Thank You Hashem – Week 79

-Thank you Hashem for giving me the Zechut to buy and wear tefillin Rabenu Tam.

-Thank you Hashem for a thriving kosher business which enables me to do many things with the money you give to help Am Yisrael.

– a person has to give thanks to H-shem from the smallest things and Kal Vachomer for the biggest things  The other day I was in shul and I was in the middle of praying Shacharit and all of a sudden I get this urge to sneeze (and the amount of time between the feeling and the actual sneezing is very short) and right next to me I had the box of tissues and Baruch H-shem I grab a tissue and didn’t have to embarass myself and get dirty

– Thank You Hashem for giving me the opportunity to do Kibbud Av v’Em I met someone who doesn’t have any parents and I see how lucky I am to have this misva!

-Thank you Hashem for my friends – but an extra special thank you to my best friend that you have sent to me that is always there for me in my time of need.It is a great zechut to have such a person so close to me, and Thank you to that friend for all that you do for me.

– Had on my agenda to call a customer next month that has a contract with me that ends in February to see if they will extend the contract for another year. Out of no where they called me on their own 1 month early and ask if they can continue with the contract for the next year, I answered, hmmm-OK, Thank you Hashem.

– Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING! We all love you so much. Please send Mashiach now. Yearning so much for Beit Hamikdash with all Am Yisrael right away BH.

– Months before my Father passed away, he was a patient at the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center, sitting in his chair waiting to go home, when he sees a neighbor from the building and asked her, what are you doing here??
She said that she fell, and her children felt that this was the best place for her to be at.
She asked my Father, are you here for that same reason??My Father said, no. Hashem has given me a son, to watch over myself and my wife.
She asked is your son married?? My Father said, NO. Then the lady asked, does your son work?? My Father said, YES, his job is to take care of His Mother and His Father. Then my Father told the lady, that last week, our son, sat on his knees, and in front of His parents and Hashem said the following As long as I am alive and as long as Hashem is at my side, I will NEVER put you into a nursing home.
The lady began to cry.
Then I walked into the building and my Father pointed to me and told the lady, THAT’S my son.
When my Mother and Father became ill, I asked my Rabbi how I should take care of them.
My Rabbi told me that if I were to follow His orders, that Hashem will be with you.
So, when my Mother and Father became ill, I made a pledge that from THAT day on, they were NOT my parents, but instead they became MY CHILDREN, that way, with children I will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for them.
I know Because when taking care of them THAT way, I saw things that Hashem sent to me, to help me.
This went on for OVER 20 years.
Because I had the following on MY side:HASHEM, MY RABBI,MY FRIENDS Thank you Hashem

– Had the opportunity to do a rare misvah, someone’s father passed away in another country. The son didn’t have the funds to get a flight to go and be with his family overseas and I was able to help chip in and pay for the airfare to go and be with his family in their time of need.

-Was having a day that saw one headache after another and Hashem sent me the most happy amazing news that changed my day all around, my friend texted me that he is going to be a  Daddy! Expecting his first child! Simachot for everyone!

– Thank you Hashem for your protection. Just heard the amazing hashgacha story of the Couple of terrorists that were on their way to do a terrible terrorist act at a Chabad school in France. On the way the couple had a minor car accident and then a police office came over to the car the terrorist shot the police officer and took off. They later abandoned the car and when the car was found it had very large amounts of weapons and the address of the Chabad school as their most probable target. This small accident saved the lives of many jewish children and possibly countless others. Although they did decide to carry out an attack on the kosher supermarket and we lost 4 of the most precious jews, the tragedy could have been march larger and tragic and I would like to believe that these 4 jews have major zechut in losing their lives on the way to saving the many many that could have been lost at the school. I do not call this car accident a small accident , but a big great great Hasgacha!

-did a misva kibud av va-em and drove my parents to the airport in the morning. For some reason before my mother got out of the car she mentioned that her keys to her car are on her kitchen counter if I need to use her car. She knows I have a car so was an odd thing to say but she is a baal chesed and she mentioned it anyway. About an hour later I had car problems and suddenly my car ended up in the dealer and now I am stuck with no car. I am being told by the service guy at the dealer that they do not have a loaner for me available. The guy was bracing himself for an argument and already started to ramble on about how there is nothing he can do bla bla bla, but I calmly smiled and said, “no problem”- Thank you Hashem for my parents and Thank you Hashem for always setting everything up for us.

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