Thank You Hashem – Week 110

  • 3 Bar mitzvahs and a Bris this week Thank you Hashem
  • Got an email from a customer saying he had a very old proposal from me and he has an approval for it if I can still honor the order?. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for my son, his spunkiness & creativity keeps us on our toes– but its also a blessing— I could not ask for a better son.  Thank you Hashem for blessing us.
  • As we are getting close to rosh hashana I looked back at the past year and bh there was so much beracha and good things that happened to me and my family and I realized that it was all decided on last rosh hashana thank you hashem for tremendous chesed that you did for me by giving us a good judgment.
  • As mentioned earlier, received an anti-semetic comment at an amusement park. The next time back there Hashem sent a different message. My wife was sitting on a bench with my son and a woman from Taiwan approached her asking her different questions about the Jewish religion. She then told her that she knows we are G-ds children and that Jerusalem is ours. She said that she prays every day for the Jewish people and for the the President of Israel to make the right decisions. She said she has a friend in Jerusalem and wishes she can go there so she can pray for the chosen Jewish people over there.
  • I received the 2 greatest compliments of my life on back to back mornings last week after being chazan for shacharit. First day someone told me – “if someone needs to reach out to Hashem and really connect for something in particular-they should have you be their chazan”. Next day from someone else – “your chazunut is out of this world”. My heart is still singing with joy. Nothing can make me happier to know that my heartfelt prayers are connecting thru the kahal hakadosh. Thank you Hashem for the zechut to pray to you and thank you my friends for your beautiful words of encouragement.
  • A pasuk in the parasha this week brings to mind a  personal story of mine that I remember from many years ago, when I was first starting to learn and become more religious. I had overheard in shul one day, some of the boys discussing tzitzit. My first reaction was that I started to panic because I remember from my school days in Yeshivah, where we had to wear tzitzit to school everyday and we all did it very begrudgingly. So now as an adult, I was afraid that was an obligation that I would have to start doing again and I really didn’t want to take on that obligation/mitzvah. So I decided to ask someone that I knew who was educated but more modern in his thinking, to see what his opinion of wearing tzitzit was? His answer to me was……that it says in the Torah, that if we wear a four cornered garment….we have to put tzitzit on it, but since today we do not wear 4 cornered garments….we are not obligated to wear tzitzit! This sounded to me like a great answer and a way out of the fear that I would have to start wearing tzitit now every day, which I surely did not want to start doing. I didn’t like the look of it or the thought of wearing something under my shirt that would be uncomfortable, etc So I went straight back to Rabbi David Ozeirey, my Rabbi with my new found knowledge and said to him……”Rabbi, I understand that since we don’t wear 4 cornered garments today, therefore we don’t have to wear tzitzit!” I felt like I knew something and that he wouldn’t be able to answer my sharp remark that I just heard and spitted out to him with the confidence that I would be off the hook now from wearing tzitzit forever more! Rabbi Ozeirey with his great demeanor responded back to me without batting an eyelash….”That’s 100%correct….but since we have an opportunity to do a positive commandment every second of our lives…Why not take advantage of it?!!! “I heard him and couldn’t believe his sharp and accurate response. I then stepped back and said, Wow!!! What a comeback! Silly me, I actually thought I might have the Rabbi cornered and that he wouldn’t have an answer….but he knocked me for a loop and I had nothing to answer, except that I was left there with my tongue hanging out in awe of the Rabbi’s wonderful response! All I can say at that point is Chazak ubaruch to Rabbi Ozereiy, my Rabbi for the past 31 years. So from that day on until today…..I wear my tzitzit with joy and pride and have never looked back! So today, because of that episode so many years ago, I put on my tzitzit every morning….not with an attitude of pain and drudgery ‘chas veshalom’ but with an incredible sense of Pride and Happiness and with the knowledge that I’m being protected by the tzitzit which is our armor against the yetzer harah! Also for the fact that I’m performing a positive commandment from the Torah every second of each and every day, for all the days of my life….Amen! Thank you Hashem
  • A close friend of mine emailed me that he was by the kever of Chacham Ovadia Yosef zs’l and he prayed for me. Thank you Hashem and Thank you to my friend.
  • Thank you Hashem for our communities dedication to our beautiful minhag of selichot. It is very inspiring and keeps me focused on the goal for this chodesh and the coming Yom Hadin.
  • Thank you Hashem for the nachat you let me enjoy of seeing the great kavanah my daughter has praying the amidah.
  • Thank you Hashem for all that you do for me and my family.
  • Had the opportunity to do something nice for someone who has wronged me and I passed the test and did it for him without him even knowing about it. Thank you Hashem for the power of Elul that helped me overcome this test.

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