Thank You Hashem – Week 87

-Thank you Hashem for my shinning star,Rabbi David Seruya.

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you,Thank you

-Thank You Hashem for, absolutely, positively, turning my life around. Help me be as holy of a man as I can possibly be. My inner most desire is to be closer to you. EVERYTHING else is secondary.

– Baruch Hashem!!!!  as I was leaving to take my daughter to school, she heard a funny noise from the basement.  the water heater was leaking and there was a very small pond forming in the basement.  If we had left 5 minutes earlier as we wanted to I would have come home to a big lake as I was planning on running some errands before coming home.  Baruch Hashem!!!  Nothing was destroyed just very wet.

– Thank you Hashem for the beautiful white snow on our beautiful white holiday of Purim. We didn’t miss a beat and was a kidush Hashem seeing your children doing all the wonderful misvot of the day as if the sun was shining bright. Was a nice reminder of couple of years ago when it snowed on Oct 31 and the mayor was on the radio announcing Halloween is canceled! Baruch Hashem no such ridiculous idea can even come to any of our minds. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael.

-Had plans to drive about an hour to see a customer at his site today, Hashem made it that it my co-worker handled it on his own and I did not have to drive out there. Thank you Hashem

-Was coming home from engagement and was very late at night. I was circling and circling for parking for 45 minutes, finally decided I had no choice and parked by pump. This morning got up to take car to work and Baruch Hashem didn’t get a ticket!! Thank you Hashem!

-Thank you Hashem!
Was in LA for 9 days celebrating Purim, several birthdays, and thoroughly enjoying my family in the beautiful weather.
Yishtabach Shemo Laad!

-witnessed so much chesed this Purim, Thank you Hashem for your wonderful people

-Baruch Hashem had cousin’s Brit- mabrook!

– My wife has been asking me to order her a baby monitor for over a month and finally I told myself ok I’m going to surprise her with one … So I did my research and I found one of the better rated monitors with a nice big screen and I said Hashem even though its expensive this is something I have to get so Hashem you’ll help me out… BH it came I surprised my wife she was so excited she loved it and it is a very good monitor I don’t know what made me check but I looked back on Amazon and I saw the item I bought just went up $30 in price.   Thank you Hashem for helping me and saving me money the reason why I think this is a big deal is because this is the 3rd time something exactly like this has happened in the past 2 weeks the other was with a stroller I bought and the other was with a birthday present I’m telling you I bought it and literally 2 days later the thing I bought DOUBLED in price there is no coincidence Hashem is helping me out …  Thank you so much Hashem !!!!

-Thank you Hashem for all the beautiful shuls and batei midrash in my neighborhood

-my friends son became a Bar misva-mazel tov

-Great deal on a new car, thank you borei olam for taking care of me all the time

-It’s always tough getting a parking spot on my block– I blocked the driveway for a little until a spot would open up on the street- someone happen to pull out about 20 minutes later right outside my house- I go to learn at 9 pm but I was a tired and the fact that I had a spot right outside the house made me not want to leave – the yetzer hara was fighting me like crazy but I fought it and decided that Hashem would help me find a spot when I get home — I came home and someone happened to be pulling out of the same spot that second – THANK YOU HASHEM FOR SHOWING ME YOU’RE ALWAYS THERE.

-Thank you Hashem for the winter wonderland you let us enjoy this Purim , you gave us and our children a memory we will never forget.

-got a very nice nachat telephone call from my childs teacher. Thank you Hashem for this happiness.

– Had a very nerve racking situation with a customer at their site. I was getting nervous about it and thinking about it in the back of my mind the whole time but then stepped back and said, Hashem sent this issue from no where and he can take it away from no where as well.The next day I stayed patient and didn’t call my worker to see how it was going by the customer, I just tried to stay cool and trust that Hashem can fix the problem like flipping a light switch. My worker calls me, asks a question about something else,I ask by the way what is going on with the problem?, he answers 2 words “it’s fine”…Like switching a light switch Hashem made it fine in the blink of an eye. Thank you Hashem.

-Engagement this week simachot for everyone B’ezrat Hashem

– Got to share a Purim seuda by someone’s home and it was so nice to see that they had the foresite to invite a less fortunate family to the seuda. Kidush Hashem-Mi Kiamecha Yisrael, Hashem you have the greatest children and we love you.

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