Thank You Hashem – Week 83

-1 year ago I left my job with nothing lined up.

I had been working for a company and had made some great new business arrangements for the business.

Despite my best efforts, it seemed that my potential was limited at this place of employment.

To complicate matters, my supervisor had some questionable boundaries which caused me a great deal of emotional stress.

At the urge of my friends and family, I finally had a break down and when I confronted the situation it seemed that I had 2 choices: stay and accept the status quo or walk (with no plans or prospects in mind).

The voice of Hashem told me to leave and I stepped out on faith.

I did not know what the future had in store for me but I knew that Hashem had blessed me with many talents and I would find a way to build the successes of which I had always dreamed.

Thank you Hashem for always providing for me.

I had small savings and a few months to find another job.

Hashem gave me a tax return to live on. Thank you Hashem.

A few months later, Hashem gave me a new place to work.

Thank you Hashem.

The company had a larger structure and great potential and wanted to build the business.

They needed a woman who would be able to add charm and grace to the team.

Thank you Hashem for giving me the tools I needed to succeed.

They trusted me with some great business leads, and I set off to break these accounts.

Hashem always gave me the right words to say and write in the email and on the phone.

Thank you Hashem for inspiring me with exactly what to say and write.

After 6 months, we learned today that we broke a major customer for a large order, we beat out several competitors. Thank you Hashem.

Earlier today, Hashem gave us a meeting with another major customer.

This customer has been reluctant to even look at our brand.Hashem gave me the inspiration to write an email to her. I can’t believe where the words came from, or the inspired direction I received which told me where to research and how to present the product to the customer, Thank you Hashem for leading me with each word and action.  I was able to travel home to stay with my family and spend time with my father, stepmother and young brothers in the city of my birth.

Thank you Hashem for giving me my family, their health, their love and support and belief in me.

A major snow storm in New York threatened our team would not arrive at the appointment- all 3 team members arrived safely and early from the flight.

Thank you Hashem.

Our team said I was the only one who didn’t pray before the meeting, so I tried to spit some prayers out… they said say the Shema. That I knew!

Thank you Hashem for giving me the education and bat mitzvah that was the basis for my Jewish learning.

The buyers walked into the meeting with smiles on their faces and holding pen and paper in their hands.

Thank you Hashem.

We thought they were only interested in my teammate’s products.

At the end of their presentation, I made my case, they were interested in my products!

Thank you Hashem.

As the day couldn’t get any better, a friend of my mothers told me she needed someone to ride her show horses because she was not feeling well. A hobby of mine which I hold dear and missed so much.

Thank you Hashem!

Hashem always has a plan! Choose the path of least resistance, stop struggling, have faith and watch what Hashem will bring you!

-Thank you Hashem for nachat from my children. My 6 year old son went to school late one morning this week and when my wife called the Rebbi to tell him she had his knapsack the Rebbi told her, your son is a “Chashuvah Kid”! He came late today so on his own he spent his entire recess not playing with his friends but praying shacharit. Thank you Hashem for all of my children.

-Had a few business meetings last week… BH all went well! thank you Hashem.

-was driving through a snowstorm and felt Hashem leading me, cars spinning right and left, but His malachim were leading us down a long, snowy highway for six hours.

– Had 4 simachot to attend this week- Thank you Hashem

-today someone came into the room and said did you hear the news?  I was thinking to myself please Hashem don’t let it be bad news in Israel or on Jewish people Baruch Hashem thank You a million, million times that it wasn’t and it was about goyim “Shefoch chamatecha al hagoyim asher lo yedaucha”

– I was in need of a couple of hundred dollars today and out of no where someone offers me $150 for an old outdated used piece of electronics with paint on it in my office that I have zero use for and has been sitting there for 2 years. Thank you Hashem…please add this- Just had a missed call from the person who bought it and a text saying the item is broken and doesn’t turn on to please call him. I felt a little bad and thought to myself, how can this be? It was sent to me perfect timing when I needed it and I even sent in a Thank you Hashem for this and everything, but then stopped myself and said even if it is broken and I give the money back I still have to thank Hashem for this situation as well. I happily called the person up and said don’t worry about it I will give you your money back but before I could finish my sentence he said, I tried a switch on the back and repowered it up and it is working fine! I want to believe that this occurred at the moment I accepted the situation happily-Thank you Hashem

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  1. Thank you Hashem,
    I was so happy to see my friend Debbie from school today.
    It made me very happy. Hashem really cares. Hashem knew how much i wanted to see her.
    Well done Hashem!

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