Thank You Hashem – Week 102

  • Moved into a summer rental home , got a phone call from my neighbor this morning saying that garbage pick up is this morning and that he saw our garbage was not pulled to the street last night so he went and pulled all  of our full garbage cans to the street for us. I said wow thank you , you could have just rang our bell and told us and we would have done it. He said it was late so he went out in his slippers and did it for us. Keep in mind they were full to the brim and this neighbor did this chesed for his temporary summer neighbor. Nothing like the special people of Lakewood- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem – that I waited In the emergency room for 3.5hrs for my knee that dislocated- bh it was back in place before waiting that long!
  • Water delivery came and they sent purified instead of spring by mistake. I called them to handle the change and they said they wanted almost double the price for spring. I said I was told this price for spring. She said she will speak to her supervisor and let me know but she doubts it. On hold I spoke to my supervisor, borei olam and that instant she came back and said no problem we will keep the same price. Thank you to the real supervisor Hashem…
  • It was a few days before Shavuot. I needed to shop for Yom Tov but only had ten shekels to my name. I decided that I would borrow my friends credit card but never actually asked him for it since I felt very uncomfortable. It was during my lunch break that I decided to take a nap and was then woken up by a friend of mine who told me that a parent of one of my students was here to see me. I greeted him and discussed his son’s progress throughout the year. As I was about to leave,  he pulled me over to the side and handed me an envelope containing 1900 shekels!  I went shopping that afternoon and guess what –  the sum total was exactly 1900 shekels! I came home and was greeted by my daughter who asked me for 400 shekels. I told her that I don’t have any money right now. About 30 minutes later,  my wife opened the door and found an envelope containing 400 shekels!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to earn a greater reward in Olam Haba by being able to walk to shul in the rain this past shabbat, every step was so delicious
  • Was out of town and realized I needed merchandise picked up for a customer of mine. I was trying to get the nerve up to ask one of my co-workers to pick it up, he gets upset sometimes when I ask him. At that moment I was about to call him,he called me. He asked on his own out of the blue sky if I ever got the merchandise and now was my chance to mention if he would mind maybe picking it up, I asked and told him don’t worry if not I can get it later in the week. He said I am on my way to that exact warehouse right now, will be there in 5 minutes, please call and ask them to have it ready and I will be glad to get it for you. Thank you Hashem and Thank you co-worker.
  • Wedding tonight mabruk
  • My dear friend who shared his miracle on an earlier edition of Thank you Hashem of how he met his wife at an older age has just become a father! Baruch Hashem a healthy baby girl. Thank you Hashem!!
  • safe commuting all week thank you Hashem for your protection
  • The Yeshiva I work for in Israel is an American Yeshiva so they go home for summer break at the end of June. During the break I am able to learn on my own and take care of some errands and things to do. I also had a job assisting with an elderly man that helped bring in added parnasah but the man unfortunately has passed away and I have been looking for a similar type of job to do without much luck finding it . Today I went to take a haircut for some reason even though I really didn’t need one so badly. I came home and was going to go in the shower and I saw the piece on the shower head was broken. I called my wife who went to Yerushalyim today to ask if she knew about it and any ideas?. She said she will pick up a new one in the hardware store while in Yerushalayim. I said I can go over here locally don’t worry. She said but it is much cheaper where she is and she will go and buy one. I said but at our local store I can put it on our account instead of laying out the money in Yerushalayim. So I headed to the store and while at the counter there is a man speaking to the worker and asking him if he can send out an email that his elderly father just came to Israel and they need someone to help in taking care of him and they also need a room to rent in the mean time until his place is ready. I interrupt and tell him, that I actually have experience and I assist in caretaking with elderly people and I also have an available room. We went over to my home, he looked at it, agreed on the room and agreed on me assisting with his elderly father. All this from an unneeded haircut, Hashem connected all of this and put me in that store at that moment. Thank you Hashem
  • I had a notation to follow up with a customer that ordered some merchandise from me a couple of months ago to see if they wanted to order any more merchandise. All of a sudden they called me on their own today and ordered more. Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for people like Nicholas Winston who passed away today at age 106. He saved 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust. Today the total descendants coming from those children is over 6000.
  • Thank you Hashem, had a computer issue at the office that was about to cost a few hundred dollars. Gave 1 last attempt to see if it works, prayed to Hashem and it is back in action. Thank you Hashem

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