Thank You Hashem – Week 96

  • Ein od Milvado- The unheard of happened, I won a parking ticket dispute. I hold this is almost an impossible thing to happen especially having information from someone connected on the inside saying it is pretty much impossible to win. I almost didn’t even send in my argument, I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction but said ein od milvado I will give it a try. I received the email response and almost didn’t even bother opening it. I opened it and saw Hashem’s hand clearly, they said amount due-0 , dismissed. Thank you Hashem – also got to see the gaavah in the system. They couldn’t dismiss it gracefully they had to add this knock to the decision description to try and make me feel bad , “Dismissal is not on the merits of the case presented” This backfired on them because it dot make me feel bad at all, it actually made me recognize the hand of Hashem even clearer, so it made me feel even better!
  • Do you remember my missing ice cream story? Well, I came home yesterday, and couldn’t find my cell phone. When my daughter called my phone, I followed the ring to find that it slipped down between the seats. When I bent down to get it out I found my GPS there too, which was missing SINCE PESACH! Anything that happens in this world, is for a good purpose. Sometimes we think we know why, sometimes we don’t, but it always has a good reason.Thank you Hashem for taking such good care of us.
  • There is a man that is a huge supporter of the Mitzvah Man and one day Mitzvah man asks him to jump in and actually do one of the cheseds that come his way. The nice man says he is very busy and doesn’t know if he can do it. MM convinces him to take a small amount of time out and go visit one of the many holocaust survivors that they visit. The man agrees but says he can only stay 10 minutes and not longer,his schedule doesn’t allow him the time. After meeting the special sadeket Mm sent him to, and seeing a frum and holy lady before him after all she had gone thru, he ended up staying 40 minutes. He went to a Holocaust survivor’s home who had lost it all in Auschwitz. Her parents, all her siblings all her aunts and uncles all her cousins, everything! She was the only survivor.All alone but did not give up. She survived to build a family of torah true misvah observance. Her children are involved on all fronts of torah and chesed. Running Bikur cholim in their towns and involvement with many organizations. Her son on his own started Hatzalah in his state,quite an achievment. Her home has pictures of her children and grandchildren and you can see they are all religious. She proudly shows the visitor what she was zoche to build after surviving such torture. She did not mention a word about finances or anything close to it. The man out of no where asks if there is one thing you can have, what would it be? She says my dream would be to have the honor to be buried next to my husband in Israel but unfortunately that will never happen,our funds will not allow for it. The man walked out and on the spot jumped on this opportunity and made arrangements to make sure that this woman has her dream and is buried beside her husband after 120. He took care of this on his own and now this wonderful sadeket will have her dream fulfilled by the kindness of this nice and generous man. The way she is living her life after all she went thru is nothing short of a Kidush Hashem and this man was affected by seeing it and saw the chance to do something special, extra special for a special woman. We are a great great nation!
  • Just said the tefillah from the Shlah Hakadosh erev rosh chodesh Sivan and recalled a few years ago my sister was on a trip in Israel and she contacted me from there and asked what I was doing. I replied I just finished saying the tefillah from the Shlah Hakadosh for erev rosh chodesh sivan. She replied that I will not believe where she is standing, she was at that second at the kever/gravesite of the Shlah Hakadosh!! and I emailed the tefillah and they were able to say the tefillah on erev rosh chodesh right by the kever of the author of this tefillah. The timing was perfect especially Israel being 7 hours ahead they were able to say it before the correct time had passed. May we all see great Nachat from our families-Thank you Hashem for our families.
  • I was driving down east 10th st towards ave J , parking very difficult there. I asked Hashem to please send me a parking space right on the corner of East 10 and Ave J , I continue driving on east 10th and find a parking about 4 spots off of ave J. I did not take it, I had trust that Hashem would have the spot right on the corner waiting for me. Continued driving and Bingo, Hashem had this spot I requested waiting with my name on it, right on the corner as requested. Thank you Hashem
  • Engagement of my friends son last night mazal tov
  • Thank you Hashem for letting us make a wonderful sheva berachot. For our niece. And for wonderful friends who made the night a success
  • I read something so beautiful today from Rabbi Nachman which I must relay to all of you, as it is truly such an essence to happiness: To earn a decent wage and to find a decent place to live – return to G-d. Then you will transcend above time and space. You will escape the pressure of this world; your attitude will improve and you will become optimistic. G-d will then freely pour His goodness out to you both spiritually and physically. BH Chag sameach to all.
  • Thank you Hashem for another wedding anniversary and thank you Hashem for my wonderful Wife

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