Thank you hashem–week 97

  • Thank You Hashem for letting me get my contacts before Shabbat – usually I get all packages on Shabbat miraculously it came on friday! Baruch hashem!
  • Thank You for Shavuot! We are so lucky to have the Torah imagine us without it we would be like all the other goyim or worse. It’s what keeps us united through thick and thin Baruch Hashem for the Torah!
  • One summer in the early 1990’s, I asked my father to teach me how to “Lein” (read from the Torah). I was a little young for that, but my father who is an expert, decided to teach me my Bar Mitzvah Parasha – Parshas Naso. We did till approximately Sheini, then we discovered that my Bar Mitzvah Parsha really was B’ha’aloscha. I was in a shul today / this morning for Shacharis, that I never davened Shachris in before. I was there because I needed a later than usual minyan.They had no Ba’al Koreh there today. I was the only one who was able to lein for them. Because Hashem had me learn it 20-25 years ago! Thank you Hashem!
  • Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary thank you Hashem for all the beracha that you sent me this year!
  • Thank you Hashem for the wonderful kedusha of going from Shabbat straight into Matan Torah kedusha of Shavuot and letting me enjoy great moments with my family
  • Thank you Hashem, for this vacation in Israel. thank you Hashem for the experience at the kotel today
  • Wow! What a simcha! Instead of wasting time on a day off such as memorial day, Hashem gives his nation the greatest gift imaginable. 3 successive days of holiness, Torah, family togetherness, beautiful weather, enjoyment, etc. 
  • Thank you Hashem! I feel so alive. BH this feeling stays forever. BH Maschiach now. And of course the ultimate simcha bonus – learning torah all night saturday night. I slept only an hour on shabbat, and I was wide awake at 3:30 am from the torah energy in Bnei Binyamin. Yishtabach Shemo Laad!
  • Mazel tov , A Rav of mines daughter has become a kallah,simcha for all bh
  • My friend had a baby boy- mabruk
  • Thank you Hashem for the encouragement I get from this weekly email, I look forward every week to seeing it in my inbox.
  • Got a great discount – Thank you Hashem for the savings
  • after reading those stories from Misvah Man we must thank Hashem for the Misvah man
  • Wanted to add to my message sent last week regarding the parking ticket that got dismissed. As I read it on the thank you Hashem and was reading the part how they had gaava saying it wasnt dismissed on merit of my argument. I was reminded- They are right! This ticket was recieved on erev Pesach when I took my family out to eat as not to mess the house with chametz. I got upset at first when i got the ticket but then said this is on Hashems yom tov account for me and Hashem knows I was out in connection with Yom tov so Hashem will take care of the ticket for me. Thank you for verbalizing the reminder to me and letting me remember Hashem takes care of all of our shabbat and yom tov expenses.
  • Thank You Hashem for EVERYTHING You do for me and for us!  …and how is it even possible to properly show our gratitude for the Torah, the Emet, You gave to us and keep giving!  The guidance You gave us in Your Torah that can teach how to rightly act in every and any situation we may be in, and with any midah (trait) that You want us to work on…I love You Hashem! Thank You!!
  •  Thank you Hashem for taking care of a situation that could have been very lengthily and stressful and taking care of it very quickly and simply.
  • Hurt my neck the other day so I now have a better appreciation for the chesed and genius of a neck, able to turn and twist and angle perfectly. Able to adjust to get comfortable while sleeping with a pillow. Able to maneuver out of sunlight while driving, able to angle while using a telephone. Able to twist to answer when someone callls your name,can name many many more conveniences I realized I was taking for granted. Thank you Hashem for the perfect creation and gift of a neck.
  • Wan’t sure I would have the strength to stay up all night shavuot learning and Hashem gave me this strength and had one of my best shavuot nights ever-Thank you Hashem

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