment??
The son told his Mother the following: Mother, many years ago, a friend of mine did a Chessed in the ER, and he did in such a way, that I thought that I would never see the reward that Hashem said would happened, and I thank you Hashem for making it possible, because Mother, THIS is that reward that was promised to us also 20 years ago, and I can’t believe that it is happening.
That lady came EVERY day, until his Mother got discharged. She told my friend, I made a promise THAT day, that I would take care of ANY relatives that come here, and I kept my word.
When my friend told me this, I look up to Hashem, and said also, Thank you Hashem, but also said, what a small world.
So the world does revolve, sometimes you do NOT see a reward, but THIS time, we did see a reward it was almost 20 in the making but it was a reward. So, I thank you Hashem for allowing me to do that ONE special Mitzvah in the Emergency Room, so my friend can get also the rewards of that special Mitzvah for his Mother.

-was in Israel this week and I tried to get out ahead of the snow. No seats available on the plane. Then one seat opened up and I got home safely BH, thank You Hashem

-It was snowing while I was carefully driving down a block. As I neared the corner to turn, I slowed down a bit more when suddenly a car was passing a red light.I short stopped and skidded and BH I stopped just in time to avoid a near accident. THANK YOU HASHEM!

-wow- for fun I put an item on ebay that has been sitting on my dresser for a while, I prayed to Hashem let it be sold easily – literally within 1 minute it was sold!!! What were the odds of someone searching for my oddball item that very moment that I put it on? Thank you Hashem

– Got to witness first hand the care and love Rabbi Moshe Zucker has for his fellow Jews who are hungry to grow and learn about our wonderful religion. A real Kidush Hashem

-I was in the car on the way to work and was not in a good mood at all. I had heard very bad news the night before and was having a hard time staying upbeat. Just then I got a phone call from someone sharing the best news! I was so happy to hear it and Baruch Hashem that’s what kept me going through the day! Thank You Hashem for orchestrating every detail and moment in our lives to the way you know will be best for us. May there only be Besorot Tovot in Klal Yisrael.

-peeked in on my 6 yr old son from the top of the basement steps and saw him singing along as he was looking in 1 of his boxes that he keeps his “kid stuff” in. He picked out his trick cards that he lost and stopped his singing, without knowing I was watching and says-“Thank you Hashem that I found my cards”. I thank you Hashem for letting me witness the purity of our holy children, very proud of him.

– Thank you Hashem for sending us Pinky Shwartz and Jack Hara to Bnei Binyamin Torah Center , all their hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated by the entire kahal.

-I went to a friend’s house, He said he’s on his way to visit his Brother in the Hospital. Boruch Hashem I don’t have any family members in the Hospital. May Hashem send a speedy recovery to all Cholei Yisroel.

-Thank you Hashem, on the wedding anniversary of my cousin Rabbi Alex Miller and his Rebetzin we can look back and remember the many great Kidush Hashems that were done to insure Simcha for the Chatan and Kallah at their wedding which took place while Brooklyn was in shut down mode covered in snow and imobilized.They should enjoy many years of Happiness together.

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