Thank You Hashem – Week 103

  • Thank you H-shem for always being with my family and me and watching over us.  Last week, my wife called me to work very worried telling me that she smells a very strong smell  like an electrical fire.  B’H I had the car and I rushed home very very fast to go and help her. B’H I got home in 7 minutes (usually takes me 15) Meanwhile I’m rushing home I’m praying to H-shem to please keep my family safe and the house also.When I get home my wife tells me that the fire is by the subway and not @ home.  H-shem turned a very bad situation into nothing.  Thank you H-shem.  I love you H-shem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my daughter’s Thank you Hashem notebook, I am very proud of her
  • One day, I couldn’t find my credit card. I looked wherever I could think of it being, gave up, and canceled the card. My car insurance was paid monthly by auto-pay with that card. They canceled my insurance policy. I tried to have it reinstated, but the insurance company said it’s too late, I need to take out a new policy. After asking me a few questions, the agent told me that he has good news for me. He said “I’m going to cut your insurance bill in half!!” It seems that my insurance company was merging with another co. and he checked the rates of both companies. The other company had much better rates in NJ where I live, so I ended up saving hundreds of dollars each year now. Because Hashem made me “lose” my credit card.I found my card. It was in my pocket the whole time. Inside the folds of a paper.Thank you Hashem!
  • My friends daughter has gotten married
  • Oh My ……am I thankful……. to you God.THANK U HASHEM for blessing my husband and I  to have the foresight to make the right decision for our family this week! A LIFE SAVER! And the sweet words you gave my son to speak–What a game changer this week… as we start the 3 Weeks…
  • I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and the trial starts tomorrow. I told my lawyer I can’t make it until after Tisha B’av. He understood and is requesting a new date.
  • I was stressing a little over how I would pay all my bills I had coming up. I kept telling myself not to worry Hashem will take care of it, there is no reason to worry. I kept praying to Hashem, “please Hashem, You can do anything, even though I know there isn’t enough money in my account right now to pay them, but I know You can do anything and send it somehow”. The day one of the largest bills was due, and saying to myself I’m not sure what to do, might have to pay it late when the next paycheck comes.. I prayed really hard that morning, and went to the bank and checked and Baruch Hashem there was more there than I thought there was ! Thank you Hashem for sending the $ !!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the unseasonably mild weather we have been having !
  • 3 brisses today!
  • was tested regarding giving sedaka while I was a little short money wise. I beat the yeser Hara and gave sedaka anyway and that day Hashem sent me some nice orders. Thank you Hashem
  • Saw my friend at his work and he was standing in front of a gorgeous scenic picture of mountains water and grass and he said I wish I can go on a vacation and see that. He continues and tells me he just came back from a trip to Vermont and that is exactly what Hashem let him see. He showed me the most gorgeous pictures of Hashems creations.
  • Saw a man in shul this morning and he looked like he was from out of town. I saw something special about him. Shortly after, my friend told me that this man is responsible for opening up 39 Kollelim! and is being honored at a dinner.  Ashreichah Yisrael!
  • I had a very tiring day and had to make a long walk to the train to go to New Jersey. It was about to downpour and was in no mood at all for the trek to the train and then the train ride itself. I said Hashem I am not in the mood I wish I had a car and could just air out by driving to New Jersey and relaxing without this whole to do. I look up at the cars waiting on the red light and my eye catches the eye of one of the drivers. We both do a double take, it was my close friend and he says, I am going to Jersey now and am in no mood to drive I am exhausted, by any chance are you headed to jersey tonight and want to drive my car? Wow in a split moment Hashem took care of me on the spot.  I told my friend what went thru my mind and told him about your Thank you Hashem email. He has signed up for it and made me send this in right away. Thank you Hashem for sending me this ride at the perfect time, it is extra special being my friend hardly ever drives and “happened” to have his car that day.The day I needed it.
  • I had a situation with a customer regarding the amount of months we were delivering merchandise to him. He was very upset and said after the next few months expire call me regarding the new contract. In other words,probably not going further with your line.Made a tefilah to Hashem and Called him today expecting him to cancel and I accepted it from Hashem and was very calm. I calmly gave him 2 or 3 choices expecting a quick conversation and I was going to say no problem and move on. Well it was a short conversation, he calmly and quickly agreed for 36 more months!!!!. Thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem 5 weddings last week in one night and 2 the next day mabrook!
  • Thank Hashem for the halachot of tzniut only a Father who loves His children would make those laws to protect them
  • I lost my car keys and they could have been anywhere. I was in Lakewood , Deal , Long Branch ,7 eleven, peoples homes , shuls., shopping. Possibilities were endless. I said the special prayer and within 5 minutes they were found!. Thank you Hashem.

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