Thank You Hashem – Week 88

* This week’s messages are L’iyui Nishmat – Shaul ben Salcha – Mr. Charlie Sultan A’h  

-Wedding Sunday and Monday, Barmisva and an engagement- Thank you Hashem for Happy moments

-On Shabbat as my father with his heart condition was being worked on by hatzalah in shul preparing to take him to the hospital, I asked the Rabbi if I should telephone my mother and get her ready for what was happening, and he said no, I should run over there right now (Baruch Hashem we have Rabbis to protect us from mistakes especially when our heads are spinning), I ran my fastest in the rain to my mothers house and told her what was going on. Hatzalah came and they went to the hospital, I told my mother I will try and walk over to the Hospital and to call me if there is an emergency. They took off and as I started to walk back, my legs were gone, I had terrible cramps and some sort of Charlie horse from running in my shoes full speed like that, I later found out it was shin splints. I made it home and started telling my wife what happened and she said the phone rang 3 times with a weird # , must have been the Hospital. Now I am thinking the worst because I told my mother to call if it is an emergency. I didn’t tell that part to my wife as I didn’t want to worry her. I didn’t want to leave right away, I stayed to see if the phone would ring again. It didn’t. My legs were in agony and having a lot of cramps and I had no idea how I was going to make this hour long walk. I also knew I should walk a little extra and up 2 flights of steps to check and see if my parents were sent home. I set out on my walk and took the very first step in front of my house, was very painful at step one but kept going and said Hashem it is 100% clear that I can not make this 1 hour walk to the hospital, I am totally relying on you to somehow get me there, physically I am unable to do it, but willing to do it. Hashem In zechut of the pain I am willing to absorb to do kibud av va-em , please send my father a refuah shelama , if something is going wrong Hashem please turn it around and make everything fine. I then painfully walked my way to my parents house and then headed to the hospital. Every ounce of pain was a pleasure and an honor! Especially knowing my deal with Hashem that I hope he accepted. I tried different ways of taking steps, sideways,not bending, twisting all different ways to try and make it go easier. I finally get to the Hospital and of course they have me running all over to each side of the Hospital to locate my parents. Finally I located them and my mother informed me of the emergency decisions she had to make due to my fathers previous heart condition and they decided to do an angiogram which may be risky given my fathers condition, and while inside they ended up doing a stent. My mother walks out of the room and my father calls me over and quietly tells me, the Dr. told me I suffered a heart attack but I told him not to tell Mommy, I don’t want her to be scared and nervous. Within the next few hours they took more tests and my mother strolls into the room announcing, Baruch Hashem it wasn’t a heart attack. I was like what? I immediately went out to the desk station and asked the Dr. and he confirmed it wasn’t a heart attack, I asked are you saying that because my father said not to tell my mother or are you for real?.

He says,no heart attack , the artery was closed about 80% and if you would’ve gotten here later it would have been a heart attack, the stent opened it back up preventing a heart attack . I don’t know how things work in shamayim but all I know is that I made that deal with Hashem to change anything wrong that may be happening-………. my father is told he has had a heart attack-……… and shortly after we are told he did not have a heart attack! Thank you Hashem and Thank you Hatzalah for getting my father to the hospital so fast avoiding a much worse outcome.

-Thank you Hashem for showing me the difference of the way a Jew does a chesed and a goy does a chesed. While in the hospital on shabbat and the goya nurse was telling me and my mother how they are bringing in an emergency cardiac arrest patient. I thought she was going to tell us how she feels bad or how she is going to help or whatever, but she did not. She tells us how she can’t believe this is happening that it is 630pm and she goes home at 7pm that now she will have to hook the patient up to all the machines and do all the paperwork. She was carrying on and on how she is supposed to be off at 7 and now she is stuck with all the paper work and I couldn’t hold myself back and I told her; When you are getting nervous while doing your paperwork I have an idea for you that may help, stop and think would you rather be the one in the bed with cardiac arrest, or the one doing the paperwork?…she immediately changed her tune and started telling us we are right and that she knows their is G-d in the world and she hopes he lets her into heaven and she went on how we are so nice and how nice we are treating all the hospital workers, so a kidush Hashem also came out of it. We were also able to see the wonderful chesed the Jewish people were doing in the middle of their personal shabbat time, stopping everything willingly and happily ,coming to the hospital with bags and bags of food,magazines,drinks you name it. Saw alot of chesed being done by the Jewish people with the correct attitude. Mi kiamcha Yisrael.

-thank you Hashem for a beautiful baby girl on erev Purim from my daughter Ilana and Manny Haber!

– A Rabbi in our community, – when his father passed away young (age 49) he had a younger brother that was 6 yrs old at the time and so he and his sisters took care of him. When it came time for his younger brother to get married they would put their funds together to help him with everything. The morning after he got engaged, he came home to find a check in the mail for close to $30k just what they needed for his brother to get married… was a check from a claim that they made when he was young and fell and hurt his arm and the lawyer said then……don’t rely on this, you’ll most likely never collect! So 12yrs later when he got engaged and needed it most, Hashem sent it because Hashem took his father away so Hashem becomes the orphans father!

-Thank you Hashem – for the chizuk of the Thank You Hashem messages!-Thank you Hashem – my wife took the car to the mechanic to look at, we have a leased van about to be up,The guy said the tires are very bald we should change them if C”V they blow on the highway its very dangerous. We had a maybe a month or 2 weeks left to the lease so we decided to wait. Sunday we drove to Lakewood For a chesed My wife dropped me off and went to shopping, after she came out the back tire was blown (metal coming out)Amazing – right after the chesed the tire blew! C”V It could have happened on the highway – Thank You Hashem

-saw a $95 charge for maintenance on a business bill,took a shot and called to see if they can waive it-Thank You Hashem, they called back and refunded it.

-My daughter lost her ipod at her friend house during the annual Purim party.  Her friend said she would look for it . My daughter came home yesterday upset that it was lost.  Today while she was at school another girl was going through her bag and she pulled out an ipod asking why is there an ipod in here?.  My daughter who was standing right near her said that’s mine where did you find it?. She said girl A just gave her the bag and it was inside. What Hashem wants you to have you have.  Bh and thank you Hashem for helping us find it.

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