Thank You Hashem – Week 90

  • I just want you to know after hearing the sad news this week I was spiraling in depression, then I received the Simcha Thank you Hashem, it doesn’t take it away but it reminded me of all the happy occasions we B’H have in the community.
  • Thank You Hashem for sending us Pesah at such an important time in our lives. While the rest of the world calls us archaic and backwards we will try to impress on ourselves and our families that remembering how Hashem took us as His nation  and gave us His Torah is what separates us from them
  • engagement last night and another one tonight-keep them coming Hashem!
  • Loving all the chesed going around, everywhere you look there are envelopes and checks being passed along. Cases of food being distributed. Matzah and wine being supplied. Our Nation is GREAT! Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for creating us so special a nation. The achdut we are all being part of world wide after our wake up call is something unbelievable and hope it pushes the buttons in shamayim and sends our redeemer immediately!
  • Thank you Hashem for the paradise of a vacation spot you allow me to go to every Pesach. My Dining room table with my family. No place like it in the world! And no other place I’d rather be- Thank you Hashem -it is not something I take for granted.
  • My wife was washing dishes when a neighbor called that they’re coming over for something. My wife shut the water, went into the Dining room and found my 12 month old there with a battery in his mouth!! The floor was checked carefully before letting him play there by himself. (Apparently he found it between the couch pillows or something.) being in the kitchen with the water running, she would not have noticed the battery, and chas v’shalom……….Thank you Hashem for sending the neighbor just in time.
  • went to the airport to pick up my sister and waited for quite a while, she wasn’t coming. after about an hour she called me, she’d gone home by taxi, not knowing I was coming. was frustrating.              A Jew approaches me and asks for a ride home (he lives near me) he had no other way home and being limited in funds, was really hoping to find a frum jew and ask for a ride I drove home b’simcha at the idea that I was sent from Heaven to pick up this wonderful yid
  • Thank You Hashem for loving us and giving chances to come back even if we let You down….Thank You Hashem!
  • Baruch Hashem that I got strep today and not on pesach really, really thank You Hashem so much I could imagine having it during the seder it would NOT be fun at all
  • Thank You Hashem for pesach if we didn’t have such a thing of having no chametz … who knows what the house would look like!
  • was searching around for a car wash to clean my car for pesach. They were all jammed and all costly but didn’t care,was freebie going on Hashems yom tov bill. I messaged a friend and he laughingly said spend 2 bucks and go to the vacuum area at the gas station. I continued searching and in fact even all the vacuum areas were jammed. Continued driving saw an empty one down Coney Island Ave, jumped in, cost me 2 dollars and I said lichvod yom tov. Found $2 stuck in the seat as I was vacuuming. Thank you Hashem
  • THANK YOU HASHEM for all the buzz about the Parah Adumah , It is helping us be alert to the fact that Mashiach is at our doorstep
  • I was having a high pressure stressful situation at work, I took out a tehilim and prayed to the only one that can help , Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Within minutes the problem was taken care of. Thank you Hashem
  • Wow, so busy running all over the place with Pesach preparations. Our Rabbis teach that if you are busy, the yeser hara can’t get you. Thank you Hashem for keeping me busy.
  • Baruch H-shem there is so much to thank H-shem for. Our Health,I could go on and on forever – I just went thru a week of a toothache that I couldn’t sleep thru the nights, after going to 2 different dentists the last one took out a little piece of a tooth that was there since the last time they pulled out one tooth – “Yeshuat H-shem ba keeref ayin”. Our children each one is a treasure from His Treasury – some people don’t have any children ( We should pray for them). The fact that we have food on the table how many don’t have what to eat. We see how generous are the jewish people I know of 10 different organizations that give food for Pesach. In fact Pesach is the best time to give thanks to      H-shem for each and every thing that we have. May H-shem realize that we need his Yeshua and May He send the Maschiach so we can eat the Korban Pesach in Jerushalayim. Amen.
  • Thank you Hashem for the excitement in the air as Pesach is approaching.

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