Thank You Hashem – Week 121

  • Thank you so much Hashem for our 2nd beautiful baby girl … Healthy baby and healthy mommy!! Hashem your amazing life is so precious!!!!
  •  So many simachot every day- Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for an AMAZING job I get to go to every day
  • Went to an amazing siyum for my father and a few older men in shul, was a big kidush Hashem, keep up the great work
  •  I was driving on a long trip. I was unsure where I was driving on the highway and my gps would not pick up. I kept going but all looked foreign to me and figured I was way past my exit. I decided to get off at the next exit and try and get my gps to work. As I drive off the exit my gps kicks in and turns out the exit was the exact exit I needed to get out on. Thank you Hashem for being my gps this trip and throughout my entire life.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving Jonathan Pollard his freedom. We all should learn to never give up hope.
  • Thank you Hashem for the messages you send to me. I was listening to a Rabbi shiur and he told a great story, the moment the story ended I picked up a divrei torah on the parasha and the very first words I read are the exact same story the Rabbi finished telling. Thank you for alerting me to the lesson of this story and I hope to instill it into my life.
  • After all these years we are still able to be inspired by Rabbi Miller zs’l. Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Miller and for the ability to keep learning his lessons.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me live in the times of Mashiach as we can clearly see things unfolding before our eyes.
  • I was faced with a decision. I had a misvah to do of kivud av va-em that would take an entire day. This would mean I would have to miss work and I was really tight and had a possible order to complete. I made the decision to go and do what my parents needed and forget about work for now. I went and did the misvah and out of no- where a much much larger order came in to me as I was involved with this misvah. Thank you Hashem for showing me that I made the right decision and for showing me it is you who sends the orders.
  • I must stop and give thanks for this Thank you Hashem email. I have been using it at night for my son for bedtime stories and they help make us aware of Hashem in everyday occurrences. It also has allowed me to come closer to my son especially when we elaborate on some of the stories and connect it to things that happened to him in his daily routine in school or with his friends. Thank you Hashem for the beautiful son that you gave to me and my wife.
  • I know someone who is waiting to hear back from the Dr. regarding some tests. I was imagining the good news we will hear followed by a seuda hodaah. I then remembered hearing Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen speaking about how happy a person should be that we do not have to go and even have any test at all. That if you are healthy and do not need a test, that is reason for a seuda hodaah right there in itself. Tov Lihodot LiHashem- we are so grateful to you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the honor of having a lifelong weekly gift of Shabbat. Such a precious kedusha
  • I was purchasing some clothing on sale the other day, when I got to the register the items rang up much lower than I thought, I told the cashier are you sure you didn’t miss anything, it sounds too low. She said that the items I picked have an added mark down that they didn’t put on the tags yet. Thank you Hashem for the added surprise.
  • A co-worker told me how fun and exciting black Friday is, and also added , but I never actually end up going to get anything. Then I replied, every Friday for me is exciting, getting ready and preparing for Shabbat. We call it Erev Shabbat , no mention of black at all,if anything it is pure white. Thank you Hashem for every Friday our very special erev shabbat.

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