Thank You hashem–week 94

  • My wife lost her earring somewhere on the floor and we couldn’t find it. the next day I said let’s say that pasuk … We said the pasuk and literally 25 seconds later we found it … Thank you Hashem!!!
  • Got a call that my son was hit by a car while on his bike. Ran over to the area as quick as I could not having any idea what to expect and Baruch Hashem he is ok. Some bumps and bruises but we know it could have been much worse and we are very grateful to Hashem for protecting him. (Baruch Hashem he was wearing a helmet and a reminder to always make sure your kids have their helmets on.) Got this call while I was talking to a neighbor about giving sedaka, maybe this discussion at the exact time of the accident is what protected him? Thank you Hashem.
  • 2 brit milahs this week and a pidyon haben. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of everything for me last week and for straightening some issues out for me, with me basically not having to lift a finger. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for the simcha of Lag Ba-omer
  • Got in touch with someone volunteering to do work as a chesed for free. I told him thank you and I will try and get him some business. He replied, no it is not necessary at all. Thank you Hashem for our Jewish people who do chesed lishaim shamayim without looking for any personal benefit. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael.
  • I came to check on my summer home over the weekend and found water all over the place. I tried calling a plumber to come but no one called me back it took over a week for someone to get there. By that time the damage got worse. I called my insurance company to let them know about the damage and they were refusing to pay out on the claim because I was not there all winter. So i started getting people to come and clean up the mess. By the time they came I had a different water problem from a sewer backup and my water heater. This time when I called the adjuster he told me that this would be covered. Thank you Hashem for looking out for me and taking care of the problem
  • Hashem lets you hear what is meant for you to hear. Today I must thank Hashem for letting me hear a musar very helpful to me from an unlikely source. I got in my car and turned on the radio and the end of a commercial was on for the lottery. The words I heard as I turned on the radio were eye opening “Prepare for your future life” I was like wow, that is our job in life, to prepare for our future life in olam haba. And then it sent me another reminder saying it was from the ny lottery. Reminding me that I am a lottery winner being picked by Hashem to be a special Jew and child of his. Thank you for letting me hear this message in this memorable way. May we all do our jobs well and prepare ourselves for our future life in Olam Haba.Thank you Hashem for giving me the zechut of performing the tremendous mitzva of pidyon haben!
  •  Thank you Hashem for the sight of seeing precious Jewish school children on their way to their Lag Baomer trips, Hashem should bless them all.
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to pray at the kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.
  • Thank you Hashem for another Birthday
  • Thank you Hashem that I lost me earring and I found it moments later. Actually my son found it. Thank you Hashem for my son and all of my wonderful children
  • Want to thank Hashem for making me a Jew. I heard such amazing stories this week of the community coming together and helping out selflessly in someone’s time of need. The things I heard were nothing short of remarkable. Thank you for letting me be part of our nation.
  • Thank you Hashem for the technology that allows me to see on the spot the kedusha of kever Rashbi on Lag Ba-omer , was very inspiring.
  • was petrified, saw an incoming call from a high maintenance customer that may have been calling to give me some headaches. Didn’t take the call and opened tehilim instead and prayed to Hashem. He didn’t leave a message and called 3 more times. I prayed very hard and called him back. Thank you Hashem it was nothing.
  • The Power of a Misvah Lishaim shamayim Mitzvah Man gets a call that there is a woman in Lakewood in a coma if anyone can go visit. He sends out a text and gets a reply from a girl in Deal and volunteers to go. He prepares her that it may be difficult that this is a coma patient and the volunteer said no problem I am going to do it. She gets there and ends up spending 2 ½ hours with the coma patient. She read tehilim there. She rubbed her arms and hands. And she actually sat at her bedside singing to her.Can you picture this pure chesed? As she is rubbing her hands and singing to her the patient suddenly opens her eyes and says my legs are hurting. The volunteer was stunned and went quickly to get the nurses and alert them that she opened here eyes and is speaking.They say can’t be that’s impossible. She tells them she opened her eyes and said her leg is hurting her. They go to the room and are stunned to see the patient is not in the coma. I am sure the pure heartfelt chesed played a big part in this.

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