Thank You Hashem – Week 119

  • I ordered something on Amazon and even though it was a little expensive I bought it anyways because I needed it right away. For some reason it was taking longer than expected to arrive. All of a sudden I got a dans deals text that the exact item that I ordered went on sale for half price! Being that it didn’t come yet I was able to adjust the price and get the free shipping! Thank you Hashem for the great deal that I was able to take advantage of.
  • I parked my car on Coney Island ave because I needed to do some errands. I completely forgot to put money in the meter. When I got back to my car around 20 minutes later there was no ticket on my car. ‎thank you Hashem
  • Came to shul in between 2 minyanim I could’ve jumped into the 1st Minyan and prayed fast to catch up or prayed properly in the 2nd Minyan. I was in a little bit of a rush and wanted to pray in the first Minyan but I decided to do the right thing and pray properly in the 2nd Minyan. Hashem rewarded me. The guy sitting next to me in the Minyan offered me a great job opportunity. Had I prayed in the first Minyan I would have missed this opportunity. ‎thank you Hashem
  • Was tempted to say Lashon Hara to someone I was speaking with but I held it in and did not say it. Got to work and received excellent great news that I did not expect. Thank you Hashem –update, was just on the phone with the same person and the temptation to speak the same item of lashon hara came up and was even more tempting then before. I quickly thought of an excuse and got off the phone with the person right away before the yeser hara has a chance to convince me that I am allowed to say it. Thank you Hashem for helping me accomplish this.
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity that my son’s heart can be fixed with surgery. I felt terrible when I found out, but I realized my son will have a normal life. While others are not given even a chance for the surgery to correct it.
  • Thank You Hashem for…EVERYTHING!
  • 2 brisses to attend this week- Thank you Hashem
  • -Thank you Hashem that it has become so easy to keep Yashan.
  • Man Plans, G-d laughs, A palestinian tried to take the life of an Israeli last week, instead he saved it. An Israeli man,Daniel Cohen who was wounded in the stabbing attack in Rishon Lizion last week, said the potentially deadly assault actually ended up saving his life after doctors discovered what could have been a life threatening tumor in his intestines. A miracle in the midst of tragedy.
  • Thank you Hashem for the growth of Bmg/ Lakewood Yeshivah , a great Kidush Hashem
  • I went to a store to pick something up for a friend. When I got to the register I went on my phone to Amazon to make sure it was the correct item. It was the correct item but when I got to Amazon I saw the item was $30 , this store was charging $70, I showed them my phone and they honored the $30 price. Thank you Hashem
  • Completed an order with a customer that I thought was going to be complicated; in the end it was very simple and easy. Thank you Hashem
  • Was reading thru one of our Jewish papers and was overwhelmed seeing the amount of different types of Gemach’s that there are. Mi Kiamecha Yisrael
  • I was about to do a misvah for someone but put it off for some reason and forgot about it. About 5 minutes later I get a text from this person out of no where. I jumped up and remembered the misvah that I neglected. Thank you Hashem for the reminder, this time I did it right away and did not put it off.
  • Was in Brooklyn walking passed a Yeshivah and heard from outside on the sidewalk the beautiful sound of young children singing their pessukim together with their Rebbi. They were chanting it all together so beautifully. I was very moved and inspired and then a thought came to mind, if 50,60-70 years ago we would have told someone that in 50 years walking down this very street you will hear holy tunes of Torah emunating from the walls of a Yeshiva , what would they have thought?….All I Have to say is Thank you Hashem – THANK YOU

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