Thank You Hashem – Week 84

-Thank you Hashem for a chodesh to be marbim BISIMCHA!!!!!!!!!!

-ran out of my car to quickly grab something from the store and didn’t put money in the muni meter, I saw the meter maid outside and made it back to the car just in the nick of time. Thank you Hashem

– Thank you Hashem for my new megilat Esther!!!!!

– Do you think she’ll get a raise??? A call comes in to the mitzvah man,” we have been watching over our father in NYU hospital every night from 7 pm to the next day 7 am” our family is exhausted ” do you have someone that can go 1 night ,sit up In a chair and watch over him from 7 pm till 7 am? It would be a big relief for the family” mitzvah man volunteer to go” I’m on my way from Brooklyn  to NYU”
One week later mm asks her ” so how did it go that night?”
She replies” when I walked in I had no idea the patient was my BOSS”
I went for 6 nights and days straight but I’m going home now for Shabbat”
You think she”ll get a raise ???
I think in shamayim  she will definitely get a raise!!

– Thank You Hashem, was at the NY Toy fair this past Monday,

We had a minyan in our booth, someone came over to me, asked – do you know the cell number of a certain person? I’m trying to get to Lakewood I had a ride with someone else, he canceled on me and my sons in laws are coming from Baltimore to meet as he just got engaged.. told him no don’t have his number but I would have to call 2 -3 people to get the number, my phone about 1% battery level, no charger and have to run into meeting.. Usually the phone dies pretty quick, he gave me his number, half an hour later at 6pm BH battery level at 0% gave it a shot to call him, it worked.. he couldn’t find a ride.i told him I’m going to long branch, want to come, but how can you get to Lakewood?

He grabbed the ride and said he’ll figure it out. On the way he had an idea, stop by cheesquake rest stop on garden state pkway to find someone going to Lakewood, 2 minutes and he found a ride …. BH Mi kemacha Yisrael…

– I had a possibly pressured situation on my hands and I began to get nervous and it seems what Hashem was doing for me was the opposite of a pressured situation and was actually a very helpful situation waiting for me. As usual, worried for nothing, I will try harder next time – Thank you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem that I had zechut to spend practically my entire day doing chesed , the same thing You, Hashem our loving father does all day long.

– I saw a call coming in from an old customer that I assumed was calling with a problem he was having with my merchandise. I didn’t take the call, instead I took out a tehillim while he was leaving a message and I prayed to Hashem. I didn’t have a chance to call him back until the next day and prayed very hard before calling. Baruch Hashem he was calling to give me an additional order for more of my merchandise. Thank you Hashem for sending this surprise order at the end of a week in which I thought it was going to be a struggle financially.

-My friend sent me an inspiring phrase from Aish Hatorah- “YOUR TALENT IS G-D’S GIFT TO YOU , HOW YOU USE IT, IS YOUR GIFT TO G-D”

– You never appreciate teeth until it hurts or something happens no need to wait thank Hashem a million times now!!

Dear Hashem,   THANK YOU!

For Your infinite kindness and compassion that You shower on us every minute! Thank You for the blessings in my life that are too many to count. For letting me be a part of Your family. Thank You for the things I know and see are clearly good and thank You for the things I’m not aware of but You know are good. Thank You for a life better than I could’ve ever asked for. For a family, school, friends, teachers, parents, siblings and the endless good that You alone provide. Thank You for giving me capabilities and talents. For my strengths, challenges, happiness, and health. Thank You for the Nisyonot that force me to grow. For the closeness I can achieve the more I learn. Thank You for giving the ability to pray. To talk to You, to beg, ask, thank, sing, and turn to You. Thank You for listening to our endless words of complaints when You never stop to give. Thank You for forgiving us when we’ve done so much wrong. Thank You for giving us a manuscript on how to live our lives the best way possible. For giving us a way to earn the best portion in the world to come. Thank You for such a beautiful world, and our ability to see it; hear it, smell it and feel it. Thank You for heart that beats, feels, loves, cares and gives. For a mind to control our body and a mind to let our control become Yours. Thank You for each stage of our lives where we learn new things and gain new perspective. For each time You took away our pain, soothed our hurt, tended our wounds, cried with us, lifted us higher and promised us a beautiful future. Thank You for little miracles we find in our lives. For the boundless joy we have as You give us Semachot. Thank You for shielding us from what other nations suffer. For giving us the pride of being Your children. Thank You for letting us believe, for the complete Emunah that You alone make the world turn. Thank You for those bursts of inspiration and light. For the smallest things in life that bring a smile. Thank You for the physical things in life that we must elevate, that sustain our being. The food, clothing, ice cream and fun. Thank You for Shabbat and Yom Tov and days we’re commanded to get close to You. Thank You for those messages You send us to remind us where You are. For those moments of loneliness, where we feel Your presence more than anyone. For that understanding we get that there’s no one to turn to but You. Thank You for the people in our lives that guide us towards You with such clarity. The people that care and respect each other. Thank You for loving us even more than a parent and child. For giving and giving and giving with no boundaries. For holding us tight and never letting go of Your children. For keeping us close to You throughout everything. Thank You Abba, Thank You Hashem for being a Father gives endlessly.

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