Thank You Hashem – Week 86

-Beautiful Engagement party this week-Thank you Hashem

-Mabruk on the wonderful wedding this week


-Had Cousins wedding last night beautiful Simcha thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for adar and for purim.

-Had some credit card bills starting to really add up and I didn’t know how in the world I would be able to pay them off… I filed my taxes and bh Hashem gave me even more then the amount due and I was able to pay off the complete cc bill (a few thousand dollars)… Hashem knows what he’s doing never be nervous about anything related to money Hashem is the one that is in total control of that department nothing that we do (besides praying and bitachon) can have any affect on our monitory situation there are way more important things in life to focus on like Torah and family…  Thank you Hashem!

– I stayed late at work one day this week. By the time I left, there was almost no one around. I got to my car, and it wouldn’t start. Just then a car passed by, gave me a boost. As soon I was about to get into my car my friend passed by, he needed a ride. I was going to his area, and was able to take him home.  It was very cold, and if I wouldn’t have been there just then, he would’ve walked close to an hour to get home!

-My relative has gotten engaged,mabruk

-Thank you HASHEM for letting us see the video of the Chofetz Chaim , The Chofetz Chaim used to say that technology is always there it is just revealed when Hashem sees we need to use it to elevate our avodat Hashem, the video has been there since the 1920’s and we now have it as we need to be inspired by seeing this Gadol Olam in moving video. It was very inspiring seeing the holy Chofetz Chaim.

-Yesterday was my baby’s first Birthday Baruch Hashem.

– 2 weddings and 2 brisses this week-mazal tov

-Rabbi Diamond always speaks about a makom Torah providing protection for the neighborhood so we must be grateful to Borei Olam and for Bnei Binyamin and all the mikomei Torah in our area for providing us with protection from the dangerous Isis people that were caught living right under our noses.

-Thank you Hashem for all the things I haven’t noticed lately

– Had a nice relationship with a worker at a company I do business with. The problem was that I was “in” with the wrong guy , a guy lower on the totem pole was the one who really liked me a lot , not one of the top guys. I kept being nice and friendly to him only for the reason of kidush Hashem and I wanted him to see how nice the jewish people are. It is brought down that Hashem will show you some of your reward for kidush Hashem in this world and Hashem has done that for me. By miracle out of no where very suddenly the big boss got released from his position and who do you think they replaced him with? None other than the fellow that I have a friendship with. Thank you Hashem

-Mitzvah man volunteer went to visit a Holocaust survivor that was well into their 90’s. The volunteer noticed that they had an old rickety black and white Tv that was on its last days. The volunteer called in to mitzvah man and said is there any way we can get a new set sent over here? Mitzvah man sends out a message and gets a reply from a woman in the hospital with her daughter about to give birth and says in zechut for a healthy baby and a healthy mommy I want to help this Holocaust survivor. Please text me the address and I will send a flat screen state of the art set to the home right away. The address was texted and an immediate response of “WOW! THAT IS MY OLD ADDRESS, I USED TO LIVE THERE!” Baruch Hashem the misvah was done and a healthy baby was born to a healthy mommy. Hashem is always talking to us, we sometimes have to be able to realize there is a conversation going on. Thank you Hashem for the oppurtunity to perfom chesed.

-Had a situation arise at work, I made an error of not contacting a customer regarding a contract that was to have ended Feb 23 2014, I mistakenly put them down for 2015. Baruch Hashem I called them and it was no problem at all, went seamlessly and we were able to backdate and keep everything current. Thank you Hashem for taking care of this and for not making me have to possibly upset my superiors.

– On Sunday lots of the ice melted causing flood types of puddles all over the place. I was maneuvering trying to get into my car between the gigantic swimming pool of a puddle and the ice all around it. I was thinking I know Hashem has a reason for this odd site of the water and ice together and at that moment I slipped on the ice and was about to slam down to the ground,only it wasn’t the hard icy ground I was going to land on but a pool of soft water in its stead. Baruch Hashem neither happened being I grabbed part of a tree on the way down and regained my balance. Something Hashem also had in place for me. Thank you Hashem for all your preparations for all of your children.

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