Thank You Hashem – Week 101

  • I randomly decided today that I am going to come home for lunch for a few minutes during my break …I walked into the house and saw my daughter sitting and innocently playing and crawling on the floor right next to my wife … As I’m looking at her It looked to me like she’s chewing something so I took her and put my finger in her mouth and there was a big round plastic piece that she somehow found on the floor!!!!! What are the chances of me randomly coming home just for a quick lunch I very rarely go home…. Thank you so much Hashem for randomly putting in my mind to go home and preventing a very scary situation!!! Hashem is always protecting us sometimes we see it .. Other times he saves us in ways that we never even knew we were in trouble I love you Hashem and thanks for always protecting us!!!
  • Last week, my son, his wife and their 6 month old baby, set out to spend Shabbat in New Jersey. The Parents sat in the front of the car with the baby in her infant seat in the back. The baby is usually a quiet baby, but on this trip, she was crying uncontrollably. The only way she would stop crying was if someone sat in the back next to her. So they pulled the car over and decided that mommy would drive and daddy would sit in the back with his daughter. They continued onto the highway and baby was quiet and happy. All of a sudden, the front passenger Window ( with the empty seat ) explodes into millions of crushed glass. Somehow something outside flew at the window and shattered the window into the seat that was vacated by daddy. It was very shocking and mommy did a great job of keeping her driving composure and BH nobody got hurt at all. It’s funny how Hashem sometimes uses a little baby to save her parents from danger. Thank You Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my children finishing the school year and being zoche to get a solid foundation in Torah and mitsvot.  I don’t take it for granted, as someone who didn’t attend yeshiva or have any connection to Torah growing up… Yishtabach Shemo la’ad…
  • My father got into a car accident driving my insured car about 3 years ago. Thank Hashem, no one got hurt. A few weeks ago, I got served legal papers by someone suing me saying they were seriously insured from this accident and asking for all kinds of compensation. I got very nervous and immediately prayed to Hashem and then took upon my self something Spiritual, praying to Hashem in the Zechut of what I took upon myself, please get rid of this problem. 3 days later, the lawyer from the insurance company-called me and said- he never saw this in his life, but the claim was immediately settled and I owe nothing!!. I was thrilled. Unfortunately, being it got settled I got lax and stopped doing what I took upon myself. Subsequently, a few days later, the lawyer from the insurance company calls me and says lets go over the lawsuit. I told him, I was told it was settled-he said it was never settled. I immediately prayed to Hashem again, saying I know how Merciful You Are and even though I was lax, please Help me again and I will again take upon myself what I committed. 2 days later, the lawyer called, said the claim is settled- I owe nothing and sent me a letter finalizing everything.
  • I have been praying for a friend of mine to be able to find a new house to live him that would fit his family and make them more comfortable. Baruch Hashem he called me today with good news, that he has found a new home! Thank you Hashem
  • Called Amazon because something I ordered had a minor part missing, they offered about a 50% refund and let me keep it-great- while I was at it I mentioned an order I placed shows it will be delivered a day later than “guaranteed” , they said no problem we will put a $10 credit for you to use. Wow I was actually on the site that second about to order a $13 pair of goggles for my kid, price deducted and made it $3-perfect timing-Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for the milestone of my daughter graduating 8th grade she is really turning into a real bat yisrael, thank you for all my children having a very successful school year and thank you for letting me teach such a beautiful 6th grade class this year at Shaare Torah.
  • Thank you Hashem for our surprise Shabbat Guest on Friday Night. Then went to my mother for lunch and she also had a surprise Shabbat Guest.
  • Pidyon Haben tonight mabrook to the wonderful families
  • My daughter has graduated seminary-keep up the wonderful work and my son has graduated elementary school, beracha vihaslacha in High School, you will do great- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for accomplishing a goal, with hard work and dedication.Every challenging period in life, will eventually end and make you stronger and wiser for the next challenge.Thank you Hashem for showing me how to grow and be proud and confident of my accomplishments.
  • My toddler tripped on something, did a complete tumble-sauce, landing flat on his back. He just got up and was back to normal, as if nothing happened. He didn’t even bang his head!                       Thank you Hashem for watching over us.
  • Wedding last night- mabruk to all
  • Just realized yesterday that on the corner of my block they put a countdown by the crosswalk only on the side for our block to cross- but to cross from the other side, there’s no countdown. Its so good cuz the grocery store is across the street and whenever were in a rush (they’re about to close, its almost Shabbat…) we know how much seconds are left (that light takes FOREVER). Thank You Hashem it’s the small details that show Your love for us!
  • A customer called me and tells me that he has an order for me that they forgot to put in, if I can please rush the order for them. Thank you Hashem for the surprise order.
  • Thank you Hashem for your constant love and protection,Thank you Hashem for life.

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