Thank You Hashem – Week 91

-Thank you so much Hashem for my 1st child!! My beautiful baby boy.

-Thank you Hashem for the magical feeling of kedusha on my seder table and Thank you for letting me not only enjoy the seder so much with my family but for enjoying the excitement my children had preparing for and leading up to the seder

– 2 brisses –mabrook

-got a flat tire on a chol hamoed trip with my family. Endless stream of frum people pulling over to help us was the greatest thing my kids could see, better than any show, imax or arcade. What a lesson about what being a Jew means.(and someone took my wife and kids ahead to our destination, don’t worry, while I got the tire fixed 🙂

-My friends husband who suffers from Parkinson’s disease was rushed to the hospital. They thought it was a stroke but it turned out to be a seizure which is a much better result than a stroke. While being tested the Dr. determined that he does NOT have Parkinsons! My friend went to 3 top top specialists and he was on heavy medication for a few years. He was unable to sleep well at night. Now he is sleeping better,not shaking as much and walking better. Thank you Hashem for turning a scary situation into a better one in one instant, May you never stop amazing me.

-Thank you Hashem for nachat from my children- we were cutting a birthday cake for my wife and was about to blow out the candles and my 6 year old son quickly chimes in before she blows out the candles , wish for Mashiach! The purity of our children-Thank you Hashem

-Thanks you Hashem for taxes. It reminds us that we do actually earn money

– My nephew and his wife were by a secluded area near the water on chol hamoed. They saw an area with trees and woods. They looked in and saw a chasidish father with his son just standing there all alone in the woods. All of a sudden the father screams out loud on the top of his lungs                     “ TOTTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!  TOTTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!”….great chol hamoed trip and great Musar.

-Thanks so much Hashem for everything you do! I woke up late this morning and I just finished saying Berachot when I had the opportunity to get a ride to work. I was debating if I should get a ride or finish praying. I decided Hashem is so Good to me how can I just leave my house without praying… I continued praying and decided to walk to work. On my way out As soon as I opened the door to my house I saw someone from my work and I got a ride!! Thank You so much Hashem for Running Your world so efficiently!! I am So thankful!

– Thank you Hashem for the order you just sent me

-was on a red light right outside the Freedom Tower and I stared straight up thru my sunroof at the amazing  great height of this building and I saw one of those platforms hanging from the ropes from the roof for the window cleaners. They were way up towards the top of the building hundreds of feet up and I saw birds flying right next to them as they were working. Thank you Hashem that I don’t have to do such a dangerous thing in order for you to send me a parnasa.

-Thank you Hashem for the glorious chag of Pesach it was so special.

– I was driving on the highway faster than I should have been driving. All of a sudden the bright lights and sirens are blaring at me in my rear view mirror. I felt terrible that I was about to get a ticket and of course my heart started pounding. I remembered Rabbi Frand saying how we get so scared when the police pull us over , Halavei we should remember to fear Hashem in such a manner. I calmed down and I said to Hashem, I accept it. The police car sped right up to the back of my car bright lights and all, so I proceeded to pull over. All of a sudden he speeds up and takes off ahead of me leaving me behind and he shuts off his sirens. Thank you Hashem

-was trying very hard to purchase something online that I needed for a certain day and the purchase kept on not going thru. I could not complete the purchase. I couldn’t understand it and it made no sense. Finally when it came time that I actually needed the item , that day I was not available to even use the item even if I had it. I would have been stuck with it and there was no returns on it. Thank you Hashem for saving me hundreds of dollars.

– Thank you Hashem for these days of the omer , a time to work on our midot and better ourselves.

– So grateful to Borei olam that I am a chosen Jew and able to live in a Jewish religious environment. I travel sometimes and see the difference when being out of town and this is something I do not take for granted. Thank you Hashem for letting me live in a Jewish neighborhood.

-I had to go to the city to see a customer for about 30 minutes. Was going to put the car in a lot but called the office and asked if by any chance they have a place for me to keep the car while I run in real quick. He said call me when you arrive and we will figure it out. I get there and what do you know, they own the parking lot connected to their building and took my car in for free. Thank you Hashem for saving me $30.

-Thank you Hashem for letting us have such a Rabbi in our midst who gives over all he has to help klal yisrael no matter what, where, when or even what time of day it is.                                          Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Ozeri.

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