Thank You Hashem – Week 99

  • Was very proud to come home from work and see my daughter and our neighbor preparing to go and visit an elderly neighbor of ours. They bought her a cupcake in honor of Shabbat and bought her a card to go with it. They wrote a beautiful thoughtful card to her. They wrapped the cupcake in a box and wrapped it with a shabbat flower. Our elderly neighbor was very touched and very happy and I saw that she has kept the card displayed in her living room. Thank you Hashem for wonderful children. Ps- we went for another visit and my younger son also participated in the misvah- Hazak Ubaruch-Thank you Hashem
  • Was feeling bummed out and completely upset because a deal did not turn out the way I thought it would. Went to a memorial service of a friend and realized there is more to life , you win some and loose some.Then met up with new friends who invited me to join them for dinner 🙂
  • Mabrook on the lovely Bar-Misvah-harbeh nachat
  • I had a flight scheduled to go to  Las Vegas early in the morning. Due to severe weather the driving was very slow and I wasn’t sure if I would make it on time to the airport. I made it on time but there was a very big line. They told me if I need to fly with my luggage I will have to take the next flight. I said ok what can I do? I will take the next flight. I was curious to see what Hashem had planned for me,let me see where this goes. I knew this was not for nothing. I ended up sitting next to executives of a large company on the next flight. We got to talking and one thing led to another and I ended up getting a $7000 job from them. Thank you Hashem for putting me on this flight.
  • Brit milah today mazal tov to all!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending my daughter such a beautiful chatan with the finest midot-I can’t express the gratitude I feel today on the day of her wedding. My wife and daughter were getting nervous after she dated 8 different   boys and it did not work out. I told her not to worry -Hashem has it all figured out for you already just keep up the Tefilot. Sure enough the next boy that came around was the one we were waiting for… Thank you Hashem
  • I finished listening to the very inspiring radio interview on my computer at work with Gabby Sassoon (jroot radio , can hear it on their website-highly recommend) and afterwards was just sitting there absorbing all that I heard as the radio program continued with its chesed hour. People calling in with all types of chesed offerings, jobs, luggage handywork. All of a sudden a boy calls in and says he found an ipod next to Bnei Binyamin if anyone lost it call 718-. I jumped out and said, My sons Ipod! Min hashamyim, I quickly called and gave simanim and shortly after had the lost ipod in my pocket. My son brought his ipod for the shuls carnival so they can use it for the music but at the end of the day the ipod was gone. The shul was very considerate and didn’t want my son to feel bad about doing a chesed and losing his ipod so they gave him money to buy a new one. So now the shul can have the money back as well….gets better, I went to pick up the ipod and the young boy who found it answers the door and I am holding money in my hand to give him as a reward. I tell him thank you so much, here you go, go and get some delicious ice cream. He takes a step back and says no thank you, I only want the reward for the misvah. I try and push him to take it as a gift separate from the misvah but all he can say is no thank you I only want the misvah for returning it I do not want anything else. I even tried forcing the money into his hand and he stepped back and kept saying all I want is the misvah.Who is like our wonderful children-they are so special. Additionally I explained to him that because he returned it, the shul will have the additional money back so it is a double misvah.This made him even happier.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes and thank you Hashem for the ability to close my eyelids instantly in case something improper appears in front of them, Hashem you think of everything!
  • Bris this week-mabruk
  • my friends child is getting married tonight and another friends tomorrow night- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My daughters Birthday-thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful luxuries you let me enjoy in life. Such as my eyes , my fingers , my heart , my legs , my kidneys , my lungs , my ability to speak and communicate , my beautiful family just to name a few of the millions you have bestowed upon me and many in your world. Thank you Hashem for the chesed that you do for us every breathing moment.

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