Thank You Hashem – Week 82

– I thank Hashem for my life every day. Today I have to thank even more.  My aunt Chaya passed away at the age of 61 after being diagnosed with advanced stages of Canc_r, Bar-Minan, Lo Aleinu. The Doctors told her that her days are numbered, and it’s a matter of weeks before she leaves this world.THAT WAS 18 YEARS AGO!! “Chai” –  Hashem gave her 18 years, during which she merited to walk all her 4 beautiful children to the Chuppah. She was Zoche to have 10 beautiful grandchildren, a son who got Semicha and wrote a few Seforim, and loads of nachas from her family.Make the most of your every day on this world of opportunity. Trust in Hashem, He’s the REAL Doctor.

-it’s a boy- mabruk

– I was driving on Ocean Parkway while the gorgeous snow was coming down , the roads were very slippery and I made a turn off o.p. onto the Avenue and my car started to slide all the way left cross the entire street, I was heading straight up the bike path and into the light pole. I quickly remembered hearing if your car is sliding to take your foot off the brake, I took my foot off the brake and Baruch Hashem the car straightened out just in time for me to direct back to the right side of the street without hitting any other cars or the light pole. Thank you Hashem for protecting me and any bystanders.

-Thank you Hashem for the zechus of having my son reach the age of Bar Mitzvah. & for allowing my parents from Chicago to come in for the simcha. Their flight got cancelled on both Sunday & Monday,but were still able to attend. Thank you Hashem for all the friends & family you blessed us with to join in the Simcha. Thank you Hashem for giving Yehuda the tools to finish 5 out of 6 sedarim of mishnayos in honor of the Bar Mitzvah. We are all very proud of him!!

– Was going to park my car right in front of my house but said I will leave that spot for my wife and circle around the block. I found a spot down the block,got out of the car and found 2 bucks on the floor, Thanks Hashem for the reward

-Thank You Hashem for the beautiful weather! No, I am not in Florida, but in Brooklyn but there is no reason to thank Hashem only in good weather and not in “bad weather” because everything He does is for our good thank You Hashem!!

– Thank you Hashem for sefarim in both hebrew and english that are so available to all of us and help us to utilize our time properly. I was on a plane traveling and 2 businessmen were sitting next to me and they presented themselves as being very chashuv. As soon as the flight started they started playing some arcade games on their computers like little children, shouting oohs and ahs, total waste of time and to see grown men doing this was an eye opener. We must thank you Hashem for giving us a life of meaning and time to accomplish greatness with. Was so grateful for the books I was able to learn from and enjoy while these men wasted their precious time.

-Thank you Hashem for the wonderful assortment of fruits that adorned my table this Tu Bishvat- the colors were a work of art that can only have been created by the Ribono Shel Olam- Thank you Hashem

-bris today mazal tov

-Was on the phone making a hotel reservation for me and my family, I was reserving the regular nice type room and the rep starts to tell me about the duplex room with the winding stair case. I found myself lost in imagination picturing how awesome this room is and was deciding if I should go for it, or maybe this is not a good chinuch for myself and my children, too much unnecessary gashmiut. The rep pushed for my decision and I said umm I’m not sure, what do you think? She says ahh go for it, you only live once! I snapped right back, YOU only live once! I’ll take the basic room-thank you. Thank you Hashem for reminding me that we have a better world coming.

-Many years ago, I was a patient at a rehab facility and my roommate was an older gentleman and he told me that when he gets discharged, that he was going to be living at Ateres Avos living facility and I found out that this was 5 blocks from my home. So, on Sundays, I would come to visit him at 9:30 am and we would talk and then I would play Rummy Kup with him until 12:00 pm and then leave. When I played with him, I ALWAYS let him win, game after game. I was doing this for over 1 year, and even came to see him on Shabbos mornings or Shabbos afternoons too.
Then a strange thing happened, the nurse at the front desk asked me a strange question.She said to me, you are such a nice grandson, coming to visit your grandfather, and he is so happy to see you.
I did not know how to answer the nurse, and I just smiled and walked away. I spoke to Hashem asking Him, I do not understand, why did she make that comment to me. The following Sunday, before I left, I went to that nurse who asked me that questioned and asked her, why did you asked me that question last week. The nurse told me that he rarely has visitors, and from what I see, you are the ONLY grandchild that comes to see him. Now, I played dumb, and asked, what about my Mother and Father, brothers and sisters? The nurse told me that they are in the neighborhood, but do not have time to make it. Inside of me, began to cry, when I heard that, and at THAT moment I said, THANK YOU HASHEM for giving me THIS Mitzvah of making someone happy inside and outside, and also making a Kiddish Hashem.I asked my Rabbi of what I should do? My Rabbi told me that YOU are his grandson and you WILL visit him EVERY Sunday morning, talk to him, play with him, cry with him, and I did just that. Then on one Shabbos morning, as I was getting ready to leave, the HEAD nurse at the facility came over to me with the other nurse and said to me, that the staff is very impressed what you are doing with your visit of your grandfather, and I could NOT take deceiving them. So, I pulled them to the side, and I told them that I am NOT a grandson, I am just a simple person visiting an elderly person, upon the request of my G-D Hashem and my Rabbi, who told me BOTH to treat this person as if he WAS my grandfather. The nurses could not believe what I was saying, they even asked you came at different times, different days and you are NOT a relative? I said, NO. I am a stranger to this person, I am doing a Chessed that G-D asked me to do for THIS person, and I thank u G-D for that. I thought that they were going to cry. I told the nurses to not say a word to the person, and let me do MY job and you do your job by watching out for him and talking to him too. We agreed. So, I thank you Hashem for allowing me to do the Mitzvah of Chessed, Bikur Cholim, Chessed Shel Emes.

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