Thank You Hashem – Week 80

-From a 10 year old girl – Thank you Hashem that it was raining so hard today , when I came home I stepped in a big puddle and I got soaked so I went upstairs and put on a thick pair of socks. I then went down to the basement to play and I stepped on a very sharp screw and I didn’t feel it because Hashem had me get wet and change into thick socks. Thank you Hashem.

-BH thank You for the beautiful weather, especially compared to January’s in other years, this year is amazing! 🙂

– Bris Sunday-Mabruk

– Thank you Hashem for the miracle of an airplane. You can go inside this tube of metal and get out on the other side of the world-a peleh.

-On December 1 I was infected with Bronchitis and Strep Throat, in addition with those systems, I was hit with painful pinched nerves in my lower back. Since that day my back has been hurting every day, some days worse than others. Some mornings I woke up with terrible back pain.On January 6 Tuesday morning I woke up with my right leg hurting. At first it was not so bad, just light pain and discomfort. As the day went on, it slowly started to get worse and worse. A friend called me to go to lunch, a block away from my office. As I was going, I realized I was limping and it started to hurt worse. The rest of the day in my office the pain was increasing. At the end of the day when it was time to go home, the pain was extreme and it was very difficult for me to walk just 3 blocks to the parking lot.       By now the pain was excruciating. As soon as I arrived home, I went straight to my Doctor, who gave me two shots and a prescription for anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers. Till it was time to sleep the pain and discomfort kept increasing.        That night the pain was the worst yet and unbearable. There were thousands of shooting nerves all throughout my leg. During the night it got much worse. I was not able to sleep for even a single second. The pain was excruciating, I was crying and screaming in pain whole night. My wife was petrified and was up with me the whole night. The whole night I was contemplating to call Hatzoloh and go to the emergency room.       Wednesday morning the pain was continuing and terrible, I was not able to walk or stand up. Sitting, lying down or any position hurt immensely. No position or situation would ease the pain. At 7AM I went back to Doctor. He gave me 3 shots (a strong pain killer and 2 anti-biotics). He also did 2 blood tests and another test. He also sent me to go get an MRI.           The pain was unbearable, it killed to just even stand up for a second. I went to take the MRI. The office attendants kept asking me to get forms to fill out. I kept telling them, “You don’t understand, I am in so much pain, I can’t walk to your desk to pick up the forms.”  The MRI technician had me lay in a position, on my back with my leg bent, which was probably the most uncomfortable and difficult position possible (besides standing up) and said that I had to stay in that position for 20 minutes without even moving a drop. I told the MRI technician that it was totally impossible, I cannot do that, I will not last for 30 seconds in that position, let alone 20 minutes. I got up and left. I did not take the MRI.    I then had my wife drop me off by the train to go to work. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know how I did it. I was in tremendous pain and couldn’t walk. The long flight of steps was like going to gehenom and back.         In Manhattan, my office is one block away from the train. That one block was murderous. It took forever, I felt like I was going to die. I was limping and hopping and every few steps I had to stop and hold on to something. Many people stopped and asked if was ok, if need anything, if I need ambulance, hospital or doctor. The 34th street cleaning man saw me and started unscrewing his broom and was giving me the stick to use as a cane. He followed me down the whole block and kept insisting that I take it, he said he will get another one. When I finally reached the end of the block, he was still trying to convince me to take the stick, I didn’t stop thanking him and told him that I will be ok, my office is right across the street.The extreme pain continued throughout my day at the office. During the Amida of Mincha and Arbit, which we have a Minyan in my office, I had to sit, I was just not able to stand.      This Wednesday afternoon, I realized that the Doctors and medicine were not able to help me. I need something much stronger and more effective, something that had guaranteed results. I called my friend Gabi from Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael, and explained to him my problem. I asked him if he could please go to the Gadol Hador Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky for Beracha for Refuah Shelamah. It was now at night in Israel and Gabi called his friend Rabbi Yitzchak Ohev Sion, who said the next day he will go and give my name to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky for Beracha for Refuah Shelamah.I continued the day at work, which was very hard and continued to have tons of pain. When it came time to leave and had to walk the 3 block to the parking lot, it was murder. That night, Wednesday night, I slept but still in great pain, but my heart and mind was at ease and happy knowing that I will be getting a Beracha from Gadol Hador, who’s Berachot are proven Miracles, many thousands of times over.      Thursday morning I woke up and as I put my foot on the floor and noticed I was able to walk. My leg was feeling much better. There was slight pain and discomfort, the nerves were tingling and my leg felt like it was asleep, but nothing like before. The Excruciating, dying pain was gone. I went to sleep unable to walk and woke up being able to walk again.     I turned to my wife and said this feeling I had-that, “I already received the Beracha from Gadol Hador.” I then emailed my friend Gabi in Eretz Yisrael, who confirmed that I already received the Beracha early that morning!.     For the next few days my leg was sore and had pressure and with each day it got better and better. Now I am able to appreciate and not take for granted, the Great Kindness from Hashem of allowing me to have Healthy normal legs. The Great Miracle of walking, which is totally a Chesed from Hashem, is not something I take lightly anymore.

-My wife brought a sandwich down to eat in the lobby of the hotel. She realized it was hamotsie so she went to wash. She put her ring in the bag with her sandwich, ate and threw the bag out in the lobby garbage. 5 hours later she realized and ran to the garbage which was already cleaned. After explaining what happened to the front desk they called the maid service who took her to a dumpster full of garbage bags. Not knowing where to start they looked in a few bags when low and behold my wife called out I found it. Thank You Hashem for making us find it easily and for a great trip

– Was working on a situation with a customer, I hung up with him,stopped and prayed to Hashem. Called him back and Bh it all worked out within seconds.

– I was just appreciating and Thanking Hashem for the very manageable weather we have been having so far this winter and remembered last years frozen brutal winter. I then said to myself, last years frozen winter is also perfect from Hashem and remembered a conversation I had with a farmer this summer and he commented how the extra cold winter was very good for his crop and helped him to have an extra great crop of fruits and vegetables this year. He also commented how it is good to have a “normal” type of winter weather wise and having the freezing winter like last year mixed in once every few years is what makes the crops perfect. I then informed him who made it so perfect. Hashem thank you for being perfect in all that you do for us.

– I was walking out my door Sunday and saw it was raining and was surprised when I took a little slip on hidden ice. Baruch Hashem I caught myself before I hit the ground. I started looking how the ice was so hidden and heard on the radio warnings not to leave your house and heard that there were 266 accidents reported on the jersey turnpike alone.Many bridges and highways closed.If you looked out your window all it looked like was a simple rain fall and I thought, wow this is like a Makah, this tiny sheet of hidden ice causing all this havoc. Being in the parashiot that we are in that speak about the makot in misrayim,we can’t even fathom what it was like at the time of the real makot. This icy day was a little tiny blip obviously. We can only learn from these real makot the greatness of Hashem and remember who is in control of the world.

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