Thank You Hashem – Week 112

  • SIMCHA SIMCHA SIMCHA – Sheva Berachot , Brit Milah , Wedding, Engagement , Bris , Engagement, Wedding , Engagement ,Bris, Bris and another Bris all within a few days this week- Thank you Hashem for Happy Occasions.
  • Thank you  Hashem for giving us the  Gadol to our community, Rabbi Diamond. His summer Shabbat morning Park Ave shul class is given to a group that  includes men, women, religious, jet set, black hat, elderly, teenagers and everything in between, and yet everyone in that class gets the right Torah message, each on their level. The Rabbi  gives us a common sense, clear and proper hashkafa of what a true Jew is and how a Jew should act. Listening to Rabbi’ Diamonds classes, one come out with a true love of Hashem, a love of Mitzvos and a love of every Jew. I personally witnessed the deep pain the Rabbi has in walking every step to give his class ( he has very bad knees) , yet his love of Hashem and every Jew overrides his pain .
  • Last Friday I was putting together a class on the subject of appreciating Hashem’s kindness throughout the year and truly being happy to serve Him with our Torah learning and performance of mitzvot. I was in a local shul and decided to write down some notes and points to focus on. The midrash was just cleaned up and the tables were ready for Shabbat without the regular random papers around that I would normally use for this. So after looking all over for just one piece of paper to write on, I finally found it- and turning it over, it was someone’s printout of this email. So I took this as a clear nod of approval from Hashem. For a class about “Thank you Hashem”, I was being told to use the back of this beautiful collection of people actually thanking Hashem!! May everyone who participates in this project be blessed with a year of siyata dishmaya, inspiration and closeness to our Creator!
  • Amazing, Thank You Hashem. 3 weeks ago, we get a box in the USPS mail addressed to me with a delivery confirmation and addressed from an address in Lakewood with no name. my wife picks it up and says, what did you order this time? I said I really didn’t order anything, She shakes it and says sounds like business cards, as we open it, and we see a loose-leaf and a stack  of Torah Cards, BH it hit me 22 years ago, as kids in 5th or 6th grade we used to collect cards called torah cards, they had sets and some were hard to get and we traded, that was our hobby and all day long we collected them ($1.25 pack of ten) one day after collecting a few series and rare hard to find cards, I brought them to school in a batman loose-leaf, the cards were in my desk as we ate lunch, when we returned, the cards were gone after all that…found an empty loose-leaf in the garbage, no Torah cards. 22 years later, an anonymous box of cards shows up at our house, the address belongs to an ashkenaz rabbi, were there is no connection and he paid extra for the delivery confirmation and then went and found out our address where we just moved to.. TESHUVA IS NEVER TOO LATE 22 YEARS LATER!!.. PS-I asked Rabbi Aboud what to do, should we send a letter, maybe write something in the community magazine? He said, he obviously doesn’t want you to know who he is, he knows you got it, leave it alone. PPS – BH my wife says, did you ever forgive him? I  said no its nothing, she said but at the time you were hurt and you never actually forgave him.. forgive him now, maybe he is a having a hard time now and wants to do Teshuva. BH FOR OUR SPECIAL NATION.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to do a Kidush hashem. I traveled to somebody’s warehouse and brought a delicious sandwich with me to eat on the way. I didn’t end up eating it on the way, it was hot out so I brought it in the warehouse with me. They told me I had to wait a few minutes and I was waiting in their lunch room area. Not my nature but I was very hungry and had the sandwich with me so I opened it up and sat down to eat it. An abid worker walks thru the lunch area and says wow that looks like an awesome sandwich. I said it is, then thought to myself, make a kidush Hashem and offer him the other half of the sandwich (thinking deep down that he would never take it, who would?) So I go ahead and tell him , please take the other half of the sandwich it is delicious . His face lit up and said wow Thank you, it looks so good I can’t pass up your offer and he thanked me and took it. Kidush Hashem. On the way out the worker that helped load my car stops and tells me that the Jewish people are a special nation and that I should have a great Jewish New Year and says “Shalom to you”
  • Thank you Hashem for Mickey Kairy and please grant him Happiness and great health this coming year Bh
  • Just moved into a new house and got a new job… Thank you Hashem for putting me where I need to be to serve you !!!!!!       And for giving us these amazing powerful holidays to do teshuva and grow closer to you.. Unlike the goyim who just live there daily nishach life (most of them) we are beautiful Jews who live for a purpose and have these holidays to look into our lives and see how we can be better Jews and better people!
  • I got impatient waiting for a traffic light, so I turned the corner to go a different way. Standing right there was a Bochur trying to get a hitch towards his Yeshivah, which is about 15 minutes away.  My office is on the block of his Yeshiva.
  • I was planning to call a customer to inquire about a payment I was waiting for. I got to the office and checked the mailbox and Baruch HASHEM it was there. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for a great summer in a kosher and spiritually uplifting environment
  • Thank you Hashem for the perfect parking space in a rain storm right in front of where I needed to go.
  • Thank you Hashem for the kedusha and powerful effect of the Shofar –Tizku Lishanim Rabot

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