Thank You Hashem – Week 109

  • We were discussing ideas of how to keep our children occupied yet not cost us much money.  Suddenly, we received a call from a close friend of ours who was preparing to move to another country, who said that she had roller blades, bikes, a drum set, and an expensive ping pong table for FREE!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see such a beautiful kiddush Hashem today. By Rabbi Bitton in Lakewood I walked in to shul in the morning and there were 135 young men from Panama stopping their day to day lives,picked up and came to Lakewood for the week to learn torah and get chizuk. They had a full daily schedule posted up including all of their classes and special guest speakers, an all star cast to say the least. Was very inspiring to see their desire for growth in Torah. Also have to stop and Thank Hashem for letting me and my family live where we live, a makom that has much to offer for growing on the path of Torah. We should not take that for granted.
  • My son returned home from camp without his chumash. This was the last day of camp and we were not sure if we had access to get it. A couple of weeks later my wife went to the empty building, the door was open and the chumash was there. Thank you Hashem
  • Yishatabach shemo laad. Went to a kumzitz last Thursday night with approx 100 men. It was awesome. So holy. So fun. What a beautiful way to bring in shabbat. Music, dancing, singing, shmoozing, chulent, mazza, scotch and great togetherness with one purpose – to celebrate that we love Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for beautiful sights like green grass, blue skies and oceans of water.
  •  Had a voicemail from a customer that he wanted to return his order and change it for a different product. This would be a very big problem for me on many fronts especially that the product he was requesting may be impossible to get for him.. I made my hishtadlut and prayed to Hashem. Baruch Hashem the problem he had with the original product was not nearly as bad as I had thought and looks like it can be simply corrected for him. This was clearly from Hashem because I spoke to his co-worker and he also portrayed a much more difficult situation. Thank you Hashem, also just hit me, right before calling him I happened to complete the book of tehilim as part of my daily reading.
  • In shacharit today I was praying very hard for something and I was suddenly given the honor to do petichat hahechal. I was now able to pray right in front of the sefer torah in the aron hakodesh and was also able to pray for many others as well. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for taking care of a possibly very huge problem and making it into a little tiny one
  • Unbelievable thing happened. I was in shul in the morning and there was a gadol from eres yisrael in shul today. I put in my mind that I am going to walk over to him right now and ask for a personal beracha. All of a sudden out of no where as if he was reading my mind, the Rabbi walks over to me and takes my hand and starts to give me the warmest heartfelt beracha. Wow- thank you Hashem and thank you to this Gadol.
  • Thank you Hashem for your wonderful Jewish children. Witnessing first hand in my office a bunch of jewish friends coming together to try and help out a lady with a terrible suffering she is going thru. She is here in my office while the “helpers” are out trying to get her the help she needs. We are One and Hashem is One-ein od milvado.
  • Thank You Hashem – was carrying big plastic crates from the car, As I was walking up the small steps in the garage to go into the house the door was closed. How can I open the door? I would have to put down all the items open the door and then pick up the items and then bring them in. BH as I tapped the door, it wasn’t closed all the way and BH the door just opened… Thank You Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem – had an expense check from the office, even though it was small but really needed to funds. BH I got the check put into my pocket Was waiting to deposit it, after work I was in a rush and had to pick something up from TJ Maxx.. (shaver broke)I ran in and then ran out. The next morning I put my hand in my pocket to get the check out and I can’t seem to find it, I look here, I  look there and it is no where… if I go back to office they’ll give me attitude, how did you lose the check, I Don’t have time for this etc….. But I needed the funds. As we were driving into the office BH we had a CD on in the car from Rabbi Diamond, he was talking about bitachon, and praying, I turned to Hashem and asked him for the check. I Get to work, 20 minutes later, the receptionist calls me, and says the manager from TJ Maxx is on the phone saying something about a check. I answer the phone, she said she was the manager and she asked me if I was missing something – I said YES A CHECK. She said she found it, and it was actually signed (oops) she was trying to call me and couldn’t get the number BTW she was trying for about 20 – 30 minutes (around the same time we prayed to HASHEM…) BARUCH HASHEM….
  • Thank you Hashem for the magical day of Shabbat and for always sending it just in time.

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