Thank You Hashem – Week 100

  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful weekend that my wife and I had at our daughters house in Long Branch,NJ,and thanks for the aliah that I got at Rabbi Diamonds Kollel , which was so special because both Rabbi Diamond, and Rabbi Kaye met me at the tabba to mabrook me.
  • Recently my wife and I traveled to 3 different cities in 4 days on a business trip.Several Flights, a lot of Luggage, Rental cars in each city, In and Out of Hotels and in each location the timing had to be perfect so I can catch a Minyan for each prayer in order to say Kadish 3 times a day. When we returned home, the trip was successful and every step of the way went super smooth B”H. No crisis that a bail out from Hashem was needed. I came home and said Thank You Hashem with all my heart, because we do not need a difficult situation to turn good in order to say Thank You Hashem. The best time to say Thank You Hashem (and the biggest test) is when Hashem makes everything go obviously smooth. David HaMelech in Tehilim (86-3) teaches us this as he says ” Choneni Hashem, Ki Elecha Ekra Kol Hayom”- David is requesting that Hashem do only obvious goodness with him and he will call out and converse with Hashem everyday. Human Nature is to call out to Hashem when in need, and this is why Hashem sometimes sends us a crisis, so that we wake up and communicate with HIM, however, David Hamelech A”H is teaching us not to wait for trouble. say Thank You Hashem everyday and there B”H will be no need for trouble.
  • Left my parking spot open for my daughter to park in it being she was going to be coming home late.I ended up parking around the corner. Went out to leave this morning and strangely there was a garbage truck in front of my house causing a traffic jam on my block.There never is a garbage truck so early in the morning, this was a first. I was able to avoid this delay being parked around the corner.Thank you Hashem for having me park elsewhere and thank you that I was not late for shul.
  • My sons birthday today may he grow up to be a true Yirat Shamayim and Sadik
  • Wow 100 weeks of thank you Hashem emails that’s amazing… Imagine how happy we made hakadosh baruchu … Special thanks to everyone involved every week it’s such a kiddush Hashem and a huge chizzuk every week … Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be part of this special community and family!!!!!!
  • Wedding last night – Mabruk
  • I was shabbat shopping at Pomegranate and some jars of pasta sauce caught my eye on one of the end caps. I looked at the flavors and saw the names but didn’t describe what it was. I wasn’t buying it but for some strange reason I picked it up to read the back and see what kind of sauces these were. Had a reliable hechsher on it. When I read the ingredients I see in Bold letters Parmesan Cheese. I look at the jar and don’t see it marked as dairy. I look again to make sure I am not seeing things and see the cheese in the ingredients. Maybe its parve non dairy? Who knows-looked around the jar, no signs of it being fake cheese. I show it to a friend of mine who works there and he says wow, I will put a sign saying these are Dairy and show it to the Mashgiach here. I get a phone call from my friend a little later on saying thank you, you have no idea what happened. They called the kashrut agency to ask about it and let them know about it and they said that this is an unauthorized marking of their hechsher on this product. They say that they do have their symbol on some of their products but not this one, that this one is totally not kosher. They were able to pull it off the shelves and stop customers from accidentally eating unkosher. I mentioned the name of the supermarket because I want to compliment Pomegranate for taking the extra step in checking this out and not just putting a dairy sign up or ignoring it, this should give us confidence while shopping there.
  • I was crossing the street in middle of a block and as I passed by a car, there was something that looked different so I stopped for 2 seconds and took another look at the car. I kept walking and suddenly  out of nowhere there was this guy zooming out of his driveway not even looking back he was literally 3 inches away from me I jumped back and thanked Hashem for saving my life who knows what could’ve happened thank You Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the reminder that you love me
  • Had a very positive talk with a customer of mine. Thank you Hashem for putting the right words in my mouth.
  • Weddings Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to attend this week. Thank you Hashem

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