Thank You Hashem – Week 105

  • Was searching high and low for the right person to give my son swimming lessons and could not find anyone available. I suddenly realized that Hashem made a person in an office I am in mention that he is going to help run a camp and he is also a life guard. I didn’t remember this for several days later for some reason. I gave him a call and he said he will be glad to do it and can start today. This is actually much better than if any of the other people we called worked out because those were with a group and this one is going to be private and on our time schedule. Best of all I asked him the price and he likes me a lot and said I am not charging you. Of course I said there is no way I am not paying you. He said whatever I want to pay is fine. Thank you Hashem and swim instructor.
  • Was in my office and a person here was talking to me about a sad situation that happened to a child in someone’s family. He started speaking to me about the importance of spending time with our children. Spending quality time and how important it is. All of a sudden my oldest daughter who is pretty much busy 24 hours a day with her friends and all, calls me and asks if I want to go to lunch with her. This was perfect timing, Hashem set up this sequence so perfectly. Needless to say we had a great time together. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem -Sorry for the length of this story. .                                                                                         It was a difficult stretch. I call it my 7 years of famine. For the past 7 years I was having an incredibly difficult time with my Parnassah. My entire life I was successful and comfortable, but things turned and for 7 years I couldn’t keep a job, and went long long stretches with no employment at all. It was the worst feeling being so unproductive and my self esteem and confidence faded. I was a shell of the man I once was. Of course we couldn’t pay our bills and eventually to short sale our house, the home we built our family in. My once perfect credit gone, money gone, house gone. Throughout it all we prayed and worked on building our Bitachon and relationship with Hashem. And of course we tried to always be thankful for everything we did have. We learned to look at the donut and not the donut hole (what we had not what we thought was missing).                         I kept praying for a job. But not just any job. During the time that I was out of work I took on a lot more Torah studies and I wanted a job that wouldn’t require me to sacrifice my learning in order to do it. I said “Hashem you provide me income you can just as easily give me a job that requires a lot of travel as much as a job that is near my home. And it bothered me when I was told that if a good job came up that would require me to stop going to my classes that I’d have to give up my classes.                  About the same time as we were losing our house which was extremely painful I heard about a business opportunity. After all the failures and lost jobs I was of course Jaded but looked into it anyway. I got involved in this business and it seemed like finally I found the right fit for me. I was loving every minute of my work, working harder than ever before day and night but loving every minute. I was renewed, a new spirit came into me. My confidence was back every day was a sunny day and some people noticed and commented to me that I was a changed man. I wasn’t making money yet but I saw where I was headed and knew that all those hard years were to bring me led me to this great place. I was on top of the world!                                                       But then came what I called  “The Crisis”. I was advised that I was being investigated for a possible violation in my business and everything was frozen, my inventory, my bank funds, my ability to conduct business. Some faceless bureaucracy was investigating my company and my fate was in their hands. Attempts to appeal were met with cold responses of “we will advise you when we have a verdict” I was powerless, there was nothing I could do. And to top it all off I the charges were false! I was devastated. Here I thought I had found the perfect situation for me and now it was taken away in an instant. I couldn’t believe this happened to me. Why did Hashem do this to me?                                                                                                                                               I prayed and examined my deeds. And it came to me, now I can’t say I understand Hashem’s reasoning but this is what I think. And during the search . And when this opportunity this gift that Hashem gave me came I became lax in my classes. I would work instead of going to my classes and I rationalized to myself that the Rabbi’s  told me that for a parnassah I have to give up my learning to build my business. I forgot WHO really builds my business.                                                                                                                                                             I made a decision, if I get my business back I would reduce my working to normal business hours. I will not cut out learning. It’s not my strength that will build my business, all of my success comes from Hashem. He’s my partner. And every day as my partner we have partner meetings in the morning and the night and those meetings in Hashem’s office (the Bet Midrash) are what determine my success. I needed to be reminded of that. As soon as I verbalized that I would not miss learning the charges against me were dropped my accounts and assets unfrozen and I am back in business. Only now I know where my business will get it’s success. It’s Not from my work between 9-5. My success is determined by Hashem and the most important meetings are in the morning and at night in Hashem’s office. So Thank You Hashem for waking me up and loving me.
  • Thank you Hashem I had pulled out my phone from my pocket and started typing an important email while walking home I had blocked out everything else as the email I was writing was quite important all of a sudden a stranger came up behind me with a Russian voice yelling Mister Mister…I turned around and saw a raggedy dressed person who handed me a number of Bills. He said you dropped your money!   Sure enough when I grabbed my phone I inadvertently pulled out the cash I was taking home for my wife.
  • was looking high and low for the phone number to a certain guy when I walked into a strange shul this week, not where I normally daven, and happened to meet him for the first time ever. Thank you Hashem
  • Replied to an email regarding helping a person with some sedaka. Right after I decided to open up tehilim and pray that a certain order I am working on gets approved. As I was reading tehilim on my phone the screen gets interrupted with this customers number on the screen, the customer I was praying for. He informed me that everything looks like it is approved. Thank you Hashem for showing me so clearly the reward for sedaka.
  • Went to Six Flags with my family. Was on the skyride that takes you across the park and was enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and the grass and trees. Suddenly one of the cable cars going in the other direction on the other side,had these skinhead looking people in it, one of them gets up and shouts at us “Auschwitz is that way!” Thank you Hashem for reminding me that no matter how pretty or comfortable this world can sometimes appear we are still in Galut. I told my daughter we must Thank Hashem for making us Jews and not terrible people like that. Thank you Hashem for making me a Jew.
  • Thank You Hashem for our Rabbi’s and being able to get guidance from You through them!

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  1. This is JUST AWESOME. I have been reading Rabbi Arush’s Garden of Gratitute and this approach has turned my avoda 180 degrees for the best. I live in Brooklyn, I wish one day our paths meet, I have so much to learn from you. Thank you

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