Thank You Hashem – Week 115

-(from Eres Yisrael)

Last night my son asked me if he should go to ירושלים to take care of something for me. I generally would have said ‘Yes, but be careful’. This time I felt that I couldn’t get those words out of my mouth. Instead I said ‘I can’t take upon myself such a responsibility – don’t go’.

Last night there was a terrorist attack on the 185 bus. There was a good chance that he would have been on that bus.

מלך עוזר ומושיע ומגן – Thank you Hashem

-(Also Eres Yisrael) My niece was chased by gang of blood thirsty arabs shouting “mavet, mavet!” to her, near her seminary in Bet shemesh, B”H she ran and found refuge on a bus, thank you Hashem

-2 Pidyon Haben’s on the same night- Mabruk

– Mabruk on the new baby girl…

-THIS IS A QUOTE VERBATIM AS I HEARD IT FROM DAILY EMUNAH BY RABBI DAVID ASHEAR THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH EVERYBODY SPECIALLY MY FAMILY AND MYSELF. “Every time a person walks into his house, he should think to himself, “Hashem, You are so kind – You are surrounding me with the clouds of glory, You have given me a home that protects me from the heat and rain, where the temperature is just right.  With just the switch of a button, I can raise or lower the temperature as I wish.”  Whenever a person turns on the faucet, he should think, “Hashem, You have given me the well of Miriam – I have running water whenever I need!”  Whenever a person opens his refrigerator or food closet, he should realize that he is looking at manna which Hashem provides in order to sustain him.  He does not send us manna from the heaven, but He gives us jobs that pay us money and allow us to go purchase food at stores.  Although it appears that we are involved, and our sustenance is a result of our efforts, it really all comes from Hashem who provides our needs in His infinite kindness.When we train ourselves to think in this way, we gain a new appreciation for Hashem, which will lead us to genuine joy.  We will realize how much Hashem does for us, and we will feel His love at all times. When we say the morning berachot, we need to internalize them.  When we recite, שעשה לי כל צרכי, we should feel grateful for the shoes Hashem has given us.  When we say, מלביש ערומים, we should feel grateful for all the clothing we have, for each and every outfit.  And we should do this for all the berachot.

This is the idea behind the sukkah.  We are reminded that just as He is protecting us as we live in these rickety shacks, He is always protecting us.  We will then constantly appreciate all Hashem does for us at all times.”


-Lost an item a week ago. I said the Rabbi Meir Baal Haness tefilah and knew it would come back, just a matter of when it will come back. Said to myself that when it is found I will bn send to the Thank you Hashem. About 1 minute after I thought that to myself a friend tapped me on the shoulder and told me where my lost item was. Thank You Hashem


– Thank you Hashem for making me a Jew and not a terrible arab as we are once again reminded of what they are.



-Thank you Hashem for taking care of a stressful situation at work

– Had great experience with some great guests in my sucah this year-Next year in the sucah Levyatan bh…

– Hashem what you just did for me was unbelievable –Thank you and I love you too

– I was parked in a parking lot reversing out of my spot, in my mirror/camera saw another car directly behind me pulling out of his spot, he didn’t see me as he was reversing towards a crash into my car at a very high speed, I quickly put the car in drive and forwarded out of the way, the other car kept going and would have hit me. Thank you so much Hashem

– I happened to hear a Rabbi Krohn class at a part where he was mentioning to read 5 perakim of tehilim a day and then you can finish the entire tehilim in the month of Elul. I started doing it daily and have been zoche to finish Tehilim many times. Thank you Hashem for letting me hear this.

-Called Walmart checks to re-order checks, at the end they added about $14 handling and $2 more than the re-order sheet listed so I told them never mind. Checked elsewhere and saw was going to be more so called back Walmart. This time the person who answered said there was only about a $3 handling charge and said they see my old price is $2 less, I said its ok, she said no I will honor the old price. By calling back and not placing original order I saved $13- Thank you Hashem.

– I was giving an appraisal on a car using carfax and the report showed- “accident / airbag deployed”. I was staring at it and turned to the person and said look at this. This report says accident/airbag deployed, no matter what you can NEVER get this off of the report, it will always be there. But if a person has aveirot and “accidents” in his life thru the chesed of Teshuvah he can get it totally erased from his report as if it never happened. The man later called and told me that he got such a musar from this that he called his uncle Rabbi Walkin in Israel and he was very moved by it and plans to use it in his lectures. Thank you Hashem for the magic and chesed of Teshuvah .

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