Thank You hashem–week 93

  • Bnei Binyamin is a real Kiddush hashem, thank you Hashem for such a makom
  • Saw a person last night that I did not see in many years and was reminded of an incident and it made me realize now,looking back so many years later how that incident was the very best thing for me in the long run. Many years back at my job I was given an assignment to do something for this persons business. There was a misunderstanding on his part and he went and mentioned it to my boss without asking me first. It led to me being dismissed from my job shortly after. I was not upset and wanted to leave the job anyway but was upset that it was because of something untrue. He did feel awful at the time and of course I told him I forgive him and please do not worry about it. When I saw him last night I wanted to go over to him (but he was talking with someone on the side privately) and tell him again don’t worry about what happened so many years back . By thinking to do this it made me realize and see the big picture of how great Hashem made everything turn out. I would like to tell him in hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My entire life took a total change for the better and I will never be the same person again. I grew so much in religion being away from that job and also saw great beracha business wise as well once I left that job. I am a very happy lucky person ever since I was dismissed from that job.Seeing this person Hashem reminded me that I have to Thank Hashem for perfectly orchestrating every detail in our lives. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for Your Torat Emet!! and that I get to learn it!! I love You Hashem!! Thank You!
  • My friend d had a baby girl-mabruk
  • Thank You Hashem, big building by our office,there are 2 parking lots on both sides,I usually park my car on the far end (bh that’s my spot)
  • On the way out of work, I’m looking and looking can’t find my key, finally I found it BH, walked all the way to the far lot _ and guess what, I totally forgot that I parked in the visitors spot this morning, I walked all the way back to the other side – the whole thing was maybe a – 20 – 25 min ordeal, Bh every delay is for the best, on the way home on the highway, a car suddenly tried to turn into my lane, I was in her blind spot. Bh I broke quickly and missed having an accident, BH Hashem delayed me to be in that spot at that time, and Bh Hashem has given me maybe the yissurim in the parking lot From before even Though it was small maybe it could have balanced out and save me from an accident.. BH

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