Thank You Hashem – Week 89

  • From the journals of Charlie Sultan A”H 1991
    Each Morning
    1) Hashem is true for real
    2) all His Torah is for real
    3) therefore all I have to do, is for real
    4) Torah – is by Hashem even Torah Shebal Pe’h
    The Gemara is Hashem’s word. Learn it Hard
    Also Learn it in Ernest – not just Pacing time – learn to know –
    to really want to know Hashem’s Torah & Derech Hashem
  • I was sifting thru a bunch of old papers from 2 summers ago looking for some info on a client. I happened to come across some insurance papers showing payment for a medical situation a while back that was needed because they tried to scam additional payment thru a collection agency. I was about to throw it out but said can’t hurt to hold on to it. 2 days later I get in the mail another agency trying to collect yet again on the same issue that the insurance company already paid for. Thank you Hashem that I had these papers to fax once again.
  • This week was an extremely tough week for the entire jewish world and the world abroad,We have to understand that we are in the Hands of HKB”H our father who loves us so much, more than anything! We can’t necessarily see the good with the loss of 7 children, but we have to understand it’s for the good If HKB”H told the malachim, angels by the yam suf not to sing shira because his maaseh yadaim are drowing in the sea. All the more so in shamayim this past Shabbat how were the malachima able to sing shira when the beautifull 7 children have Returned their nesahmot to Hashem HKB”H Loves us – Imu anochi Besara – I am with you in suffering, Lets hold strong, lets unite as one big entire family – the family of klal yisrael
  • LETS BRING THE GEULA – WE CAN DO IT BECHOL YOM SHEYAVO – TODAY, TODAY, TODAY Mashiach can come, we can do it!!!! Mi la’Hashem ELAY, LETS STORM SHAMAYIM Please Please Please Hashem – Cry no more Yerushalayim!
  • Went to my car and had a nice sized crack in the windshield. Baruch Hashem I did not get upset at all and was about to go to a glass place but called my friend who knows a lot about cars first to ask where to go. He said to first see if I have glass insurance and I immediately remembered that I did. Called insurance and getting new windshield for free installed at my home. Thank you Hashem and Thank you to my friend.
  • Had an order in to a supplier and he put the prices in much higher than usual. I called him and reminded him that my pricing was less on the last invoices and he said I know I realized that but the pricing has gone up and I am sorry I can’t help it. I whispered to Hashem please let him give me some sort of break. On his own out of no where he says I will give you the same price as last time on this order but on the next lets talk and see if we can inch it up a little bit. Wow, he said it on his own as soon as I prayed to Hashem- Thank you so much Hashem for clearly showing me your hand.
  • went to the most wonderful simcha at a time when I needed to be reminded that Hashem sends the greatest Simachot to us. It was a wedding of a close friend of mines son, a real sadik who tries to walk around life pretending he is a “regular guy”. I was sitting there at the wedding really feeling like part of the family and then I thought to myself, what am I doing here? How did I end up over here at such a beautiful simcha for a beautiful person. The story flashed back to me: Was with 2 of my kids several years back at Pizza time on a busy Sunday. We had a table reserved and as we went to get our tray from the counter we turn around and someone took our table. I didn’t say anything to them and just stood there with my 2 kids holding our trays. Suddenly I see a young boy motioning to me to come share the table with him and his father. Now I am not the type to go and share a table with a stranger, I rather smile and say thank you and stand there waiting all day if I have to, but for some reason I strolled over and we sat down. We started talking and I immediately saw that the father was a great character and a “doer” a person who is out there and involved and gets things done. I got a sense to say this to them, I said you know I read the Rabbi Freifeld book and what your son just did by calling us over to the table after seeing what happened is exactly what the book is about. The father jumps and answers, “Rav Shloimy? We go way back, in fact whenever it says Ezra Academy in the book , that is me”. I knew it!! I knew this man was special. That was the beginning of our special relationship.  I was on the phone with him today speaking about the great wedding last night and he tells me , You know you are not like part of my family, you are part of my family. He then says did you ever think how you ended up a family member sitting at my sons wedding?, it all started from my son in Pizza time that day, I told him I cant believe you said that, I was thinking that in my mind last night at the wedding. Look at that from a simple little motion inviting someone to share a table, look what came out of it, such  a close special relationship that involves a lot of misvot as well. We should all be encouraged to do even the little small things (also what the book was about) the small things are what make you great! And can have an eternal positive effect- Thank you Hashem for this occurrence and for this special friendship.
  • 2 engagements , 2 weddings , 2 brisses this week-thank you HASHEM
  • My friends daughter has gotten engaged-so happy for them! Mabruk
  • Went to pick up some shabbat items and was very hungry. The owner all of a sudden makes me a Falafel sandwich. I said ok I am very hungry. Paid my bill and got to my car and realized it was too low so I called to tell him he forgot to charge for the Falafel and to take down my credit card #. The Falafel, he says it is free for you, I wanted you to have something to eat. I said thank you, now it will taste even better- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you HASHEM for the unity of our community and nation!

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