Thank You Hashem – Week 81

-I travel a lot for work and know when to plan my trips a month to 2 months ahead. I book all flights and hotels myself. Before booking a trip the first thing I look at is what time I can pray in the morning, is that day Rosh Hodesh or a holiday. So Avodat Hashem first , business trip second.
Twice a year ( trade shows) I don’t take care of the booking, my boss does. Baruch HaShem I have great bosses( Shomer Shabbat, sedaka, kosher) but they see things more from a business view. So I get so upset since a lot of times the flight doesn’t allow sufficient time to pray before the boarding.
Now myself and 3 other salesman always travel together going there and coming back.  We did not get the itinerary yet and I said “I am so mad, I know that our flight is going to interfere with praying, I hate that!”  And that day I heard a Rabbi Diamond CD that said if you want to do anything spiritual for Hashem and you want it bad enough Hashem will make it happen!
So I asked my boss to email me the flight info.
I was on a separate flight then the other guys and it is leaving almost an hour and half later which gives me more than enough time to pray properly!
So I went to my boss and asked why I was separate? He told me that when he decided to book the tickets they were on sale so he bought mine and then had an emergency meeting so he did not buy the others. When he finished the meeting and went back to purchase the other tickets the cost went up 50%!! Thank you Hashem for allowing me the time to properly pray.

-Thank you Hashem for the beautiful snow day off with my children

– Thank you Hashem for making the Mayor shut down all the roads for the storm. We had to go to the hospital in the city today from Brooklyn, it took us under 30 minutes to get here! Yishtabach Shemo LaAad! Thank you Hashem for taking a situation that could have been potentially stressful in many ways and making it calm smooth comfortable and easy! We see your loving hand with us every second!

– Yesterday before the storm I took my car out.  As I was driving I thought I smelt something funny. I did my errands and on my last errand I was five minutes from home and the car was acting weird. It was snowing, it was cold and I got scared that something was wrong. I prayed and trusted. Please Hashem I need an easy spot next to my house.   You see I live on the landau block. Parking, it’s not easy. The brake light went on the smell was back and there was a perfect spot on ave L in front of the shul, with a tight steering wheel I backed right in and the car stalled.  Bh. I grabbed my packages and ran in the house.  Thank you Hashem for not letting me get stranded. Extra bonus, Thank you Hashem for the snow storm preventing me from getting a parking ticket while my car was stuck in the parking space for alternate side parking.      Also……..
Thank you Hashem for my new (old) house! And my beautiful new kitchen, carpet, paint etc……and for the mess too!!!!

-thank you Hashem for the beautiful snow!!

-Thank You Hashem – the weather has been predicted as a storm of History, 24 inches some even 36

we have gotten maybe 10 inches – Thank You Hashem we have HKB”H to rely on whom controls the world and weather

-Thank you Hashem – we have our warm jacket, gloves, hat and boots to walk in the snow and stay warm J

-Thank You Hashem – that snow is a nice white beautiful color!

-Thank you Hashem that as Rabbi Mannes Mandel zs’l used to say “the weatherman is a Navi Sheker”

– Was at a store buying something for my home and ended up having to majorly rush for school carpool, was having a worker bring the stuff into the car and the motor was running. My mother called me to go quickly inside to look at something that just came in that could be way better and there is only one of them available to go now before it is gone. I said the motor is running and in a big rush to make the car pool time,How can I go back in? I decided to make a quick dash in and saw it was gorgeous and much nicer than the item we bought, a no brainer. I also saw that the worker who was helping load the car went to the back of the store and I wasn’t by the car when he finished loading so didn’t give him a tip. I didn’t want to make a chilul Hashem so with the zero time I had, I ran to the back of the store to find him and give him a tip. I now saw that I definitely had no time to switch the item and started to literally run out of the store, from the rear of the store to the exit and as I am running I hear someone mumble something as I ran by them. I thought I better stop, maybe I didn’t realize and bumped into them as I was running, I didn’t want it to be a chilul Hashem chas vishalom, so I stopped and was starting to apologize and saw it was my cousin who saw me running out and jokingly said,” its ok don’t even say hello”. I quickly blur out 1000 miles an hour, in a rush for car pool, can you please go the front and purchase the item for me and leave it at the counter and I will come back after car pool… I couldn’t even wait for the answer I just ran out and called her from the car. She was able to buy it for me and all worked out, and got a much much nicer item at a fantastic price. Hashem put my cousin in this exact spot at this exact time for me as I was trying to do the kidush Hashem of tipping the goy worker. Everything fell into place perfectly. Thank you Hashem and Thank you cousin. Ps- when I picked up the receipt from my cousin before heading back to the store for pick up, my cousin happened to take a chance and asked me if I by any chance had an extra modem? She was rewarded on the spot and I “happened” to have a spare modem right in my trunk, I don’t know why but it has been sitting there for over 8 months! Now I know why. – added update-story just got better, my mother laid out the cash to pay for the item, I was giving her the money back and she kindly said keep it, it is a gift from me, I am buying it for you.Thank you Hashem and Thank you Mother…

-How about this.  My phone fell in the snow,I found it three hours later with 13 percent power left. Bh

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