A gift for Gayle Sassoon

Rabbi Seruya’s Wife (Brooklyn, NY) sent home a beautiful letter to her seminary students and one point really hit home. She writes to her students,” Imagine, if we can bring Mashiach before the mother (Gayle) wakes up from her induced coma in about 7 weeks”.
Can you imagine what we can do for Gayle, instead of her waking up and having to deal with this terrible, horrible tragedy she can wake up to this scene that I have been picturing in my mind from the moment I heard of the terrible news.
I pictured for some reason a big grand ticker tape parade with millions of people lining the streets. The parade is being lead by Mashiach on a beautiful white horse and on the first float joining together with Mashiach are these 7 wonderful ,pure holy children raising their arms in the air in victory announcing WE DID IT!
Can you imagine Gayle waking up to this site (instead of waking up to tragic news)? Imagine it…we can do it!
In 7 weeks we went from the 49th level of tumah to receiving the Torah. In 7 weeks or less we can bring Mashiach. We have to act now while we are united. Do not let the moment pass. Everyone has to chip in and do this together. Everyone PLEASE stop right now and write down one thing you are willing to take on or improve on and put it in your pocket and carry it around with you so you do not forget. Someone suggested we do a texting reminder similar to the omer texting reminders so it is in front of us and it does not get forgotten. It can be anything , shine up our shabbat if it needs, work on our learning or a midah-whatever it may be, you yourself can figure it out.
Do it now-be positive- We can make it happen. Can there be a better gift to give to Gayle ,Gabby , The wonderful Grandparents,the Sassoons, the Jemals and HASHEM?.I certainly don’t think so.
Lets do our part and take something on and B’ezrat Hashem Gayle will wake up to the ultimate celebration in the history of our world, and getting the nachat of seeing her children at the forefront of it all. Please help out and participate by taking something on. It is our obligation. Please spread the word…

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