Thank You Hashem – Week 117

-I was putting on a suit erev shabbat it was a suit that I haven’t worn in a while. I stick my hand in my pants pocket and I feel a bill. I pull it out no idea what it’s going to be and it was a $100 bill!! I have no recollection of putting it there and don’t remember losing it either. I take it as a gift from Hashem. Thank you!

– I was out buying some items for Shabbat and paid at the register and said Likvod Shabbat Kodesh. I get in the car and I have a text for an order for even more than I just spent. Thank you Hashem

– A Rabbi from Israel “Happened” to email me as I was praying for something. I replied to please pray for this particular thing now if possible. He did, and within 2 or 3 minutes the tefillah was answered! Thank you Hashem for tefillot and for having this Rabbi contact me at that given moment and for giving me the courage to ask him to pray for this personal request.

-Hashem thank you so much for saving my life last night- I walked into the house at 2 o’clock in the morning and while I’m getting ready for bed I feel something very very light crawling up my body, I grab it quickly and throw it on the bed…I put the light on it and it turns out to be a black widow spider..b”h it didn’t bite me Hashem thank you so much for saving me!!

-Three Weddings this week- Thank you Hashem

– Received a wonderful text from a friend of mine that has become a Baal Teshuva not too long ago. He informed me that he now has a chavrutah to learn with him for 3.5 hours a day. Thank you Hashem

-If we would wake up tomorrow with only the things that we were thankful for today, then what would we have?? Thank You Hashem for every, single thing, it all comes from Your kindness and I could never thank You enough!



-I was walking in the street and a scary hoodlum was walking very fast behind me catching up to me. I tried to walk in such a way so I can see if he is getting close to me. I see that he is getting very close to me and is almost within arms reach. I got very scared and I prayed  to Hashem for protection and out of no where he stops and turns around and walks totally in the opposite direction. Thank you Hashem for protecting me.

-A very drunk driver drove down the street at a very dangerous speed. Baruch Hashem this was done after 1am and no one was on the street. He did major damage to parked cars that can be replaced. If it would have been at a different hour there may have been people in the street , Thank you Hashem there were no people in the street when this happened, may we all be safe and protected.

– Thank you Hashem for perfectly timing everything in life. For no explainable reason I put off giving a customer details and pricing for a possible order. Some things came up with this customers company and because I waited I was able to give him the pricing now making the sale go thru extra smoothly. If I would have given it sooner it may have just been sitting in limbo. Thank you Hashem

-Was about to get a new laptop , mine was on the fritz. Before going over to Bestbuy  I said I will pray to Hashem and give it another try. I didn’t need the extra expense at this moment. Turned it on and it is working perfectly. Thank you Hashem

-Thank you Hashem for my baby boy- hope to make you proud!

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