Thank You Hashem–Week 107

  • Got one of my bills lowered by 10 bucks, thank you Hashem
  • I want to thank my Boss for being so caring of me and always looking out for me. For always taking care of my family and wanting what is best for us. Thank you Hashem for being the greatest Boss!
  • I was trying to track down someone for a work project for months, but couldn’t connect. I had to travel out of town for Shabbos for a simcha, and when I came to the hall, I saw this person- he was also in the same city for another simcha, and they happened to renting same hall for Shabbos!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wife who always manages to make our Shabbat table like an elegant banquet!
  • Thank you Hashem for opening up the NJ Turnpike 30 seconds before I was at that point of my trip. The highway was closed for the entire day leading up to that moment and saved me a long traffic filled ride home. I was basically the only car on the road and had the turnpike to myself. Thank you Hashem for a safe trip home.
  • Got caught up with a customer and missed my train back home to Deal Nj. I walked out of my office strolling to the station thinking it was going to be a long time until the next train being it was now off hours. As I walked pass a parking lots entrance someone called out my name. I turned around and saw one of my close friends getting in his car. He asks if I need a ride to Deal. Thank you Hashem for sending him at that exact moment. Ps I usually do not walk down this street but for some reason Hashem made me turn down this block and change my normal route.

Rabbi Miller –simcha email..What must you thank Hashem for? Avodoh (service) means to be humbled to Hashem because of gratitude. But what do you do as a result of the gratitude? You are expected to say thank you Hashem all the time. You have to thank Hashem constantly because He is giving you constant benefits. You are living all the time, so you are thanking Him all the time for life.  — Enjoying Life (#226)

  • Wedding last night , Bar Misvah this morning , Bris this morning and another Bris tomorrow morning. Thank you Hashem for happy occasions
  • I was just mevater (gave in) on something even though we both agreed I was right. It feels great. Thank you Hashem for helping me pass this test and put it on the shalom fund please.
  • There was a terrible accident on the NJ Turnpike and major delays and backups all day long being the turnpike was closed. I didn’t know about this and decided to take the earlier bus back home to New Jersey that day. Some things came up and I was delayed an hour and instead of taking the 5 oclock bus I took the 6 oclock bus. I got home at 930pm. Gam Zu Litova , I spoke to a friend that took the 5pm bus and he didn’t get home unti 1030! . One hour earlier than me he left and hour later than me he arrived. 2 extra hours on a bus I was saved from. Thank you Hashem

From The Archives by request…

  • Was speaking with my Rabbi in front of his house and mentioned that I wanted to take a step in growth and serving Hashem if he can suggest “the next step”, he advised not to take on a chumra- a stringency but to take something on that could be a chiyuv-an obligation. He suggested to start wearing Rabeino Tam tefilin every morning, tefilin are expensive and I was a bit tight at the time but right away agreed to beli neder listen to my Rabbi and do it. He called a sopher on the spot and we ordered them. I wasn’t sure where the money for this misvah would come from but said I am doing it to grow closer to Hashem and I can’t get hurt. As I got in the car my mother called me and asked what I was doing and I told her I just came from the Rabbis house and told her about the new tefilin I just ordered-she immediately said I want part of this misvah!! and I want to pay for them!! –keep in mind things were tight for her as well but the excitement and opportunity to do a misvah is what was important to her. Thank you Hashem for my tefilin and for being able to see my mothers excitement for a misva and jump right in to it.
  • 3 years ago a new manager was assigned to the auction site I work at in Pennsylvania, I went to him to talk to him about getting out early on Friday for Shabbat so I can get home at a decent hour, from then on it got harder and harder to work with this person, he kept pushing it even later and later! And made it very difficult for me. After much talking i finally just gave up completely trying to deal with him and turned all my attention to Hashem the only one that can help us, this rosh Hashanah I prayed for him to get transferred away from me, Hashem please take him away from me-the first email I see after the holiday (sent on Friday) is from the auction letting me know that He HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED!!! Thank you Hashem

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