Thank You Hashem – Week 116

  • Took my baby for a well visit to the doctor and the doctor told me you have a beautiful healthy and growing baby! Thank you Hashem for our health and for my beautiful child.
  • Wedding last night and tonight- Mazal Tov -Wedding of my friends son mabruk.
  • The world lost a great and special person in Rebetzin Henny Machlis z’l
  • I went to Israel for a year when I graduated High school. In a yeshiva called BMT I met an amazing man Rabbi Mordechai Machlis. I had never witnessed a person that was so warm and sincere. He spoke to you and you felt as if you were being embraced and loved. He taught us Ein Yaakov and encouraged us, a bunch of wild teenage boys who were in Israel for every reason except spirituality to participate and/or grow. One week he asked us to come for Shabbat….sounded good. So we walked on Friday night to Maalot Daafna. We get to the Machlis apartment and we were shocked. We saw Mrs. Machlis serving a meal for a couple of hundred people! She was taking the food from huge industrial size pots with a huge vivacious smile. The table was filled with all types of people, yeshiva students, tourists, young and old. There were drunks, homeless people; you name it they were there. But it gets better! Right before Kiddush Rabbi Machlis announces –“We have some amazing guests here tonight I would like to ask each person to share a thought or feeling that they have! But the rule is no politics. Here we are all equal, we are all Hashem’s children” . I remember the first speaker. He got up and his hands were shaking. He said “I am a Hungarian Jew the son of holocaust survivors. I am over 50 and have never performed a single religious act as a Jew. This is my first Shabbat and it feels so good!” The next speaker was a raggedy man with a scruffy red beard. He seemed to be covered with bracelets and necklaces and hiccupping from a bit too much to drink “My name is Reuven and I sell Jewelry. Thanks to the Machlises for letting me sleep in their car! “Over 200 people spoke. The Machlises made the forgotten feel remembered and important again. On Purim I already had started to come close to Torah and misvot. I came to the Machlis home for the seuda. By this time Mrs. Machlis had become very close to my future wife. She was busy preparing a huge meal with a huge smile. Her happiness and excitement was absolutely contagious. She called out to rabbi Machlis that she needed a case of wine from the car. I volunteered to get it. I walked in the door with a case of wine and the unthinkable happened! I dropped the case of wine. There was glass and wine all over the apartment floor! I was devastated and embarrassed. All of a sudden I hear screams coming from Rabbi and Mrs. Machlis. Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! All of a sudden there is the Rabbi with a circle of men around me dancing and singing. They took embarrassment and turned it into pure joy and happiness. They showed me what can be done with a neshama with unconditional love.
  • I got to see a Kidush Hashem unfold right before my eyes. I was in a store and for some reason a nice gentleman started talking to me and somehow it came up what he does for a living. I ask him if he knows my mother who works at a certain location and he mentions that he remembers when this other business (says the name) was at that location. I excitedly tell him I know Sol, the owner of the other business he mentioned (Name changed for story) very well and learn in same shul as him every day and night. The guy was taken aback and says Sol? Learning Torah, everyday?- I can’t believe it! He grew very happy and excited and started saying how he remembers him from back in the days and has not heard from him in many years. He said he never would have thought this person can become religious and learn torah. I tell him that his children are all bnei torah and learning torah and he lights up and says wow, this is great news. He gave me his number to give to my friend and asked him to please call him to say hello. This man got such a chizuk from hearing how Sol was able to turn his life around and become shomer Torah and Misvot he looked like he wanted to start to dance.
  • Thanks Hashem when life just calms down, you throw another amazing opportunity to enrich our lives!
  • I signed up for this weekend getaway in the Hamptons with other singles and I am terrified because I didn’t know anyone going and it is such a small group. Randomly an acquaintance messages me to invite me to go! Thank G-d I have a friend that I know will be going with me who I know and like spending time with 🙂
  • I shut the car door my finger. Boruch Hashem other than some pain, no real damage was done. I didn’t need stitches, splint, cast…… not on that finger, and thankfully not on any of my other fingers. Not then, and not any other time in my life either.
  • Thank you Hashem for watching over me, and keeping me safe.
  • I was unsuccessfully looking for some extra cleaning help for a while. I had written up a sign last week to hang up in my shul, but kept forgetting to hang it up. This morning, I ended up having to go to a later Minyan in a shul where I don’t usually daven, remembered about the sign, and hung it up in that shul instead. An hour later someone called to say that their cleaning lady has an extra hour in-between jobs. Directly across the street from me, 2 houses down!!
  • Thought I might have been missing a large amount of money, Baruch Hashem I was not- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for my jaw… It’s been hurting me and I read online that we use the joints in our jaws over 2000 times a day!! Wow thank you Hashem every day of my life that I used my jaw without pain!! What a chesed we don’t even realize when we use our jaws!!! Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem that my glasses broke because of me- if someone else broke them I would probably get angry. Also, thank You for letting me have my old ones and that I didn’t even have to search for them  – while I was looking for something else I found them!

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