Thank You Hashem – Week 125

  • I was ordering a pair of shoes and they had a discount code for 15% off, I put it in while making the purchase and it took off 25% for this item. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem,had a few minutes before carpool so I ran into a store to look around. I saw a cute jacket. Only had 5 min. BH no line to pay, went straight to register and was surprised to hear the price. The jacket was on sale for 20% off.thank you Hashem that I bought a jacket in 5 minutes and saved money!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for everything that you give me BH I have a beautiful wife and child we are all healthy I am able to learn in yeshiva 3 sedarim a day I am not rich but I have everything that I need‎ I don’t feel like I am lacking anything materialistic I have a wonderful and loving family and in-laws and good friends. THANK YOU!
  • I want to give a Thank you to Hashem for this email and for the great website and to anyone who has any part in it, you surely have a great zechut.
  • Thank You Hashem I am healthy!! Thank You Hashem I woke up this morning!!Thank You Hashem for the warm weather!!
  • I was pulling out of a hotel on Monday morning with my family on a Hanukah trip, There was a sharp turn out of the hotel and I ended up hitting the curb of the sidewalk and immediately my tire went totally flat. I not only had my family in the car but also had my nephews and nieces in the car so my car was packed. We were supposed to meet other family by a park. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I remembered that there was a gas station immediately on the right turn after the hotel. I turned onto the first exit and realized I was getting on to highway 295 and the sign says the next exit is 5 miles away. I said that’s it its over, I made a poor decision. What am I going to do now? I pull up right in front of a state trooper police car that I saw about 100 feet ahead. He saw what happened and was very friendly (which in itself is a miracle) he told me he will call for some help, I figure great, now this is going to cost me an arm and a leg and is going to take up my entire day to tow my car. About 6 minutes later this truck pulls up with lights on and all. He comes down and changes my tire within a few minutes. I pull out my credit card to hand to him and say here, how much is it going to cost me? He says, no-it is free, I am a government agent, I say what are you talking about, he says I drive up and down the state highways of NJ, 295 is one of them and we check if any cars are having trouble and we help to get them back on the road. I then pointed to the intersection that I came from before “accidentally” getting on 295 and I ask if I stopped at that intersection would you have came over there? He said, no, if you would have stayed over there you would have to call a tow truck, we would not have covered that. It is amazing how Hashem made me decide to go off that road. I then tried to give him a tip and he said we are a government agency and not allowed to accept tips. All this happened and it didn’t cost me a dime. Chesed of Hashem, we got to the park right behind the other cars that we were meeting and were right on time. Amazing how everything all worked out. Thank you Hashem
  • Every breathe in life is so precious- Thank you Hashem
  • Life’s challenges (looking for work or a business, mortgage & rents due and food on the table) face me today. Thank you Hashem for filling my heart with faith that your kindness and mercy knows no bounds and that you provide for all!
  • I was at a red light in my car, the light just turned green, for some reason I didn’t start to go right away, Baruch Hashem that I did not go , a van did not stop at his red light and went straight thru. Thank you Hashem for protecting me.
  • “Wrinkles on a persons face should indicate where smiles once have been”, “Thorns on the Roses , or Roses on the Thorns?” Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Wallerstein and his special way of encouraging us and giving us the proper outlook on life.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me more than enough space to allow the people in my life to be themselves
  • Check this out. I planned on bidding on a car at the dealer auction today, but before I bid, I called the rabbi and asked if there’s a bracha I could say so everything would go well. He said a bracha but also told me to say chapter 21 of tehillim, which I did. I ended up getting the exact car I wanted, for 1000 less than wholesale market value. 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I drove passed a great parking spot by mistake, continued on and there was a spot right directly in front. Thank you Hashem
  • I called my cell phone carrier with a question and then asked something about my bill. They then asked if I would like a $10 discount every month as customer loyalty, I said sure of course. Thank you Hashem for this surprise.
  • Wow, just hung up the phone with a business associate, totally unreligious, he actually is a descendant of the Vilna Gaon, He has zero religion and has had ideas that are way off. We have had some positive conversations regarding Hashem and religion and some positive came out of it. He called me a few weeks ago to tell me he is now working in Williamsburg. He just called me now again to say hello. I asked how is Williamsburg and he starts mentioning how he is learning new things he never knew and is finding out more about Hashem. We had a very nice talk and I sensed the excitement in his voice when we starting talking about how much Hashem can’t wait to reward him for all the good deeds and Misvot he will do. We spoke about our job is TO DO (he was focusing on a lot of negative “don’t do’s” and punishments that someone was scaring him with, we turned it into speaking about how much Hashem loves us and wants to reward us) Thank you Hashem for the inspiration you sent me from this phone call and I pray that this person continues on the right path. Ps- added Hashgacha-what were the odds of this, He called me from Williamsburg, I happened to have an appointment in Williamsburg in an hour and mentioned that we should get together, he was thrilled. Let’s see how it goes.

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