Thank You Hashem – Week 122

  • I received an invoice in my email from a supplier saying corrected invoice. I said uh oh, that can’t be good. Opened it up and it said a price of zero for my item replacement; turns out they have decided to replace it for free instead of charging me for a replacement. Thank you Hashem
  • BARUCH HASHEM!!!! My Boss wanted to take away a responsibility from me – which can cost 25k a year! It would have been a big hit… Begged him for another chance, he said NO – mind is made up, he walked to the executives to tell them. As he was there BH get an email from daily emunah which said like this “We should know and internalize that Hashem controls the heavens and the earth; there is nothing else. There are no other powers or forces. Nobody has any control other than Him-not people, not animals, not terrorists, not bosses, not doctors. Ein Od Milvado, There is nothing besides Hashem in the world.” Baruch Hashem it came at that moment. Afterwards get a phone call from the executives to come to his office. Pure chasdei Hashem. The boss that didn’t budge earlier in the meeting said yes that he’ll give me another chance without hesitation. Thank You Hashem!!!
  • I ordered something and followed up to see if it shipped to the correct address, they replied actually it is shipping today. I really needed it in my hands today and was about to snap and get angry, but I said hakol min Hashamayim, don’t get angry. That second he replies , oh my mistake it did ship out and you will receive it today. I would have gotten angry for no reason and the lesson is that there really never is a reason to get angry. Hashem runs the world. Thank you Hashem for helping me beat the yeser hara.
  • Hashem thank u for a opportunity to live in an amazing community
  • Was going thru some mail and all of a sudden a thick envelope slashed at my hand giving a definite massive paper cut, was very painful and I squeezed it right away in pain with a paper towel. I couldn’t imagine what it would look like when I took away the paper towel to have a peek at it, I thought it was going to be gushing blood with a big cut. I opened it and did a double take, all I saw was a tiny dot of blood and that is all. The type of paper cut this was I was expecting a very scary site to say the least. It was a few minutes of pain and that is all. Thank you Hashem,it could have been much worse.
  • Thank You Hashem for every moment of your guidance…how can we know what’s right for each of us…while You know and do what’s right and for our best every moment!  Love You and THANK YOU HASHEM!
  • I was standing on a red light waiting to cross the street. The light was about to turn green, but was red for both ways , was about to start to cross but said I will be safe and wait an extra 3 seconds for it to be totally green. Was a good thing I did, a car did not stop at his red light and drove right thru. Thank you Hashem for putting this thought in my head.
  • I just received an exciting phone call telling me I won a nice prize in a Chinese auction. Thank you Hashem
  • This week I noticed the basement to be warmer than usual. I wasn’t actually in the basement when this was noticed, .I was on the upper landing of the stairs. Chasdei Hashem we noticed that the dryer vent hose was detached from dryer and tons of lint was clogged up thru the vent hose and around the whole back of machine.This is VERY dangerous and is known to cause fires Chas vshalom .Thank You Hashem that it wasn’t a fire and at the same time being able to share my miracle with other readers to check their vent hose regularly. Hashem Yeshmor Klal Yesroel,

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