Thank You Hashem – Week 113

-Reflecting back on this past year, I noticed that Hashem answered so many of my prayers from last Rosh Hashana. Thank you Hashem!

-Thank You Hashem for allowing me to have a meaningful Rosh Hashana! I really felt the tefillah!

-Thank You Hashem for giving us the ability to do teshuvah!

– If you do something nice for someone it never gets forgotten especially if it is from the heart. I was sitting in shul on Rosh Hashanah and remembered a pleasant occurrence from years back. During the Torah reading the gabai comes over to me and tells me kavod for the next aliyah. I said no I am not the one who bought it , thinking he mistakenly told me to go up. He says, no it is not a mistake, your Brother inlaw (who does not even pray in my shul and was not even there) bought you the aliya in advance as a gift. What a great surprise and I still have not forgotten about until today. Chazak Ubaruch and Thank you once again

-My baby was not feeling well for a few days before rosh hashana.I was gonna take him to the doctor to check him before the holiday but it was a short day and I never got there. An hour before the holiday started I got nervous to leave him without having medicine just in case. I spoke to my dr. And we tried getting a prescription filled but there was no time. When I finally got to the dr. after the holiday the Dr. Checked him and he was perfectly well! Thank You Hashem that I didn’t have to give my baby medicine for no reason and thank you Hashem for a healthy son!

-Thank you Hashem for letting me live another year and for a chance to do teshuva again! I LOVE YOU!:)

– Thank you Hashem , dodged a bullet. I thought I had a situation to deal with , made 1 phone call and all is easily taken care of and there is no problem at all.

– Thank you Hashem for my fingers and finger tips. Would be very difficult to function without them.

– A thought went thru my mind as we were doing the simanim on Rosh Hashanah. When mentioning so many times about our enemies we must stop and thank Hashem that we , his Jewish nation are still around and surviving regardless of what any nation has ever tried to do to us whether we know about it or even if Hashem took care of there plans without us knowing about it. Thank you Hashem for choosing and Loving us, hope to make you proud this coming year.

-Thank you Hashem for the inspiring uplifting tefillot of Bnei Binyamin on the High Holidays and all year round.

– I got lost driving out of town and Baruch Hashem was able to push a few buttons on a device and it put me back on track. A lot to learn from this on several angles.

– Thank you Hashem for protecting me from fraudulent charges on my credit card. The Bank emailed me with their suspicion and caught it on time.

– I was riding my bicycle at a pretty decent speed, got to the corner of the street. The street was slightly damp and there was a car approaching me not noticing me. I squeezed my brakes very tight and my bike made a very short stop ejecting me from the bike sending me flying and rolling over the trunk of the car miraculously landing on the other side of the car standing on my 2 feet unharmed. Was very scary as it was all playing out. My heart was pounding. Then as I stood there realizing that I am standing here on my own 2 feet , not even on the ground! How great is Hashem? I am very grateful for this, THANK YOU HASHEM for saving me!!

From the archives—

-at holiday time was looking at expenses and said to myself doesn’t look like I can get a holiday suit this year oh well, then thought wait a minute Shabbat and holiday expenses are free and on Hashems bill, don’t think about it just get a suit and Hashem will pay for it…-not 5 minutes later I walked into my landlords office to pay the office rent and he asks, what size suit are you- I say why? He says put this jacket on- wow looks great on you- ENJOY IT, IT’S YOURS! Brand new with all the tickets still on- Italian suit from Barneys! Free on Hashems bill- INSTANTLY!! Thank you Hashem for the awesome suit!!!

-Thank You Hashem for the Air, it is vital.

A cocktail, a concoction of many gases and some materials all carefully blended perfectly for our lungs to breathe.

In fact, all life on earth is able to function with this same oxygen formula.

What is our payment for all this?

Nothing it is free!

Firstly we realize we are receiving it & see how good it is.

Now we can Thank the Giver.

Now Breathe the Air, it is yours.

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