Thank You Hashem – Week 85

-Thank You Hashem for saving us on Purim!!


-was going somewhere for Shabbos with my family, driving along the highway and had a question about whether to say tefillas haderech or not. decided to call my rov, I said ‘I’m on the 40 west going towards Three Rivers and’ he cut me off and said ‘Then you need the 40 East.’ BH for the Sheila, he saved me from driving hours in the wrong direction on a Friday!!!

-Thank you Hashem for Purim. To remind us that you are hidden and we have to search for you.  Thank you for always letting us find you. Happy Purim!!!

– I got a bill in the mail for the damage owed on a car lease that I returned for $1507.00, I was at home and with my family and I put it aside and said I am not going to get nervous over this and prayed to Hashem to please take care of this some how. The very next day I get another notice in the mail showing my bill is only $7, that I had a $1500 waiver for damage on my account! Thank you Hashem

-Thank you HaShem for friends that know me! I love my G-d box !!

(when your head starts to worry and your mind can’t rest,put your prayers down on paper. And let G-d do the rest.

-Thank you Ha-shem for thank you Ha-shem. Keep up the great work!!!

-My friends daughter has become a kallah-mazel tov-add please-just got word, a second friends grandchild has gotten engaged,mazel tov and thank you Hashem for simchas

-The other night I was coming home from a wedding and could not find a parking spot when I came home. I circled once or twice and decided I will just take the spot a block away from my house, but I don’t like to do that because my wife has to carry the baby in the freezing cold the next day.As I was walking up my steps, another Jew was getting into his car right outside my house which is rare at 11 PM- he told me, he would wait for me as long as I needed, to go back to my car and come back around so I can park right outside my house.  So lucky to be a Jew! Thank you Hashem!

-Lost an expensive pen many years ago and it just resurfaced after a move-thank you for the gift Hashem – and the lesson,never to give up hope.

-Loving how the whole world is focused on little ol Israel so close to Purim , can feel Mashiach in the air! Looking forward to greeting him bimhera biyameinu

-Almost had a tough situation with a customer possibly canceling an order for merchandise I already purchased for him, Thank you Hashem for letting it work out, I really appreciate it.

-Went out of town last week to not such a religious place.. They had a minyan, a kosher restaurant.  While in the restaurant I met a Rabbi that has a small congregation there and he asked where I was from.. When I told him Brooklyn he said “ Kodesh Kodeshim. “ His words were only so true, we don’t appreciate where we live ( even if it is in galoot), minyan on every corner, Torah classes any hour of the day or night, kosher supermarkets ( Plural), kosher restaurants.  Thank you Hashem…

– Bar misvah this week-mabruk

-Thank You Hashem for Purim; I am constantly amazed at the incredible achdus, simchah and ahavas habriyos that come to the fore on this zany, special day. Mi K’amchah Yisroel!

– Slipped on the ice , twisted, caught myself, straightened out and did not fall. Thank you so much Hashem

-In Las Vegas working a show and I needed mustard and mayo for my dinner that night. I figured I would walk to the food court and find kosher ones.  After a half hour of walking from restaurant to restaurant they all don’t have the packets anymore. They have the little containers and the pumps labeled mustard/mayo/ketchup. So as I was walking back to the room I said Hashem please send me mustard and mayo. The room next to mine had ordered dinner and the finished cart was in the hall with mayo and mustard jars marked ou.

-Taanit Esther- I had a 4pm Appointment in Manhattan and was not sure if I would make it in time for Mincha with a minyan—they showed up 1PM – I can get to shul without rushing—THANK YOU HASHEM!

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